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December 18, 2018



Smelled better than it tasted. Crust seriously guys tasted like a leather shoe. For the money, I'd pick anywhere on Burlingame Avenue over this place. A small little pizza was $18+ and my salad was $8 and olives $6 then my beer was $6 and tip. I think it ended up $44.00 or so. The building is old and I can't imagine the rent is much. So what gives?


With the "Village Host" on the Street, I wonder why you did go there?
I love "Fancy Pizza."
Corn meal crust, with escargot, with some special cheese.
Nevertheless, The Village Host is REAL PIZZA!
Merry Christmas all.
I bet the monthly rent on the place is @ $20,000.00.


Thanks. Maybe after work tonight or this weekend I will give VillageHost a try.

Noticed the Middle Eastern place next to VillageHost bit-the-dust.

$20K for rent? Is this a bunch? How many pizza's do they need to sell just for rent fee?

Oregon rents are mush less.


Dear Joe,
What is you estimate of Rent at Village Host?
They have been there so long somebody must own the building.
I was hanging out in the "upstairs" after hours in 1974.
That place "Is Burlingame Pizza."


I really avoid guessing about things I know almost nothing about. It's easier to just go find someone who would have a good guess--if I cared about the answer, that is what I would do.

Account Deleted

What happened to Yaprak Doner, the relatively new Middle Eastern restaurant on B’way? Did it permanently close?

Haircuts Anonymous

This place is just plain depressing. Nobody is on this street anymore. I want to know why they force us to pay a Improvement Fee every year because they do nothing for the stores.


Here is a sweet story from today's DJ:

A couple of Burlingame’s classic candy makers worked out a sweetheart deal and are now sharing space on Broadway.

Irene Preston, owner of Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream, is hosting Lorri Basques, owner of Aida Opera Candies, in her shop and candy kitchen at 1170 Broadway.

The sharing started last month, when Basques relocated from the space she was subleasing at Caffe Roma in Millbrae in the wake of a departure from her downtown Burlingame storefront in 2017.



Allow me to reiterate that Centro is really good pizza. I just ate there again tonight and the charcuterie was delicious--not having had it before. The pizza special with truffles and sausage was a delight. Two people in my party who didn't want to order it ended up loving it. Rise, Blue Line and Delfina have a lot to live up to in B'game.


If they offered a meal plan, I might sign up for 3 days/week.


Way too expensive for the amount of food you get and it is sort of a ratty street.
We tried it since we are in town for summer to visit the kids.

David williams

Gone 10 years now to Portland which isn’t as weird as the residents would like you to think. Fifty years ago when I was a college student here the battle cry was don’t californicate Oregon. That phrase still guides manyoregonians but I think most have hgiven up as the years rolled by and the flow from California
As well as the other50 state has not stopped thanks to
nike, adidas, OHSU, intel etc.
I resided at1438 laguna ave. From 1975 to 2006.



Is the Nuts&Candy store closing this month?


Opentable's diners' ratings for last month arrived again and Cafe Figaro is joined by Rocca in the Top Ten listing for the Peninsula!!



Yea. For a fee I can get mentioned as well. https://restaurant.opentable.com/products/extras/promoted-results/


That is interesting--not surprising that Opentable would provide some analytics to restaurants about how to promote, but does it have anything to do with the customer reviews? I'm not seeing that on that page.


Cafe Figaro makes the cut again this month as does Delfina. Evvia and Allspice are regulars on the list and deservedly so. I happened to eat at 888 Ristorante in San Carlos last week--first time and it was quite good and reasonably priced. Also ate at Mistral in RWC and was a little underwhelmed......


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