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November 09, 2018




Fugit All

You've made a classic fallacy of composition error here.

Why do you assume the tagger represents "the types of people who are in favor" of Prop 10 instead of one human with a spray paint can?

If you saw a truck with a McCain bumpersticker taking up two parking spaces, would you assume all McCain supporters are jerks who can't park or just the truck driver?

Broad brushes are only good for covering up spray paint.


You make a good point if all you have is the information I have given you here. But I have first and secondhand knowledge of more instances of the same type of behavior involving multiple people. So if you want to assert that it is only a small percentage of the rent controllers, I could agree, but it also isn't isolated.

Charles Magnuson

"Gutting long-standing landlord protections"??? Landlords are the scum of the Earth. They are the leeches of our society. The contribute absolutely nothing of value. Instead, landlords prey upon the most financially weak and vulnerable people in our population. They are worse than burglars and other common criminals.

Sure, it's no good to see peoples' political yard signs get vandalized, but it's also disgusting to watch these people who are millionaires many, many times over screw over people who are struggling financially by opposing helpful housing legislation.


I'm starting to understand that composition error thingy.


I agree with Chuck.. A little bit.
However, FREE SPEECH, through Vandalism, or Robo Political phone calls, should be treated equally.
At the very least, all political opinion's should be treated equally.
Equal Bull Shit.
Lets explore the space.


Hollyroller, I'm going to leave your comment up even though your vocabulary choice violates the terms of use. Please refrain from foul language.

Now about vandalism equating to free speech--are you serious?


I apologize to you Joe, as well as anyone reading the Burlingame Voice for my lack of decorum.
Yes, "Vandalism"-your definition, has moved political movements since the beginning of time. Rome, China, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Ireland, WW1 & WW2, on and on.
Free Speech takes on many different platforms.
Whatever it takes to get the "Message" out, may justify the means to do so.
The Information/Vandalisms are at times, the only way to bring information to the people.
That is why I really enjoy the "Burlingame Voice."
Joe, you have provided a platform for ideas, and discussion that may otherwise never be addressed regarding life in Burlingame.

This "Time Change" Sucks.

J. Mir

really Charles? I'm scum of the Earth? I'm a disgusting millionaire? (I guess you're half right) Wow how nice of you. Let's get together some time and talk about why #10 failed, including the fact that it was a massive, massive overreach and would never have passed in its form. You see, when you target "greedy millionaires" guess what, you are actually supposed to TARGET THOSE ENTITIES instead of mom'n'pop who own a house, just one house, which they had to step out of for a few years for whatever reason. Who was greedy after all? This time, it was the writers and backers of #10. Think about that for a minute. I'll wait. (I have some sympathy for Charles, he sounds a lot like one of our teenagers who is going through the rather common socialist/communist phase which many teens go through, except they usually grow out of it when its time to kick them out of the nest and set them free to pay their own bills and car insurance.)

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