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November 14, 2018


Charles Magnuson

Worth noting: Out of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., San Francisco has the lowest percentage of children. I bet that percentage is even lower in central SOMA.

The City is no place to be raising kids.


The school districts of San Mateo and Burlingame sold off valuable school land years ago. Fast forward just look how difficult it was for the San Mateo Union High School District to find land for the Continuation school?
You just can't build, build, build with no thought of the consequences which is what exactly has happened these last few years.


To the point of this post, here is an excerpt from the Staff Report on tonight's Council meeting item looking at the General Plan update:

Additional Policies Proposed at November 5, 2018 City Council Meeting.

The November 5, 2018 City Council meeting presentation included several additional policies to be considered for the General Plan:

Coordination with School Districts. Two additional policies are proposed to be added to the General Plan to continue the City’s on-going commitment to supporting local schools:

 City and District Collaboration. Assist local school districts in identifying potential school locations to serve growth in enrollment.

 School Partnerships: Support creative public-private partnerships to facilitate the funding and development of public school facilities.
The big question is HOW?


Dear Mr. Magnuson,
What is your opinion of the "state" of "Kids" that are raised/educated in San Francisco?
Would you support San Francisco children taking public Transportation to attend school in Burlingame?


Planning to start a plan is not a plan. Identifying potential school locations is not acquiring or requiring new school locations. Joanne is right. This will be a tough problem of BSD's own making and they had better speak up now.


Bring Pershing school back. Don't think Coolidge would be a possibility.

J. Mir

city living is just fine for some kids. Ask all the kids living in NYC, are are 2nd & 3rd generation NYCers. NYC ain't cheap to live in no matter where you slice it. They have decent public schools too - and they make them learn to swim! No reason SF couldn't do the same except for the culture. It has never been known as a family town over the decades, even since its founding. Its just a different animal. Now, as for adding another school... well, there's always the drive-in site LOL

Jennifer Pfaff

Pay attention to SB 50, it looks as if politicians are falling in lock-step to support this one. As with similar bills, single family residential neighborhood zoning is the target, as it doesn't offer enough density.

Ideally, Sac envisions just 20% of residential zoning to be "single family". Somehow they imagine everyone will be compelled to ditch their cars and embrace what scanty public transportation options exists. School over-crowding and/or funding for expansion? Not addressed, as various tax assessments shall remain "local".

Tomorrow, even our SM County Supervisors will consider adopting a Resolution in support of SB 50 at their monthly Board Meeting in R.C.

All this spells bad news for Burlingame and local government level decision-making. Here is a link legislative language:

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