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November 04, 2018



Thanks Joe - Just an addendum to the financing plan cited above, the following excerpt from the staff report being discussed at tomorrow’s Council meeting is worth noting - given the new, higher price tag:

“As the total costs of the entire project are expected to exceed $50 million, the City will need to rely on an additional combination of Measure I revenues plus ongoing General Fund revenues and/or monies from the Capital Investment Reserve.”


I can not read the entire article because it is beyond comprehension.


Fix the pension thing.
Then potholes.
Stop High Speed Rail by voting for John Cox.


Chuckle, chuckle.


$8,000,000 for 40 parking spaces....

 It Don't Come Easy

Your tax dollars at work.


I understand the need for "Chuckle's."
However, this in NO JOKE.
The City of Burlingame entire Council should be Re-Called, The City Manager Dept. Fired, as well as Rec & Park Administration.
Whichever Financial Corporations that have been pushing this on to City of Burlingame Elders, should be identified in order for us Citizens of Burlingame to examine and confront.
Fix the Pension Thing
Then Potholes-that includes City Elders
Stop High Speed Rail by voting for John Cox.


You are awfully angry about something you admit you don't understand. Chuckle.


There really is not much to understand other than this project is being forced down every City of Burlingame Citizen.
As with voting, young people do not care-yet.
Old people are just fed up with basically everything.


underground parking garage correction-

11/5/18 estimate - $10,533.867 for 41 spaces $259,363/space. 7/1/14 estimate - $5,600,000 for 71 spaces $78,873/space.

total project cost....
11/5/18 estimate - $54,336,447 including 41 space garage
7/1/14 estimate - $33,879,000 including 71 space garage

No worries.


This is so Crazy.


How about we just stop and not do this? Stop.


You know why that will not happen?
Nobody Cares.


OPM = Other people’s money.


Ah yes Measure I. From the old Measure I website
“Voting Yes on Measure I will enhance neighborhood police patrols, improve safe routes to school, and maintain city streets and parks, keeping Burlingame safe and desirable.”

Actual money being used for “safe routes to school” - $0.00.
Actual money being used for “enhanced police patrols” - $0.00


How does this ignorance become an issue?
Safe school Routes. What the hell does that mean?
I believe that 70% of students are driven to School by their parents.

Enhanced Police Patrol.
Is there some Crime wave that is keeping Students from going to School?
Any crime wave at all?
Nobody Cares about reality.


Phone surveys help craft the tax proposal so people will vote for the increase. If the proposal states “children” and “police” then people are likely to vote for the increase. Then the money goes to the rec center that is also mentioned.


This is as good a place as any to link to the DJ's Jon Mays column about Burlingame's park improvements:

Every now and then, you may notice new features in Burlingame parks. A cornhole game here, a water bottle refill station there. It’s as if they appear by magic.

But it’s not. It’s actually the work of the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Foundation, which raises funds and works with the city to determine how to place needed features at all the parks. Parks and Recreation crews do the installations.

But it’s a team effort and includes fundraisers such as a new speaker series and the upcoming Muddy Mile on the Bayside. Another one is coming up next weekend at Washington Park. It’s the fourth annual bocce tournament at the new and improved courts that now has a double barbecue and an adjacent cornhole setup and horseshoe pits. Next month, the foundation will be approving $25,000 to purchase and install lights over the bocce courts, so there can be some nighttime use. In addition to that, Schwartz reports that in the past year, the foundation has purchased and donated eight benches for local tennis courts, two outdoor cornhole sets (they are looking for the right spot for the second one), five parks tables with checkers board inlaid, the Washington Park barbecue, two water bottle refill stations for Bayside Park and one bicycle repair station. They’ve also mapped Mills Canyon and will be donating $5,000 to the City Council for youth recreation scholarships, according to Schwartz.

There's more good news, so click through here:


Jennifer Pfaff

Am I the only person around who has no clue as to what a cornhole game is? Some help, please!


Jennifer, you probably do know what it is but don't realize it. It is a board that sits at an incline with holes in it and you throw bean bags into the holes. Or try to.... Depending on how many adult beverages are consumed!

Jennifer Pfaff

Ahhhhh, yes. Thank you!


Dear Joe,
Millions of Dollars, Blood Sweat and Tears have been going into this Wreck & Park thing going on Seven years plus.
I have been against the replacement of the City of Burlingame Wreck and Park Center from day #1.
Today,adding "Insult to Injury," we are now having a "Discussion," about an Inert Toy/Game called Corn Hole.
I believe this is the perfect time to consider re-naming Washington Park to Corn Hole Park.
Forget about Baseball, and Soccer.
Both those Sports are Corn Hole "Gateway Sports."
Parents please, watch your children's Corn hole web sites and Corn hole friends. Lets start a movement where "Creamy Corn hole," once again becomes Whole.


Holly, Corn hole is a fun game that residents of all ages can play. It's located over near the bocce ball courts and is a fun addition to Washington Park. It was given/donated to the City by the Park and Rec Foundation. I believe Joe was posting an article about the many great additions to ALL the parks, that the Foundation has given to the City over the past two years. Maybe you think you're being funny. Your not.


Oh Yes, I am not only Funny, But am Hilarious too.
I am all for a Corn Hole League. 6th grade to 12th.
Let those wealthy Norh East US "Abercrombie and Fitch have their Lacrosse.
At Burlingame High School we Will HAVE-CORN HOLE

Lets start the "Season" with the First Corn Hole Opener.
Of course the "Opener"will be at the Burlingame Golf Club.
I Can not wait.


What are you numbnuts talking about? Sounds like a building financed through a new tax. Every government project in left wing cities was completed way over budget. The standard used by estimators is to add 25% over initial cost estimates.

Just wait till to see the price for adds-moves-and changes for the Project.

(Editor: irrelevant vulgar comments deleted)

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