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October 27, 2018



It was really bad last night and for longer than 1:30 am.


Taxing and engine screams, booms; 12:30-1.

I think you’re right, Holly- especially wind and inversion layers.


It was loud earlier than usual last night. Loud again at the usual time of 11:30-1am and pretty loud again this morning early.

Peter Garrison

Yep. Lotsa booms and rumbles.


Wife up until 2 and awake again at 6 = airport noise. Rumbles, shudders and whines.


Here is an update from the SFORunwaynoise.com team:

The SFO Roundtable Ground-Based Noise Subcommittee met again on Tuesday March 19. To summarize the items discussed at that meeting:

- The current fencing around the perimeter of SFO is a barrier to prevent blasting of air and debris from affecting cars on 101, etc. It is not expected to a barrier for sound which may explain its "flimsy" appearance. Due to the physics of sound, a wall preventing transmission of sound is impractical and would have to be hundreds of feet high.

-New sound-canceling technology (such at that used in Bose sound-canceling headphones) is often used around construction sites and may be able to help in the future. However, SFO is at the forefront of exploring noise caused by planes on the ground, taking off, etc as opposed to overhead flights and there is very little research or other airports as examples to learn from.

-The airport is in the process of acquiring new, better sound monitors that should be better at picking up ground-based noise, lower frequency rumbling/vibrational noise, etc and we will be working to ensure that what we hear is going to be accurately measured. We will also be pressing for additional locations of monitors and asking you as a group to make suggestions as to the best placement of these monitors at some point in the near future.

-Finally, suggestions have been made about investigating materials that might be sound-absorbing that could be placed on the ground at the airport. Also, a trial to see if the angle of takeoff and the speed of takeoff could be altered to reduce the backblast that we hear in the "amphitheater" of the hills in our neighborhoods. At least one additional subcommittee meeting was added to the agenda so that work on these issues could be continued.


Very bad last night at 1:40 am and quite unbearable right now at 7pm on Easter.


I think it is time to note that a full year has passed since the Speier townhall and I have not seen any action from her office. I have heard that she tried to add a rider onto an unrelated bill to address noise, but it got shot down very quickly (hearsay). I haven't seen anything else public. Anyone else seen anything?

Peter Garrison

Maybe one of these will get her attention?

Airport noise linked to global warming.
Whale population plummets due to airport low-frequency rumbles akin to alleged US Navy sonar damage.
Alzheimer’s blood vessel crud contains large amounts of aircraft kerosene.
Children’s school test scores plummet due to lack of sleep.
Airport noise waves causing waves in the Bay contributing to sea level rise.
Trump plans HUGE wall to stop airport noise if SFO doesn’t become
“Good neighbor.”.

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