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October 04, 2018


Charles Magnuson

The space left open by Books Inc would make a wonderful location for a cannabis dispensary, if our city council didn't hold miseducated views on cannabis.


At least it would be symbiotic with the yogurt and cupcake shops.


The closing of Books, Inc. is a real loss for the community, and I've been fearful of this happening for the last several years, intentionally purchasing books from them rather than on Amazon. The staff was always friendly, and they had a great children's section where my daughter and I would spend many Saturday mornings when she was younger. When people talk about the quality of life in Burlingame, this has always been an important piece of it for me - a place to run into friends and neighbors and browse for books in a way you just can't do online. Kudos to Books, Inc. and landlord Karim Salma for making it work for as long as they could.


For the most part, the City of Burlingame's Elders are extreme Right Wing property owners.
Until they-City Elders, observe City of San Mateo, Foster City, San Bruno, SSF, etc. making "hand over fist" free monies nothing will change.
The Medical Marijuana industry is not a "Flash in the Pan." After The City of Burlingame Elders realize the HUGE MISTAKE of ignoring Science, Finance, Societal Norm, and Infrastructure.
The legal marijuana industry will have established itself everywhere around the Bay,(Restaurants, Boutique Shopping, Hotels, IT Campus' with the exception of Burlingame.
There must be some reason that a City as established and financially well off as Burlingame does not welcome this industry-Marijuana. The cost to Burlingame Homeowners will be negligible. There is nothing to loose, and everything to gain.
How about a Straw Poll-No Names, of COB Elders regarding the establishment CA. Legal Marijuana Dispensaries?
Yes or No.
Then we can all have a dialog.

How many City Elders?
Who votes for Marijuana Dispensaries'?
No Names. Just who for and who against.


I’m against you having anymore marijuana.


San Bruno ain't makin' any money on anything. Downtown is a ghost town. So many empty storefronts. Businesses shut down within months of opening. Sidewalks downtown are filthy. Homeless sleeping in the empty doorways or at the empty Caltrain fountain -- the leak too expensive to repair.


B'game doesn't need a dispensary because moms prefer the cannabis tea parties and their veneer of respectability (a la kikoko) and delivery services are so much more discreet. Though I agree a high end (no pun intended) boutique cannabis dispensary would likely do very well in town.

Ed Itor

"Extreme Right Wing" What the F___does this mean. Because someone doesn't approve of our children of people walking around stoned out of their minds is not a negative thing. Anybody who feels they need to manipulate their brains by smoking dope all day long is not my idea of a solid citizenship. And where are you reading THC is a good thing for the human mind and the various other human organs? Try reading science papers not Blogs managed by dope growers.

Dope as you describe as a cool thing is not a cool thing. The children and adults who choose not to anesthetize their minds most likely are the winners and leaders who generate most of the wealth of the world and they are free to withdraw their money from a community anytime they choose.

So keep pushing your agenda and see just how long this city lasts before it becomes another failed SF.

Get started reading this: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/cannabis-marijuana-acute-intoxication


You my newest/bestest friend are the new "Angry Political Guy."



From cupcakes to ice cream...is anyone surprised that cupcakes couldn't pay the rent???

Downtown Burlingame is becoming a sweeter place to be, as craft ice creamery Salt & Straw is opening another Bay Area location along the trendy commercial corridor.

The scoop shop first established in Portland is building its Peninsula presence with its new shop at 1309 Burlingame Ave., the former location of Kara’s Cupcakes, and plans of opening in Palo Alto shortly afterward.


Ed Itor

Hollyroller is my friend. That is "APG" to you and my resting heart rate didn't raise a single point.

Ice Cream shop opening in winter?

Steve Kassel

Want another reason not to put in a business catering to potheads? EVERY single day I drive, I see drivers smoking marijuana. EVERY DAY. The idiots that voted in legal marijuana had no idea what they are bringing to our communities.

Steve Kassel

FYI, another local business that has been around for a very long time will close November 3. South City Car Wash at the corner of El Camino and Chestnut will be replaced by condos.


Dear Ed itor,

If you; Ed, had supported a Medical Marijuana Boutique Dispensary on Burlingame Ave. the Cup Cake Co. The Ice cream Co. would still be in Business.
In fact, the tax income from sales of Cup Cakes, Ice Cream, and Marijuana would pay for the new Rec. Center.
Every Commuter Train going from San Jose to San Francisco would HAVE to get off.
Thank you for sharing your vital signs with us.
I, for one feel much better.


Dear Cassandra,
May I call you Mama Cass?
Cass Cass, bo bass, banana fana fo fass, fe fi fo fass... Cass!

Steve Kassel

Why doesn't it surprise me that a certain poster wants to put more wasted people on the roads?


You Know................


I have a question. Has holyroller ever had an UNEXPRESSED thought?


No F'n way!
Dear Ron, you have no idea what you be missing out on.

The closing of "Books Inc." can be absorbed by the COB Library, as well as other "Classic Business" on Burlingame/Broadway/Howard Ave.
In my opinion, from day one, "Books Inc." of Burlingame Ave. was not intended to make money..
It was a Brick and Mortar Advertisement.

Lets see about getting a Kepler's in there.
A Café too.
Just like the Café next to Kepler's in Menlo Park/Mountain View.

Dear Ron,
Books are Cool.
SK is Cool.


Holyroller - I am a relative newcomer. I moved here in 1981.

I have to say I preferred the 1981 Burlingame, as opposed to the 2018 Burlingame.


That is GREAT to share with us.
Whatever/Whenever you need to know about Burlingame Politics, Society, and Community Affairs, ask me or Hillsider.
In my opinion, Hillsider and I think alike. We might even be "Soulmates."

I believe that living here since 1981 qualifies you as an Elder Statesmen.
Thanks for your contribution's to Burlingame Voice.
This is a great Community Resource.

Concerned Citizens

Of all the businesses you could not afford to lose; the Book Store is by far the most critical. The only place left is a public library. (I Love it) My question is whether they receive any Government funding.

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