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October 07, 2018



I suppose Mr. Gee has $50 million to donate so we can find a new piece of land and build a new BHS on it since widening the tracks would make getting into Mangini Way impossible. He's probably the type to say "build a back entrance" so Lyon Hoag can get even more traffic. Quaint.

Charles Magnuson

"...ruination of downtown Redwood City..."?????? What the hell are you smoking??? Downtown Redwood City has transformed over the last 20 years from a sleepy, why-would-anyone-visit-this-place backwater into a fresh, lively, beautiful, and pleasant to visit downtown. I can only name one city that has gotten development right in the last 20 years and that city is Redwood City. Every other city has their heads up their butts while shouting, "But what about the character of our city?!?!"


I guess we have very different views of what constitutes "getting it right". Me thinks you are the one doing the smoking.


If Charles Magnuson wants to live in a LegoLand box like an egg-laying hen (Proposition 12 confinement) with no parking so he has to take Ubers everywhere and get his exercise in the basement on a treadmill like a hamster, that is his choice. Just don't tell me I have to do the same because I won't.


I am so looking forward to more frequent trains running up and down the Peninsula. My work schedule sometimes has me taking the train in the late morning, after the commute rush. I have to make sure I leave in plenty of time because I can't afford to miss the train -- the next one doesn't come for a full hour! Most other days I carpool, but both my carpool partner and I would prefer to be able to take the train -- unfortunately, there aren't enough trains in the evening to make that work for us, so there we are clogging up the roads with another car.


You know what?
Downtown Redwood City is a great place to eat, shop, and enjoy Entertainment.
The Train is a great way to go too.

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