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September 19, 2018


Just Visiting

Great improvement to California Drive. It's a wonder it wasn't done years ago.

California Bicyclist

Love the new California bike lanes, but the nortbound side is going to squeeze bicyclists towards the road unless the bushes are trimmed back much more frequently than the few times a year it was done previously. And make sure you stay out of the door zone when going southbound, people! It would be terrible for someone in the bike lane to get "doored" by a parked car along Village Park. All too easy to envision with the bike lane right up against a long line of parked SUVs.

Agreed that the bike lane offset from the curb (between Rhinette and Broadway) is hard to understand and confusing to car drivers. Elsewhere on CA drive it's due to parking that exists or that is being added.

What was just put in is a good incremental improvement with some perhaps unavoidable flaws. We'll all be a lot safer (and the car drivers happier) when we can get a separated bike lane built. Some day, some day...


"One Small Pedal for Man Kind,(LBGT, Illegal and Legal aliens-UFO's, Walking Dead, etc.) One Giant Step for saving our little piece of Paradise in The City of Burlingame..
If anyone has ever been to Amsterdam et al. observing the impacts of using a bicycle as Primary Transportation is good for the people. Healthy, physical exercise only helps all working stations.
I am so Glad to see The City of Burlingame Elders be Pro-Active, rather than Re-Active.


I am a real "Thread Killer."

Anyway, shouldn't Bicycle Riders have a DMV License, License Plate, Registration, Insurance, and some sort of Cognitive/Physical test every 2 years?

Share the Road
Share the Responsibility

Just Visiting

Holly, why? Cyclists are riding 20-30 pound vehicles that carry minimal risk to the public (there is some, don't get me wrong). Annually in the U.S. cyclists account for about 1-2 deaths to others.

Cars are thousands of pounds each, and are annually responsible for about 40,000 deaths. That number was going down for a long time (mostly due to safety improvements), but it's been going up pretty significantly for the last few years.

Comparing the level of responsibility between the two isn't comparing apples and oranges, it's comparing the sun to a speck of pepper.


Yes let’s absolutely license bicyclists. Starting with those little ones biking to our elementary schools and BIS. And those BHS students foregoing driving to school and biking to campus instead. And people out for rides to the Bay Trail. Or out to get coffee or to the store or to eat or to just spend money and contribute towards our sales tax. We need all those louts to share some responsibility. Why should us drivers be the only one idling on the Broadway overpass.

Also let’s license people who walk on our sidewalks and cross our streets. Those freeloaders shouldn’t be mooching off our gas taxes and the annual registration and smog fee we pay. We should also be requiring helmets and hi-viz for their safety.


Obviously not a Fan of licensing.

Nevertheless, if you are in an accident with a Bike Rider "in San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara County, "you" will be the Number One "Deep Pocket."
Heaven Forbid you have an interaction with an illegal. You will be screwed.
Should people texting while walking on a Commercial Sidewalk-Burlingame Ave. be ticketed for J Walking?
How about loud cell phone conversations at Piccolo?
What is taking so long to get a City of Burlingame Police Force to arrest the Stupid?
We all know who they are.


On that last point, I know where BPD should start.....................



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