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September 25, 2018


Steve Kassel

Pretty clear that Apple and lululemon have decided to just let the thieves win. Just having a single security guard at the door would deter most of them.


I hope no one gets hurt while this "Social Crime Spree" continues.
I believe these crimes have a Socio-Economic "FU" directed at White upper middle class people who thrive in the communities where these crimes have happened. (Editor: please do not make me have to edit your posts for good taste again)


Interesting Analogy


The Apple store here in town has frequently been the target of thieves. A BPD officer told me when they re-opened the newly-remodeled store, it was immediately robbed. At one point the police had a patrol car parked in front of the store or across the street simply as a "scare-crow" in an attempt to ward off would-be robbers.
The store was robbed early in September (again):


It is your "Show."
I appreciate the opportunity to view and participate in this Forum.

Bruce Dickinson

A single security guard was IN the Apple store in Burlingame when it was heisted. The security guard also stays outside, I've seen him many times.

Clearly, let's just say it's time for a Plan B.


This looks like a good start, but it's an easy crime to copycat:

Police busted a group of 17 people they say were responsible for a series of brazen Apple store robberies in 19 California counties in which suspects stormed past shoppers and employees to rip merchandise off counters.

The robberies, which happened in some Bay Area stores, caused more than $1 million in losses to Apple. The suspects wore hoodies and would enter stores in large groups to snatch products on display “in a matter of seconds,”



What is "Plan B" Mr. Dickinson?

Bruce Dickinson

C'mon, Holly-baby, explore the space! There are so many ideas.

First would involve arming the guards with weapons such as tasers and authorizing them to use the weapons (risky).

Second, you could change the procedures of the guards. You can authorize them to physically engage the thieves (risky). You could also authorize them to follow some of the thieves to the getaway car to get a license plate.

Third, you can use a tech based solution such as random tracking device chips placed in display iPhones/iPads that are on display; you could put destruction devices on each Apple product (like those dye devices for stolen money or clothing); Apple could install an app on each display device that can render them inoperable once they leave the building.

Finally a police department could investigate those reselling the phones on Ebay and Craigslist, and those selling multiple phones should be tracked down and investigated as to where they are finding their product. Would involve lighting fires under some derrieres of local PDs, but maybe they can work together.

Looks like Bruce Dickinson can add Professional Problem Solver to my Curriculum Vitae!


Thank You Mr. Dickenson.
As soon as I complete my Exploration of Space, you will be the first to know.
I may ask "Hillsider"-"Angry Political Guy" for advice.
I will credit all his "solution based" response.
Thank You again Mr. Dickenson.

Ted Yun

There is actually a way to lock iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches by linking them to an iCloud account. If they are ever lost or stolen, they cannot be completely erased unless they are unlinked from the account.

Although it is effective in preventing pawning of stolen items, this is actually an issue for people legitimately selling their used gear. If you ever buy a used i(device) from someone, make sure you are buying it from the owner or that it is unlinked.

Anyway, I believe there isn't really a way around it so if the Apple Stores have this enabled, the gear can't really be used and actually can be tracked down if they ever connect to WiFi. If they didn't enable it, they really should going forward.


Why in the world do you think a Business, in the realm of Apple Inc. not use security devices available?
Their Own Security Devices?
It does not make since.

Ted Yun

@holly -- Well I'm not sure if they do or don't use the iCloud linking. It could easily be checked by going through the settings. I guess if I'm ever in the Apple Store, I may check and report back here.

If you're asking about more bulky security devices that are adhered onto the i(device) (like they have in Target, Best Buy, etc), I think Apple is making a conscious decision not to encumber their devices and to let the prospective customers appreciate the sleekness of the designs. I don't know if it makes that much of a difference in a person's perception of the device, but I've also always wondered why they have the devices just lying around.


Part of every "Mega Business Plan" is P&L.
Insurance companies, in the long run may profit from paying Mega Business losses.
Then their Insurance Company.
So on and So on.
No wonder there is little security in Apple Stores.
If nobody buys any "hardware" today, theft can fill the gap.
Just Say'in.


They're baaaaack. And quite destructive this time.


I am sorry that "People" once again have taken advantage of the overall Political Correctness, and Good Nature of the City of Burlingame. I recently subscribed @ City of Burlingame Police Dept. to a Crime Reports. I never could have imagined the amount of Crime 24/7/365.
If any Business does not provide Security. That is a Business Decision. However, lack of Security only encourages more crime.
Take Care of Your Business...Apple.


The heists are back - the third one in the last couple of months was Thursday night with seven guys grabbing $50K worth of stuff I hear. I also hear Apple is reluctant to do anything about it....maybe someone should send Tim Cook a copy of Malcolm Gladwell's book.

Here's video of the whole thing from KTVU:


Peter Garrison

Two narrative arcs:

1. Apple decides to make phones inoperable outside of the store until purchased. Has ad campaign to make this common knowledge.

2. Someone gets hurt or killed and Mr. Cook does an apology-tour, stock dips a bit, people forget. Happens again.


This areas crime according to recent reports is spiraling out of control just like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and other liberal run cities. As SF goes so goes Burlingame and the Peninsula. https://www.areavibes.com/san+francisco-ca/crime/

The best I can tell this blog has four people bantering back and forth the same crap every day. Dickinson (smartestguyintheroom), Garrison (Holythanthou), Hollyroller (thelibertarian), and Joe (thegatekeeper).

Can you switch to Nextdoor where we get 50-100 people giving input much more objectively and representative than this little blog.

Maybe you can hear what the rent control people have to say for once.

Barking  Dog

Will continue to keep happening on Ave since Apple continues to ignore/not care what's happening. Until someone gets killed during a heist, Apple will continue to ignore.

Tarp...Nextdoor is for moms in lululemon pants who push their bugaboo strollers down the Ave to unload all of their unnecessary crap they have accumulated.

Sign me up

Apple can put in all the controls they want and the thieves will still be able to sell the devices to suckers who won't find out they don't work until after they buy them.


Sigh. Another lurker who thinks he/she knows who is who and what is what. I always enjoy the Nextdoor lovers but I kind of fall in Barking Dog's camp on this. If you can go back 5 or 10 years and find a thread on Nextdoor to relive history you are a better user of the app than I am. And if you are OK with all the ads you are more patient than I am.

And if you can find a more cogent assessment of Measure R than this


and the 12 parts before it, please do let me know. In the meantime, keep lurking. You are far from alone.

Barking Dog

Nowhere, anywhere, especially on Nextdoor will anyone find a breakdown of Measure R, than right here. Well done Joe and all who provided the fantastic information. Thank you for educating my wife and I(and my bro/sis in law in San Mateo).

KRN- Broken Windows Theory in the 94010

Broken Windows Theory in 94010

Do you think these guys just showed up in Burlingame or have they been here before to "evaluate" the Apple Store?

There has been an influx of people who hang out on the Ave far beyond the BHS kids and locals.

The people inside the Apple Store that night (as posted on Nextdoor) stated that the criminals had a "significant stench of pot." -While pot is now legal, those who are drenched in its perfume draw attention to themselves and the police.

I would bet that BPD has been put on "restraint" to write tickets for "stupid" crimes on the Ave because it may hurt business.

Armed Robbery will hurt business even more.

The guys who speed down the Ave with music blasting out the windows.

Those who loiter with Trophy Cars parked just to see and be seen. (when your two hours are up, move out!)

Illegal U-Terns in the middle of the street and Pedestrians crossing without even considering yielding to traffic.

Smashed in storefront windows

Shoplifting and Snatch and Grab.

Its not just Apple.

Why would people even think about smashing in windows (or pulling the other stupid crimes) unless they though they could get away with it?

I'm not blaming Burlingame PD. I bet they WANT to write those tickets, reduce the stupid crimes and get rid of those who will just end up making more trouble.

Barking Dog

I dont think any of the robberies have been armed robberies. Just grab and goes. Why bring/show a gun if ones not needed? Commercial robbery a lesser charge than armed robbery. These guys know this. Also, how are they gonna pull/shoot gun while carrying all those Apple products?

Someone is gonna get hit by the getaway car peeling away before a bullet in these heists.

How about suspending Apples business license to operate on the Ave? Store and its business policies toward store theft/robbery and on site store security are a threat to the safety of our citizens and visitors of the city. Pipe dream I know. No one who occupies an office @ 501 Primrose has the juevos to take on the deep pockets of the mighty Apple, even if it comes at the expense of their citizens and visitors safety.

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