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July 08, 2018



Rattles my closet and front doors.


@michael, welcome to the Voice--you look like you will fit right in. Your posts reminded me to remind everyone about the next SFO Runway Noise meetings:

Thursday, August 30, 2018
at the Burlingame Public Library
11 AM (upstairs) & 7 PM in the Lane Room

The meetings’ purpose is to fill out the small claims forms together, introduce newcomers to our goals, and to bring in neighbors, friends, and family members who are also disturbed by the runway noise. RSVP to sforunwaynoise@gmail.com whether you’ll be attending the AM or the PM meeting.


Great news- Thanks!


Well, well, well....out of the blue a one question survey from Jackie Speier has just arrived in e-mail:

Please let me know if you've been impacted by increased airport noise at night.
( )Yes
( )No
( )I don't know
( )I would like a town hall meeting on this issue

Not sure we need a town hall meeting--we just need her to crack down on SFO night time departures!


@ Joe. Thanks for reminding us the meeting. I will attend meeting at 7pm. We must voice up.


If SFO did not change for airplane at night time, we need to go to court with lawyer to sue.


Airplanes booming again last night 1-2am.


Again this am, 1-2


11:48am and 12:10 am- doors rattling in my house. In.


It is getting crazy, the noise become much louder.





Please hear people complains from all the citys


SFO Noise Complaints
SFO Noise Complaint Hotline: 650.821.4736
SFO Toll Free Noise Complaint Hotline: 877.206.8290
SFO Noise Complaint Email: sfo.noise@flysfo.com
Bert Ganoung is Manager, Aircraft Noise Abatement




Here is an update from the team at SFOrunwaynoise.com:

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us at the Burlingame City Council meeting on Tuesday evening. We had a great turn out! You can quickly access the video of the meeting to hear the folks that spoke out on Runway Noise and the City Council’s response by going to (Burlingame.org) > City Council Meetings - Welcome to Burlingame, California. Click on +2018 and then the link for the video for 9/4/18. The discussion is under the Public Comments, which you can jump to directly. (JB: if you care to watch me address the Council, I'm second on the tape after Lynn).

Next steps -

Join us at the SFO Roundtable Meeting on Wednesday October 3rd at 7pm at the David Chetcuti Community Room of Millbrae City Hallat 450 Poplar Ave. Many residents of other towns have complained about flight pattern changes, but very few have spoken about back blast noise. This is our chance, as the ground noise we are experiencing will be on the agenda this evening. Again, anyone can speak to the Roundtable after filling in a card. The more people who attend, the better of a chance we have to influence legislators and the airport director. See below for a map.

Please register (it’s free) for Jackie Speier’s Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday October 23rd at 7pm. Jackie is a resident of Hillsborough and is aware of the increase in SFO noise that we are all experiencing. She is sympathetic and interested in helping us find a solution. She will be holding a very important Town Hall meeting at Skyline College about airport noise where we as individuals will be able to speak en masse about this issue. Representatives of the airport and various airlines will be present. It will be an excellent opportunity to pressure SFO to study this issue and come up with solutions quickly. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/town-hall-airplane-noise-tickets-49103958261


Between 1-2am

4 back blasts from SFO.
1 freight train ( but only 3 tiny toots- thanks engineer!)


10:30 to 3am. Thundering.


In Mills Estate neighborhood of Burlingame, you will hear plane noises nonstop from 5:45am until 2am. After 10pm, the planes taking off from SFO are annoying loud, even with every window shut. In the early morning, not only do we have to put up with early morning departures from SFO, but in the past 9 months,all southbound planes from Oakland airport fly over our homes. In the mornings, it is about 1 minutes apart for every flight. Even though the planes are at 9000 ft, the noise can be very disruptive. I am joining other residents in filing small claims suits against San Francisco and I think we need to sue Oakland airport as well to bring about changes. I have been a Burlingame resident for 10 years and things have gotten very bad in the last 2 years.


Lets all get in our heads that living in the Noise Zone is going to be a fact of life, living on "The Eastside," is and will be a Life Style.

Noise may be the least of concerns considered living near a Huge Freeway.
As well as the effect Air Quality has on BHS students.
Does anyone know that there is a HUGE Fuel Pipeline buried along Rollins Road transporting Jet Fuel between San Jose, and SFO.
The Sound Wall was built to "Minimize" Liability" incase of Earthquake/Plane Wreck. Not so much to decrease SFO/Freeway Noise.
What will happen in an Earthquake?


Here is the wHO research about noise

Medical conditions
Noise level at 50 Db
Insomnia * * Hypertension
Obesity * * Depression (in women) * *
Myocardial infarction
Reduction in life expectancy (premature mortality) * *
Noise Level at 60 Db
Psychic disorders
(Occupational) accidents * *

(a) Residential Property Noise Limits.
(1) No person shall produce or allow to be produced by any machine, or device, music or entertainment or any combination of same, on residential property over which the person has ownership or control, a noise level more than five dBA above the ambient at any point outside of the property plane.
(2) No person shall produce or allow to be produced by any machine, or device, music or entertainment or any combination of same, on multi-unit residential property over which the person has ownership or control, a noise level more than five dBA above the local ambient three feet from any wall, floor, or ceiling inside any dwelling unit on the same property, when the windows and doors of the dwelling unit are closed, except within the dwelling unit in which the noise source or sources may be located.
(b) Commercial And Industrial Property Noise Limits. No person shall produce or allow to be produced by any machine, or device, music or entertainment or any combination of same, on commercial or industrial property over which the person has ownership or control, a noise level more than eight dBA above the local ambient at any point outside of the property plane. With respect to noise generated from a licensed Place of Entertainment, licensed Limited Live Performance Locale, or other location subject to regulation by the Entertainment Commission or its Director, in addition to the above dBA criteria a secondary low frequency dBC criteria shall apply to the definition above. No noise or music associated with a licensed Place of Entertainment, licensed Limited Live Performance Locale, or other location subject to regulation by the Entertainment Commission or its Director, shall exceed the low frequency ambient noise level defined in Section 2901(f) by more than 8 dBC.
(c) Public Property Noise Limits. No person shall produce or allow to be produced by any machine or device, or any combination of same, on public property, a noise level more than ten dBA above the local ambient at a distance of twenty-five feet or more, unless the machine or device is being operated to serve or maintain the property or as otherwise provided in this Article.
(d) Fixed Residential Interior Noise Limits. In order to prevent sleep disturbance, protect public health and prevent the acoustical environment from progressive deterioration due to the increasing use and influence of mechanical equipment, no fixed noise source may cause the noise level measured inside any sleeping or living room in any dwelling unit located on residential property to exceed 45 dBA between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. or 55 dBA between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00p.m. with windows open except where building ventilation is achieved through mechanical systems that allow windows to remain closed.
(e) Noise Caused By Activities Subject To Permits From the City and County of San Francisco. None of the noise limits set forth in this Section apply to activity for which the City and County of San Francisco has issued a permit that contains noise limit provisions that are different from those set forth in this Article.

What San Francisco City can do to restrict SFO noise level and FAA?

FAA did not follow proper research work procedures and waste tax payer money and caused a lot of noise complains from bay area residents, we don't want to see next nextgen plan again.

Steve Kassel

The hand wringing over airport noise when you live in the southern part of San Francisco or south to Burlingame is comical. You see, there is this large airport that sits on land owned by the City and County of San Francisco that sits between South San Francisco and Millbrae. There are an ever growing number of huge metal cylinders with large engines that leave and land at the large airport every day. Many take off towards the northwest and west and make a significant amount of noise when they do.

That airport is THE biggest generator of jobs in the region by far. Whether it's conventions, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, and biotech, high tech, whatever people primarily get here from all over the world using that airport and to a lesser extent those using the airports in San Jose and Oakland.

Have to call your attention to the insanity that is NextDoor. I call NextDoor BitchFest because primarily that's what it is. More so than any other social media site, NextDoor attracts a significantly older crowd with a tremendous NIMBY factor.

This was a recent post:
Today I stay at home in day time. Although I have double pane windows I heard airplanes fly once per about 3 minutes. That’s terrible. Also my backyard smells like hospital or somebody put cleaning chemicals. I wonder how people here live with this. There was a lawsuit against SFO years ago but now the planes are even more frequently and lower. I wonder what I can do about this? I definitely think those planes also dropped something. That is why my backyard smells like a hospital

The ensuing responses included these gems:

"Maybe we should start a “petition” to move the airport"

"People in “Another town in San Mateo county” are more noble! They swam upstream and won over the airport big business. People here are cheap, mean and coward. No wonder the planes all fly over here. Ouch!"

"People here are more cheap. Lives here are not worthy and with slaves nature."

and finally.....

I have an idea on the route. It is San Francisco not San Mateo airport. The planes should fly along 101 or 280 then those industrial or commercial area. Those industrial or commercial areas have all the money for triple panes. Just not low scraping above residential areas! I already have double pane just could not afford triple pane because they won’t fit the frames and would cost much much more probably triple.


Steve, I can't speak to the postings in NextDoor. I seldom read them and from what I hear, your assessment is pretty accurate.

The point about SFO Runway (emphasis on "runway" not overflight) noise is that SOMETHING has changed over the last 3-4 years. It is worse that it was the prior 20+ years that I have been here. I don't know if it is the runway surface, the "improvements" for arresting runaway planes, the new baffles or just some operational changes or just some undisciplined pilots not following procedures and getting away with it, but something has changed. Maybe multiple things.

This is a legit complaint and one that we can and will exercise our political leverage to fix. Jackie Speier's Oct. 23rd meeting at 7pm at Skyline is the next step in doing just that. If you are lucky enough not to be bothered or awakened at 3am, consider yourself lucky.

Steve Kassel

It's a 24 hour international airport and is the 7th busiest in the country. The number of flights per day is up significantly and there are definitely more late night flights. Total passengers in 2017 was over 55,000,000.

If you look back over the past 20 years official statistics, while the figures tend to wax and wane due to September 11 and the state of the economy; flights tend to increase around 5% a year. Many of those have to be pushed to late night because those the are only available times.


It doesn't have to be a 24 hour airport. Here is Tokyo/Narita's policy:

CHIBA – The city of Narita will allow flights until midnight at its curfew-bound international airport in times of poor weather and other exceptional circumstances, in a bid to boost the competitiveness of the nation’s main gateway.

No flights are currently allowed between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. due to noise concerns. The city is opposing a request by the transport ministry and the airport operator to open the airport at 5 a.m.


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