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July 25, 2018



Oh how time flies when you are having fun.


Well done, mates. I you want to know what's what this be the place.


That's Great.. I really mean it.
Nevertheless, is it true "Mr. More Cowbell"(with total respect) has purchased a 1971 Lamborghini Mivra from Rod Stewart?
I/we would love to see a Photo Shoot produced at the Donut Shop with you and the Lambo.
Kind Regards,


Please forgive me for the above comment.
The Burlingame Voice is the best Public Service provided to any community on the Peninsula.
The writers, and local stories are always, heartfelt, informative, and fun to share with neighbors.
Thank you for the excellent Public Service.
Thank you from ALL of Burlingame!

Account Deleted

Congrats on the 15th anniversary, and thank you for continuing to provide a valuable resource for our community!


Will they cover the Drag Queen Reading Hour for children scheduled for August 3 at the Main Library?


That sounds like FUN.
Does the City of Burlingame Library publish Community Events on their web site?
Does that Beautiful Center of Knowledge, even have a web site?

I was told,"Full Time" City of Burlingame Librarians have an annual Book Burning Party.
I was told, the City of Burlingame's "Book Burning" party happens near Russian River, CA. every year.
Sometime near Fall.

The Book Burning Party is most likely BS.
Nevertheless, "WE" love to see people fall...
Conspiracy too.

As long as they do not get hurt.


Cassandra, what are you talking about? I just looked at the event calendar and I guess I don't get it...


It was scheduled, heard last that there was some board discontent, perhaps now withdrawn?




Drag Queen “Vanilla Meringue” is scheduled to read on August 4, Burlingame Library. Not August 3.


According to Vanilla’s website, there was a reading on June 13 as well.


Must have been a success if Vanilla is back for an encore!


Thank you Joe + Russ for all the great articles.
Some things don't change- Monsters are still invading Burlingame!

Hoist a good glass of vino my friend. You guys had a vision and it saw us through 15 years of many issues in town; large and small. Here's to many more years of the Voice. Congrats!!!

Bruce Dickinson

Joe and Russ, all Bruce Dickinson can say is: "what can I say?"

The Burlingame Voice as a product pretty much speaks for itself in terms of quality and hard hitting content, complex and nuanced insights from the talented denizens of this City, and good ol' fashioned fun and laughs! All the while Joe and Russ are extremely polite and are total proponents of free speech and expression.

I challenge anyone to find ANY community blog or website with this special combination of attributes. Yes, I say that some of the data, analysis and commentary on hard-hitting issues (e.g. Rent Control, HSR) rivals that of any quality national publications, and for sure ALL state/local media.

We (including yours truly) can all be very proud of our collective contributions!

Congrats to Russ and Joe for conceiving, creating and maintaining a peerless publication!


Thank you, Coniq and Bruce. That means a lot. We'll keep the cowbell ringing.

Burlingame Resident

Congratulations! I've been reading frequently this since moving to Burlingame a few years back and have never commented. It's a great perspective and helps bring a deeper community awareness and perspective to Burlingame. Thank you!


On our 15th anniversary, we have great news coming out of New Jersey (of all places) and Sacramento. The WSJ is reporting today:
The state of New Jersey may be broke, but its political class has found another worthy cause for tapped-out taxpayers to support: a government press corps. Yes, in the name of “community” reporting, the titans of Trenton want to subsidize the press.

Officially the effort is called the Civic Information Consortium, and last month the Democratic legislature passed and Governor Phil Murphy approved $5 million in funding.

The lack of local reporting is a growing problem as regional and local newspapers go out of business or lay off reporters. Some local web startups have tried to fill the gap, but it’s not easy to find advertisers or get consumers to pay. Nonprofits might help, and in some places bloggers have done a commendable job. Other business models might emerge as technology and media change.

And the Capital Alert at the SacBee is reporting

Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, is floating an idea he says will support local journalism — next year.

He wants to provide newspapers with tariff relief and protect journalists by instituting freezes on newsroom layoffs before the sale or purchase of a news outlet. He said taxpayers would have little or no financial burden to pay for the plan. He noted that the Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on Canadian paper has forced newsprint costs to rise as much as 30 percent.

Beyond that, Levine was short on specifics, explaining that he wants to meet with media companies and industry groups over the next few months before formally introducing a bill next year.

“You don’t always get all the stories you want, right?” Levine said of the relationship between the government and the media. “But it’s nonetheless a necessary part of a democratic society, and we are all so much better for it. Our democracy thrives on the free press.”
Short on specifics or not, I'm thinking with our track record here at the Voice the state should pony up at least 2 or 300K in support of "local journalism". What do y'all think? Perhaps we should ask the City of B'game for 20 bucks so Russ and I can have lunch at Sam's Sandwiches and discuss the future of local journalism?? Then we can walk down to the DMV and wait in line.....


I think the city elders (to use my favorite commenters favorite term for them) should give you two $50 so you can get some sandwiches and a coupla beers. Better discussion to be had.


And a happy 16th birthday to all of our readers and especially our commenters! There is much more to come here at the Voice!

Barking Dog

Follower since the paper days, only a commentor as of recently.

Widh you guys conntinued success providing the most truthful info around for Burlingame residents and the Peninsula and forum for those who havent gone so far to the looney left.

Will continue to enjoy from a far in 2020...


Thank you, BD!

By the way, Unhappy Camper has a question for you in the comments under the Weiner post. He wants your tax attorney's name.


Congratulations Mr. Joe.
A Great Community Asset.
Thank you allowing me to continue with my Color Commentary.
This site is Fun, and important.

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