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May 30, 2018



I'm very glad to see this group is keeping up the heat even if it is a steep climb.


Just out of curiosity, how is it that Burlingame residents are bothered by SFO so much but don't utter a peep when Caltrain/UP pollute this town with their horns 24/7?


Just out of curiosity, how is it that people cannot figure out how to click on a category like perhaps "SamTrans- Caltrain" on the right hand frame and scroll down a little tiny bit to find:


or perhaps further to find:


which explains some of the law and regulation around the horns?


@ Editor

I am very well of the laws regarding horns and I'm also well aware that there are laws which allow horn usage to be limited, provided that certain criteria are met. Why aren't people fighting for this instead? The trains are the largest contributor to noise pollution in this area and a greater public nuisance, period. When I moved to Burlingame, Caltrain didn't have the amount of frequency and with that, more horns per hour, than they do now.

It's funny how any negative comment about Caltrain is met with the SOP "well the trains were here first" or "who told you to live near trains" rebuttal. Unfortunately, the same could be said about SFO with regard to the jet-blast.


I have always felt comfort listening to rain drops, lawn sprinklers, wind, and the Soulful Sounds a train makes going through any Town, late in the night.
I live about 2.5 miles from the Burlingame RR Tracks.
I might have a very different POV if I lived closer to the tracks.

This is a very important issue.

As a Society, we need trains.
Hopefully,the sound issue will be settled before the HSP comes through.
Thank You BV for providing a platform for Community.


@Terence People get up in arms for awhile and then hope that the Council or the Supervisors do something. Then nothing happens for awhile and they get up in arms again. Repeat.


Because they don't want elevated rail that would eliminate the horn noise forever.


If the noise stays as bad as it is tonight this meeting will be packed packed packed.


1:00 am
Was that a Saturn V launch?


My God, what is happening at SFO tonight? Did Trump start WWIII or something?

Ted Yun

The train noise issue is completely separate from the SFO noise issue. They are appealing to different regulators. If you wanted to organize a similar group for the Caltrain noise, you'll find support!

With Caltrain, what I heard at some meetings (the electrification meeting and then a couple of city council meetings) I think the issue came down to liability. If the city implemented quiet hours, then if some person got hit, the city could be sued.

That being said, Atherton was able to somehow implement a quiet zone, so it can be done. But fighting this notion of liability, then asking for the money to implement a quiet zone is an uphill battle. I suspect the train noise is less of a concern to the people that live further west, so only half the city is really impacted. And a smaller percent of that population cares about it (ie, most people say "you get used to it!" or "you knew there was a train here before you moved!").

That being said, if you want to organize a similar movement in parallel to the SFO Runway Noise folks, I'll back you up!


3:50am and 5:15. Jeez.

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