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May 24, 2018



Right after I made the post this bit of additional information came in from the City:

The project is funded as part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program by a combination of funds including State Gas Tax, Storm Drainage Fee, City General Fund and $1M in grant funds from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority.


Burlingame City Council, Sept. 28, 1942

A letter from the San Mateo County Salvage for Victory Committee soliciting the aid of city employees and trucks to help collect scrap metal on Oct. 11, 1942, was read. Theo L. Lilenthal and Robert Higgins, members of the committee being present, stressed the importance of the drive and also permission to have the city’s old cannon and fire bell delivered to the County Fair Scrap Harvest.

Councilman hunt reported on the successful City Scrap Collection. Frank Bloom, Purchasing Agent, stated that over 11 tons was sold and delivered to the Columbus Steel Co. of San Francisco. Councilman Roth recommended that the salvage committee use the city’s Burlingame Advance Advertising space to promote the drive.

On motion by Councilman Burrows, seconded by Councilman Hunt, and unanimously carried, Fire Chief Janssen was instructed to have the city’s old abandoned hand-operated fire pump put in condition for use in Burlingame Village during the emergency [this is now in the museum]. Mayor Coleman assured the committee the cooperation of the City and that the City officials would be present to greet Helen Crlenkovich, guest star of the County Fair Scrap, Water Follies. (Note: Crlenkovich 1921-1955 was an award-winning Croation-American Springboard diver).

Note: according to Svanevik’s ‘City of Trees book’ c. 1997, pg. 111 the Bell was actually salvaged and returned to Burlingame via the U.S. Merchant Marine School at Coyote Pt. (1943). It was initially mounted in front of the Fire Dept. Headquarters on Rollins Rd, and eventually placed in front of the reconstructed fire station on California Drive in 1997.

Handle Bard

To me it looks like cyclists don't have a safe path through the roundabout. I will bet the idea was to push us over to Carolan where a nice bike lane has been added. Any thoughts on how that will work?

Steve K

Is this going to be a problem?

Steve K

Joe, I just posted a link to a screen capture image of the roundabout showing my concern with the turn from Lorton onto the north bound California drive.

But I see the link puts ads in it. If that is bad netiquette please remove my posting. Sorry. Is there anyway to place images within posts? Maybe not.


The closest thing to cannon is how the roundabout will take slowing incoming cars and shooting them out at speed as they leave the circle.

Roundabouts are a way to move traffic faster while minimizing delay to drivers. That it will do no question. It will slow drivers down approaching the circle on entry but after that it’s a free for all and the speeds go back above the speed limit. This theory that it will help pedestrians or bicyclists is just that. Roundabouts work best when there are no pedestrians or bicyclists to conflict with. What other City or town has put a multilane roundabout in their downtown? And is satisfied with how it works for their people walking and biking.

This will be the death of the Stacks outdoor seating. Before the tables and chairs are more on the Lorton side and buffered from speeding traffic. Now the RA will put that circulating speeding traffic right up to the curb.


@SteveK, thanks for asking about the link with all of the annoying ads. In small doses this sort of comment approach is OK since your drawing on the roundabout diagram makes an excellent point. Again, thanks for asking.


I hope Driver's Ed includes how to get around roundabouts these days since this is so close to BHS. There will be dozens of kids driving through it every school day.


That is a very important point.
How could any "16 year old," with a day old CADMV be able to drive in a "real circle?"
How important is the installation of a "Euro" traffic device anyway?


If you're still looking for a cannon, this is a nice place to start:
Also, this action house has them from time to time:
Good luck! ))


From SMC Alert: A portion of the new California Drive Roundabout in Burlingame will be open this weekend and possibly as early as Thursday afternoon. Reduce speed and exercise caution when traveling southbound on California Drive at Lorton Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. Travel slowly with special attention to construction signs and traffic markings.


I've had plenty of experience driving in roundabouts in many different cities. I realize that they are an efficient way to move traffic, but in most cases, people do not follow the rules and this roundabout is going to create many accidents.

Just wait until someone from the inside lane wants to exit the roundabout and the vehicle on their right wants to continue around the circle!

To many vehicles travel this section of road and keeping it simple would have been a better plan.

The money ($3+ million) should have been spent on upgrading the worn out parks around Burlingame.

The City should install a camera at this location for 1 - 2 years to monitor how it is working.

This roundabout project is one of the worse decisions the City has ever made.


It's a shame we didn't go with the more affordable option that was in our Downtown Specific Plan. That design, I believe developed by our own Community Development Director, received support from a variety of community groups. Instead, we moved forward with the expensive option which had plenty of faults.

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