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May 24, 2018



Thank you Jennifer.
Regarding "Speed Bumps/Traffic Calming."
That idea is mostly used in Ghetto/Hi Drug Activity/Section 8 communities.

You will see this type of "Community Policing" in Richmond, Oakland, EPA, Compton, East LA, etc. If this is the only solution the City of Burlingame Elders can come up with it should be obvious to a casual observer "Nobody Cares."
Go Away...
There are other solutions to living in a Million Dollar home in the City of Burlingame Ghetto without making it worse.

Jennifer Pfaff

I'm not familiar with those areas, but for many decades, Bayswater had palm studded islands that were planted when the subdivision was created (1896). They slowed everybody down, and so naturally by the 1960s when most people drove big cars and didn't walk much, it didn't take much to convince the residents that it would be best for the city to remove them, seeing that the gas tax would pay for the whole thing and it wouldn't cost anyone a dime.

My understanding from the old-timers was that most were thrilled to think they'd be able to drive effortlessly and quickly through here, but few realized the negative consequences of living on an overly wide street.

We moved in just over two decades later and within two months experienced the first of many incidents just feet from our door-- a speeding car swerving out of control, up over the curb (in broad daylight) into the planter strip, leaving a huge deep tire gouge, and then racing away. The screeching noise was mind-boggling. We were stunned to see that type of reckless driving happening in Burlingame--in fact that did seem almost "ghetto-like". Not long after, we asked the Parks Dept. to plant two more trees as "barriers".

I'm all ears, Holly, and definitely hoping to hear any kind of solution that doesn't require a police presence all day long, because that just isn't going to happen--they are spread way too thin:(


I am sure that "wreckless" drivers are a danger to all.
I wonder if the speeding drivers are from Burlingame HS?
i.e. is there a problem during the Summer when "Class is Out?"
Whatever the case may be, I am sorry and concerned that this type of lawlessness is not being addressed by Burlingame PD.
Nevertheless, speed bumps in the neighborhood will effect property value. As well as create an atmosphere akin to Rollins Road.
There is a better way.
I recently subscribed to a Burlingame Police Department Web Site that describes, as well as location of the Crimes that happen every single day.
I was very surprised.


I wonder what the financial effect will be with the huge Facebook complex moving in across the hwy from Lyon-Hoag?

Either really good or really bad...

Jennifer Pfaff

Yes, summer is definitely worse (I think everywhere), but the problems don't end with season change. The police website with location is very cool. I've seen that one too.

'Not sure about a positive or negative effect re: Facebook over yonder. Listening to their pitch before Council several months ago, and their obvious reluctance to stick to the retail square footage requirement (i.e.. any kind of public benefit), my impression was that they like to keep their workers somewhat clostered with little to no integration with non-Facebookers-- I personally don't foresee a lot of back and forth over the freeway, if that is what you are asking.


It is a beautiful thing to see people getting new jobs.
The increase in traffic will be horrific. Hopefully an "Off Site" Parking place, and shuttles to the new business will be provided. However that will bring another set of problems too.
Thank you JP for your comments.


Perfect time to sell. Plenty of buyers and tons of developers are eyeing developments from 101 to El Camino. I would be interested in paying a 20% premium for any sellers ready to get out.

The 24 hours a day noise level in this area has become very uncomfortable so why would anyone want to stay anyway?

SF Metropolis with its suburbs and nearby cities and environs exercises a commanding economic and social influence over 94010 and if I apply some basic calculus to SF's growth numbers it spells doomsday for Burlingame, especially the Lyon Hoag area.


Wide-open borders
Economy strongest in 50 years
Just a few miles from major City Hubs; Sf, San Jose.
Major airport couple miles down the road

If anyone thinks they will slow down the momentum by having another Kumbaya-Share-a-little-Jambalaya hand-holding session with Government you are living in a fantasy world.


Dear L/H. Thank you for your insight.
I never thought about the ramification's of property value in Burlingame/San Mateo if this project goes through.
A Million Dollar Burlingame home should double.
A one bedroom/bath-@600 square feet, no parking, will soon be @ $3000.00-$3500.00 per month. Including a waiting list.

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