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May 03, 2018



Thank you for the summary makes voting easier!


Gavin had it right about 3 years ago when he announced the program was bleeding money and should be killed off once and for all (or something to that effect)....For his candor, he got lots of goodie points from me at least. But then, he must have realized the position wasn't earning him any him buddy points (translates into $$$) from the democrats, and so he did a total about-face. He lost me forever with that one. No integrity at all...


When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


The LA Times is keeping track of Newsom's flip-flops:

While mayor of San Francisco, Democrat Gavin Newsom supported high-speed rail in California so strongly that he partnered with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008 to push for a $10-billion state bond measure to help build it.

Six years later, Newsom pulled his support, citing exploding cost overruns and delays. Two years after that, he was back on board.





Speaking of wasted money on HSR: Cancel this boondoggle and find safety measures for BART. Today at the Millbrae station a man got on, started screaming and chased people through four cars. Commuter called BART police and got a recording.


BART has been a disaster for years but until some poor girl gets her throat slit nobody cared. Fare jumpers costing $25 million a year and new gates will cost $200 million. If they can't run a train in the bay area how in the world will they run one through the whole state? Are we going to have special HSR police who are as useless as the BART cops?


As the election approaches here are a couple of things to remember (hat tip to Govern For California):

The state runs a K-12 education system serving 6.2 million students and administers a single-payer Medicaid system (Medi-Cal) serving 13.5 million low-income residents. Together the two systems receive $200 billion in public funding, 50 percent ($65 billion) more than five years ago.

Performance is unsatisfactory. Despite an extra $25 billion of annual K-12 spending compared to five years ago and spending of $16,000 per student, only about half of students meet or exceed reading and writing standards and only 39 percent meet or exceed math standards. Despite an extra $40 billion of annual Medi-Cal spending, emergency room visits are up, Medi-Cal appointments are often difficult to get, there’s little evidence of improved healthfulness, and unproductive emergency spending is crowding out more productive spending.

It's not as if elected officials don't know the truth. They do. Yet those same officials still deliver $200 billion a year to providers of K-12 and Medi-Cal services, many of whom make political donations to them. The recipients of that $200 billion are among the most powerful special interests in Sacramento.
So ask yourself if your goal is to vote for "more of the same"?

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