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May 15, 2018



I should have linked to the ECR flooding post which is here:


Bruce Dickinson

This has been done in Los Angeles to deal with the mid-Wilshire traffic since the late 1990s.

The pro: it works

The con: Burlingame and ECR can expect LA-like traffic due to LA-like development!!

Christopher Cooke

Joe the state is responsible for repairing El Camino, not SamTrans or the county. I agree with your priorities but do not think it should affect an agency (SamTrans) since it has no ability to make the state repair the El Camino


A close read would show that I know that, sir: "I have to wonder if perhaps CalTrans could focus on the horrible condition of the road surface in B'game".

Steve K

Speaking of roads, or maybe just islands, what are they doing in front of Stacks?


It's actually a technology that's being rolled out in other cities and states and it is effective in getting transit, in this case Samtrans, to move faster and be more reliable. Buses can extend the green light if it happens to arrive when the green would otherwise have ended.


Agreed that ECR needs to be paved. Moving transit and getting the street paved are both worthy, independently achievable goals.


@Steve K-- The Stack's intersection is getting a roundabout. You can read about it here:



Please comment on why there are so many School Shootings.
This is a Phenomenon that has some explanation..
Guns, and access to guns seems to be the least likely, and easiest excuse.
However, Computer games,(the most popular being Warfare, Execution scenarios)must have a huge impact on children. There is really no reason to have friends anymore since the Computer provides the comfort that Teenagers crave without the risk of being denied friendship experience.
Oh yeah, the Roundabout...
Lets get back to the Social Impact of Roundabout vs. No Roundabout.


Roundabout lessens stress, ergo less school shootings. Duh.


Excellent Response Cassandra.
I am sure like minded BV commentators believe the same thing.
The US should get behind Roundabouts in North Korea, Syria, Israel ,and the White House.
Thank you for stating the obvious.
Cassandra, you just saved the World.

Steve Kassel

Traffic could be a WHOLE LOT WORSE people. If you frequent the Airport Costco, you might want to forget that for awhile. The tiny stretch of S. Airport that crosses San Bruno Canal is closed for several months as the bridge is failing.

You cannot go south from Costco to 380 or 101. You can only go North on S. Airport. It's a complete mess.


I lived in Peru a few years ago.
There are Roundabouts everywhere a vehicle can go.
I was told those were emplaced for Horses, Horse and Carriage too.

Someone told me that the reason there are Metal "Curbs" in some of the "Older" parts of Burlingame was the need to protect the Wooden/Metal Horse Drawn Carriage wheels from being "gouged" by Concrete.

Steve Kassel

I left out one important part of the Airport Costco traffic saga. If you normally get to that store either by the North Access exit off 380 or the North Access exit off 101 North.....forget it. They are closed.

You have to go to the South Airport exit and make a right.

I strongly suggest going to the El Camino Costco or the new Costco Business Center.

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