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April 19, 2018


Johnny war

I’ll be in front of the school at 12 if anyone wants to debate personally

Johnny war

I’m going to defend the writer at the school today please come and talk with me 12pm if you really care about your kids come talk to me

Johnny war

This is for HMB your comments like clueless are hurtful this is a Kid after all put down the media device and co raise your own kids unless you can’t find them


Johnny War... you missed the point... the folks here are taking the position that the advisor, the adult, should have stopped the article.

The reporter is a child. No one has gone after the student. This is why we have adults in charge of the children at school.

Once again... this is about the advisors failure to act.

Have a good day.

Johnny war

HMB that is NOT what I read your comments particularly were hurtful this student is being hurt by this this student does not differentiate between criticizing the advisor or the student themselves in their mind thus was an expose for the parents to absorb then decide if they should talk to their kids most Burlingame parents live in a bubble the mentality the “not my kid” but guess what hell yeah it is your kid this should not be buried because after all it’s OUR kids we are talking about right?


This article was meant to educate the community about the effects of drug use. It's a real issue that needs to be confronted, which is why this article is necessary. Talk to your own children instead of going after an objective journalist.


Johnny, I've got a problem with the advisor for not doing her job as a teacher. It's not her job to censor students, but it is her job to teach her students about the legal and ethical issues of publishing this article -- it could have been written in a very different way that might have shed some actual light on the issue instead of giving us the tabloid sensationalism of DRUGS ON CAMPUS!!! (Tell us something about BHS we don't know already.) And I happen to agree with you that too many parents are too busy with their devices and vices to pay attention to their kids.


The focus of the posts here is that the newspaper advisor failed (miserably) to prevent this reporter from getting in trouble. I would bet the advisor did not read this story before it was put to press or simply told the reporter to just go ahead... also negligence.

PD ...read the article and omit the following comments and you will get a more objective article on drug use and its dangers.

The article does more to promote the use of Adderall rather than discuss its harmful and criminal impact.

The following places the reporter and student giving the comment in jeopardy.

These statements glamorize the drugs, art of drug dealing, and offer Adderall as a viable solution to poor grades and struggling students. The dealer is portrayed as helping people rather than committing a felony.

"sheer pressure to succeed".... the solution...buy Adderal why...“I could get so much done and I understood everything,”

“became one of many teen Adderall dealers in the Burlingame community shortly after he was prescribed the medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.”

“I was super happy but I felt I was cheating a bit, so I started giving to people I know who were not doing so well when they had tests,”

“I don’t turn a profit, I just do it to help the people around me.”

", but purchased Adderall during her freshman year out of sheer pressure to succeed in high school."

The female student's response to her problem where Adderal was the solution...

“I could get so much done and I understood everything,” The paragraph on Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) "Emotional vulnerability is tied to increasing pressure to receive high academic marks."- This study is intended to show the emotional pressure on students... but the following sentence by the reporter offers Adderall as an acceptance and solution to these problems

"The students who buy Adderall at BHS are also part of this extensive, diverse group of grade-conscious teens."

And what about those BHS students who don't buy Adderall... are they somehow excluded from this group? No... are also under pressure but they just don't buy Adderall to solve the problem.

This groups plans, studies, exercises or does other things rather take engage in a criminal act to meet an artificial (parental) pressure for academic success.

The final sentence of the article " I feel like if you’re using prescription drugs without a prescription because you feel like you need them to function on everyday life then that’s fine,” said the junior

“But just using them recklessly is just a waste of time and harmful to your being.”

So the final statement is that using prescription medication t get better grades is OK because you get better grades? But .....Using them for recreation is harmful?

The wisdom of a 16 year-old Junior to her peers on how to get good grades... the end justifies the means. Taking the Adderal and it will give you good grades....so it is OK. That is all a freshman needs to hear to start buying the Adderall.

Get blacked out drunk.... if you don't want to think about your problems, you won't have too!

Take steroids.. you'll get much stronger faster, and if you can with a starter role on the team, then its worth it!

Cheat on the exam... if you don't know the material anyways and you end up with a good grade, then its worth it!

I don't believe that people here are after the student... that is not the point. The issue is the adult in charge. If the student was trying to write an objective article about drug use, then the trained adult should have offered advice and direction to ensure that was the outcome.

Adderall has never been a solution to academic pressure, nor is it a smart drug... the drug is speed that is used for people who have a medical diagnosis so that they can "level the playing field."

By the way, using Adderall as a study aid... is just another way to wreck your body and your mind.

Burlingame Mike

This is all interesting reading but I have a serious concern about the authorship of one of the posters - specifically JohnLaw. The name suggests a legal background and the posts have a lot of legal jargon. It is consistent with writing by a person familiar with laws as they pertain to public schools but not that of a lawyer. The series of posts have honed in on a specific advisor for the newspaper from the beginning. This same advisor has been consistently attacked (?justifiably - I have no idea) by a frequent poster on this forum in the past two or so years. It raises suspicions that these posters are one in the same.

Various items that increase the suspicion:
1. JohnLaw referred to the advisor by the feminine pronoun ("I'm sure the advisor got "cool points" with her students for letting them print the article.") then in a subsequent post, wrote "if the kids watch the advisor walk out in shame for losing his/her job, they will learn a real lesson." Clearly, JohnLaw knew the gender of the advisor and let it slip. JohnLaw later continued the act of not knowing by writing his/her.

2. The writing style of the two posters is highly similar - note the many rhetorical questions, pithy one-liners at the end, frequent paragraphs, and lots of quotes and "legal facts" throughout all of the posts. There are programs which objectively assess this - perhaps someone here has access to these.

3. They both have a consistent and strong focus on the punishment of the same person. I do not recall another person receiving so much consistent negative attention on this forum.

4. Despite other research, JohnLaw seemingly never bothered to look up who the advisor was that he was attacking and calling for her dismissal until the advisor was named by others. Odd and strains credibility.

5. The serial poster within the "Parents Uniting for Nelson" has not written a thing under this thread. This highly surprising given the similar negative focus on the same advisor and the highly frequent online posting otherwise.

6. Finally, JohnLaw posted this:
"Asked around from the kids. The teacher went bat shit crazy last term when a student posted their "real thoughts" about her as part of an assignment on evaluating the teacher on a classroom blog. Nothing nasty, "she plays favorites, hates males, doesn't grade work, doesn't know #$%&., is just an all around inferior teacher." The teacher was not paying attention to the blog and the comments stayed up for an extended period of time.
Once she got around to reading the comments she went after the student for posting the truth."

This is not a post of someone making assessments solely based upon the law and a newspaper article. This is someone who has predetermined what the "truth" is and is on a mission.

If you read this forum regularly and have insight into BHS, you knew that this thread would proceed precisely this way after the first JohnLaw post.

JohnLaw, if you call for the firing of someone, at least state who you are. Otherwise these posts feel like subterfuge and a lie and it discredits you and all of your statements.

Johnny wart

I guess nobody went out to the front of BHS at noon to debate Johnny wart the snowflake. Too bad. It would have been entertaining. Blame the parents. Nice Johnny.


The teacher needs to be confronted with putting students in legal danger.


Sometimes teenagers will say, or write things that will garner them attention and Notoriety that are complete fabrications.
Especially after viewing all the media attention that high school students received after the gun violence in Florida.
Lets admit it: Teenagers can be weird sometimes.


Laura posted this above about Melissa Murphy the BHS Newspaper Advisor...

"Isn't she the same teacher that was involved in the Nelson madness? The teacher that was stocking students on social media?"

I found that comment to be very odd.

I went to the BHS Newspaper site to look at some of the other articles (some others are questionable) but I found nothing about the exit of Principal Di Yim or the transfer of Nelson. If these were such large issues-to get written up in local media and here on the BV, why didn't the high school newspaper cover the issue?

I did find a small photo about a a student walkout but nothing else.

How is this Melissa Murphy involved in this case?

I've been around and heard the issues. How does a school conflict of this level take place with no reporting by the school newspaper?

Is it because her reporters would find that the evidence leads to Ms. Murphy's door?... and that would be complicated....


Since my kids are long out of high school, I'm not as clued in as I used to be, but I'm a taxpayer who strongly believes in the importance of public schools. I also work in education -- though not as a teacher. And I think we are ALL teachers, even if we don't work in education -- parents are their kids' first teachers, and we all make impressions on young people through our words and actions. As I said, I'm not clued in to the parent/PTO/administrator network like I used to be, so I'm wondering, has anyone here brought this up at a PTO meeting? Has anyone talked to Mr. Belzer, the principal? Who's the SMUHSD board liaison with BHS? It's one thing to talk here, but that doesn't actually get anything done if people have concerns about a teacher's putting students at risk. From what I've heard -- this incident and the student stalking -- I have concerns about this teacher, but I don't have a kid at BHS or another SMUHSD school, so it would mean more to administrators to hear concerns from parents with kids in the school.


John, on this site, it is under SCHOOLS, then parents uniting for Nelson. I believe, and I could be mistaken, that she was one of the English teachers that was stocking students on social media and then using it against them in class.Especially the male students. Her records were sealed in that case and some are trying to get access. She was one of the teachers, with the former principal, that got Nelson transferred to another school. It's way more than this one teacher and you can get the back ground from going to the page on this sight. There is Parents Uniting for Nelson, 1,2 and 3. There seems to be a pattern with this teacher.


Her records were sealed?

I read the posts you suggested.. Wow...

We've somehow avoided this one.... I'm sure that Back to School Night must be a real pleasure

This is the teacher in charge of the Newspaper?

"Public records show that in at least three initial and different interviews at the site and district level, Murphy misled administrators and withheld information about her activities against students."

Its no wonder the reporter was allowed to publish the story about selling drugs on campus... t

What does Belzer think? According to the post, there are other teachers involved.

n July 2013, SMUHSD contacted Burlingame High School teacher Melissa Murphy (and others) to informed her that she would be under “further investigation” for a complaint filed against her. Public records show that Murphy had already been interviewed three times by the school site principal, district office HR, Assistant Superintendent Kirk Black, and then Black and Superintendent Scott Laurence. According to Public Records, in each of these interviews, Murphy had made “lies of omission” by knowingly withholding information and acting in insubordination to her superiors. She also gave misleading statement to throw off the investigation and failed to comply with a workplace investigation. In addition, SMUHSD leaders accepted her “lies of omission” as the truth (despite evidence and detailed complaints to the contrary) and granted her “anonymous status” causing significant problems in conducting an ethical investigation.

Murphy was informed (again) by Associate Superintendent Kirk Black’s office that the investigation was private and confidential (like all issues that involve students) and that she was not to communicate with anyone about the details or proceedings.

Teacher Melissa Murphy was under investigation for stalking the social media accounts of students and making false reports to school officials against the students. (Public Record shows that Murphy personally states that SHE engaged in this process for over a year, and detailed her “guilty pleasure” as her “Time Suck.” Murphy was a vigilante against the students she did not trust, like or had issue with. The SMUHSD was opening a “wide scale” investigation of Murphy (and others) after she lied and mislead site and district administrators about these issues during initial investigations.. Public records show that in at least three initial and different interviews at the site and district level, Murphy misled administrators and withheld information about her activities against students.

Immediately after receiving word that she would be investigated, Murphy used the SMUHSD email server to contact fellow BHS teacher Jen Rohrbach to inform her of the investigation (Murphy believed she had evaded complete investigation and this announcement was devistating)

Murphy had lied to her BHS faculty peers about her actions and had instead pushed blame on the students and parents. Public records show that despite her claims of having no knowledge of the incidents, Murphy had been engaged in monitoring and tracking these students for a significant period of time . Public Records show that Murphy stated that she been working with her English Department peer Shane Karshan on tracking students.

While Murphy’s comment show that she was initially distraught over the announcement of the investigation, she responds to Rohrback:

Melissa Murphy writes to Jen Rohrback: "Actually, this may be what we want. More teachers will be interviewed—the pool will widen-more crazy will be public. And Di is sure to know.”
Jen Rohrback responds to Melissa Murphy,

“Then you need to "Covertly reach out to Nicole Perrea, Josh Gnass, Shane Karshan and Kathy Payne... start with the first three...beware of the 4th, not sure where she stands. Again I encourage you to chat with Morgan Hallabrin ...make it personal with her...Maybe her family will take you under their wing and represent you because its just....oh..and crush Craig’s balls... he needs it. Remind him women have bigger and there is more pain to come.:) "

(These are real emails from Public Record Documents on SMUHSD servers)

Teachers plotting against students and parents! Lets just lie!

Somehow… BHS teacher Jen Rohrback knows most ALL of the teachers involved in the incident (despite it being private) and encourages Murphy to get these teachers to collude and align their stories. English Teacher Morgan Hallabrin’s family are lawyers and Rorhrback is strongly suggesting that Murphy get them on her side. Craig Childress (crush Craig’s balls) is the CTA President and was initially representing Murphy during the initial stages of the case. Public Record shows that Murphy actually had a lawyer in place BEFORE a complaint was filed against her. (How do you KNOW you need a lawyer unless you committed a crime?)

This email is just the start of a three-year journey where BHS English Teacher Melissa Murphy and others will continue to slander the student and parents on the BHS campus in order to deflect attention from their unethical actions.

These statements and others are Pubic Record of the SMUHSD. The SMUHSD Administration had an obligation to intervene in these issues… and did nothing. Why?

The Administration took the bait. They bought into the lies hook, line, and sinker. They are now too embarrassed… and liable to reverse course.
Other BHS teachers "bought" the story they were told. Blame the WhistleBlower. Too many people know Murphy is crazy... SMUHSD Administration does nothing.


A school culture out of control.

I went to the actual online paper where the Drug Article was run and it was side by side with an article about the legalization of Marijuana. The article also had a bold statement centered in the article. “The marks Students gave themselves in emotional strengths in 2016 were the lowest in 31 years.”

The two items scream at the students that Adderall is the proper response to low grades and low self.

After reading the BHS drug article I went online to read some back issues of the paper. What I discovered were articles written by students about a school culture that is out of control.

The ASB election was “rigged” and students “leaked” the poll results to their friends “mid election” causing the trailing candidate to “recruit” votes and eventually win. The BHS Administration mandated that the race be a tie.

BHS students engage in racial chants against Mills High School Basketball team. The Leadership and ASB students travel to Mills High School with an apology. What about the students who led the cheer?

The Burlingame B Editorial Staff and the ASB President write “Burlingame High School lacks a strong sense of school spirit and school pride”

The article about alcohol and sex (the hook up culture) was also challenging (not for the sake of reporting, but the teachers response to it)

"At our school, the accepted reality is that continuous, sober consent is not always achievable. Because alcohol impairs judgement, hooking up while drunk can create dangerous settings that escalate quickly."

“And the next thing I know, we were kissing, and then he had his hand on my leg,” a junior girl said. “ I wanted to go back to the rest of the party and he was like ‘no don’t leave’ and I said, ‘Why? I want to go… this isn’t right.’ And then I was hiding, because all my friends were drunk too, and all my friends were making out with people and getting high, and I was trying to avoid him because I was getting really scared at that point.”

“Our widespread acceptance of hooking up at parties leads to emotional and sexual trauma. The feeling that one gets knowing their entire life could be changed, their integrity could be ruined, their sense of safety could be forever altered, is strong enough to call for action.”

“I didn’t want to make a scene, because if you make a scene, if you call for help at a party, you would get a target on yourself as a girl, because there’s a stigma already, like, oh my God, she’s a slut,” the junior said. “So even if you are calling for help, people are still going to sh*t on you.”

If you call for help people sh#t on you? This is the culture of the students?

After the comments by the students regarding their inability to navigate these adult situations, a teacher blames it on the court system.

“Until we start having the courts hold people accountable, all the talking and teaching and all of that is not supported by the legal aspect,” health teacher Nicole Carter

Why can’t people hold people accountable? When do these student learn how to support and protect one another?

The issues at BHS are part of a culture that is out of control.

The teachers will blame the parents, but the issue is not at home… its at the school. The parents see one child, the teachers see all of the children... together.

In response to a behavioral issue with Freshman, the teachers solve the problem with…. More rules.

Rules don’t fix problems.

BHS teachers construct the “Freshman Three” in an attempt to remedy issues with Freshman students. The students are required to have their phones put away in class (why were they out in the first place), they can only have four bathroom passes per semester per class, and they must track everything in a planner.

“The students have questioned how effective these rules will be in solving the problem in the classroom.” The current rules don't work... why will these?

If there was something important or stimulating going on in the classroom, the student would not feel the need to leave… they may miss something important.

BHS students have openly commented about the lack of school spirit and the disrespect they feel from teachers who openly ignore or mock them. Teachers who play favorites with the rules, grades, and t

The students are writing about these things in the paper for a reason… they want the adults to pay attention. They want a better environment. This is not about the parents.

BHS needs to be re-cultured. There was a comment that the Leadership Teacher was removed.

BHS has a new principal… but what about the teachers who created and contributed to this mess. I’ve read the other blog posts here about teachers stalking students, texting students, discussing student sexual relationships, spreading sexual rumors about student, destroying students GPA’s, blocking students from being a Valedictorian, and the list goes on and on. If these are the behaviors of the teachers… what else do you expect from the students.

When the teachers behave like children… so will the children.

There will be a follow up post where someone will defend BHS's college admissions, sport programs, or this goes on at every school.

This isn't every school... its the school where our children attend and are influenced by others. The kids are telling the adults they want to go to school in an environment where they can enjoy being young. They don't want rules, they want you to teach them how to be independent and responsible adults.

Steve Kassel

Burlingame High School is an excellent school. No one knows who John Law is. Clearly, it's a made up name. Obviously very disgruntled over something. The fact is that the students at Burlingame are doing tremendously well. They've got a dynamic Principal who is steering everything in the right direction and I while every school has issues, Burlingame High does it's job. They prepare students for college and whatever else lies beyond.


Has anyone ever read or heard the phrase, "If you see something, say something?"
Dear Joe/BV this Mr. Law is a threat to Burlingame High School.
Teachers and Students.
What are you going to do with this persons outright threats?
Inform the Burlingame Police?
Yes of No?


A lengthy comment by "Burlingame Mike" from April 25th landed in the Spam folder instead of being posted. We're not sure why, but it has been cleared to post and may show up higher in the comment stream when TypePad gets around to moving it.


@hollyroller - we have no idea what you are talking about. You are imagining a threat.


That is the perfect "Editorial Response."
Please forward Mr. Laws "Burlingame Voice" comments to the Burlingame Police Dept.
Let the professionals determine the "Threat Level."


In my opinion, the other John's posts sounded more threatening. Has anybody, JohnLaw for instance, talked to Mr Belzer about the concerns?


@hollyroller: Why don't YOU forward them to BPD? Or are they sick of hearing from you?


Coming from the Editor of BV I would expect a professional response, or none at all.
For the record, I have NEVER contacted the Burlingame Police Dept. for any reason. Thank God.
Being a Journalist can put you in a quandary when it comes to sharing info with Law Enforcement.
I apologize for adding to your confusion.
What are the chances that John Law really does meet Adults for fights in front of Burlingame High School at Noon?(That is a quote, unless you "took it down."
I am glad you are not concerned about the welfare of the Students, and Teachers.
I feel better now.

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