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April 19, 2018



It was Mr. War who was itching for the showdown at high noon, not Mr. Law, if i can get these crazy comments straight.


Thank you for your comment HMB.
Whoever issued the "threat," it was poorly timed given the current atmosphere of High School Violence.
Therefor any threat made about any High School in the US should be taken seriously.


"Johnny War" is most likely a Burlingame high student. This person asked anyone who wants to debate the issue to talk to them at the front of the school at lunch time. There were no threats made unless you consider debate a threat.

Steve Kassel

I am frequently confused by the postings of HollyRoller and I have no idea what he/she/they are talking about once again.


Unfortunately, Mr. Kassel, you may be in the minority.
I understand your support for "The Editor" of Burlingame Voices POV.
After all, the Burlingame Voice has been the forum for your personal issues at least 12 plus months.
Do not get me wrong, I support your heartbreaking life.
Mr. Kassel, you have thanked me for my POV regarding your plight.
Now you post this derogatory Post.
Maybe your inability to get your "Story Straight" keeps you from resolving your Heartbreaking Life.
Bless your Family.


Dear Burlingame Voice Editor,
Dear Mr. Kassel,
There is NO need to respond to my message.
Excuses will only share with the BV Community the lack of objective/subjective Editorial process.
Very Sad...


In response to the "lost " post of April 25

Lets get this straight… Burlingame Mike, (a pseudonym) you have a “serious concern” about the authorship of the posts made to the voice.

You state, “if you call for the firing of someone, at least state who you are. Otherwise these posts feel like subterfuge and a lie and it discredits you and all of your statements.”

So, Burlingame Mike, who is writing under a pseudonym, calls on all other posters to state who they are, otherwise its discredits them and all of their statements.

So haven’t you just discredited yourself and your statements with your own argument since you are writing under a pseudonym?

Because how can we trust you if we don’t know who you are?

There are plenty of credible posts on the BV that come from those who use their name and those who choose not to.

You seek to discredit the poster, but do not comment on the material of the posts themselves.

"Otherwise these posts feel like subterfuge and a lie and it discredits you and all of your statements."


If I had a kid at the school, I'd talk to Mr Belzer. One of my kids was at Mills during his tenure and i have a lot of respect for him. I'd probably also contact the school's board liaison, though I'm not too impressed with the way the board handles things. But complaining on this forum will get nothing done.


The funniest part is that hollyroller thinks the police department isn't reading the Voice already.........................

Steve Kassel

HollyRoller, I suggest and I am NOT joking, that you get psychiatric assistance. I'll respond when appropriate and this response is indeed appropriate.


Ever read/browse the DSM 3 or 4?
Mr. Kassel, please look up Projection.
What you have shared with the BV community is very traumatic.
It is a "Good Thing" that you are reaching out everywhere for help.
Mr. Kassel, sharing your life on an open Forum is pathetic(not an insult-look it up)however, for you, may be Cathartic.
You would better be served with an Attorney, and Counselor than "working it all out on a Public Forum.
This is a Dam Good Forum too.
Good Luck Mr. Kassel.
I think everyone who reads the BV wants the Best for you.

Christopher Cooke

I am an attorney (SBN142342). I am not here to give legal advice but note the following: California has a reporter shield law that may apply to protect the student journalist from criminal prosecution. See this article: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/resources-2/news-gathering/california-shield-law/
Now, this shield law may not apply in federal court or prevent a federal criminal prosecution but I cannot imagine that a busy AUSA would bust a high school kid for selling small quantities of it. Large scale sales might be prosecuted, but small amounts, very unlikely.

I thought the point of the article was the pressure many students feel which causes them to resort to using Adderall. Surely that is worthy of discussion in a student newspaper


I thought the point of the article was the teacher-advisor exercised bad judgement in letting this get published.

Christopher Cooke

I meant the student article, which I found to be newsworthy.
I don’t think the teacher advisor exercised bad judgment. The reporter didn’t violate the law and neither did the school or the faculty advisor. I
The posts by mr JohnLaw do seem to have a broader agenda than simply criticizing one article. I wonder why he or she uses a pseudonym if he has nothing to hide


Hi Chris....

No Problem... Do you support the sale of Adderall on the BHS campus as a solution to academic pressure?

As a lawyer...if the Advisor knows the identity of the seller of the Adderall... does he/she have a legal/ethical obligation to report the identity of this person? What does the Education Code state... what is the ethical answer?

Would your law firm support the use of Adderall to increase productivity?

Have you read anyone's name on the BV?


Do they and others have agenda's as they use names other than their own?

So what is the ethical response to the article?... as a parent?

Not the legal... but the ethical?

Does the student press relieve the adults from a responsibility to evaluate (and take responsibility?)

Does the Advisor, Principal, or Superintendent get a free pass and not pursue the individual selling drugs on campus… because its in the school newspaper?

When athlete’s feel competitive pressure, they turn to Steroids, BHS need only look across the freeway to BALCO to find relief.

Would an interview with a student using and selling steroids on campus be less offensive? Would you approve of THAT article?

The title of the article itself is…
Adderall dealing on campus reflects increasing academic pressures

An advisor should be able to see the intent of the article as it isn’t that long, yet the characterization of the drug is glamorized…

“help the people around me”
“play better”
“I understood everything”
“academic strength”
“need them to function… then that’s fine”
“Aderall remains a lifeline”…

“In these times of need, students buy and sell Adderall”

“I don’t turn a profit, I just do it to help the people around me.”

“either stressed out with exams or [people] who need to pass a class to play sports. All types of people buy, even gamers who want to play better.”

“I could get so much done and I understood everything,”

“Nevertheless, unprescribed Adderall use remains a source of academic strength for some.”

“I feel like if you’re using prescription drugs without a prescription because you feel like you need them to function on everyday life then that’s fine,”

Closing sentence:
“Adderall remains a lifeline for many students in the midst of a stressful school environment.”

Who has the agenda to NOT report...... what is the damage of silence?

The article did a great job of describing an issue at BHS... it just wasn't what the writer expected

Again... I'm not sure who has the agenda...


Does a name matter about an issue..... It seems that there is a "conflict' over "who" is posting on the voice.

The BV has always been about "outing" the issues important to Burlingame, not about who was posting them.

The idea that the person's identity makes their point relevant or not is BS.

Look at the facts and evaluate.

Does it really matter who posts the issue?

Has anyone read the posts of Bruce Dickinson ?

Are Bruce's post BS because he is or is not Bruce Dickinson ?

Bruce is the voice of reason...

Get to the point.... get off who is posting and read the post... agree.. disagree or ignore.... but the folks who post about an "agenda" are trying to deflect an not pay attention ...that should be the #1 factor as to why you should pay attention...


I hate to sound like a broken record, but parents who have a problem with goings-on at the school need to bring this up at PTO meetings, the administration and the school board, and I speak from experience as a parent who was involved in PTO and attended board meetings. My talking about it with Mr Belzer or the board isn't going to mean much because my kids aren't in a district school anymore and they didn't go to BHS.


Does thinking green bikes parked willy nilly and a roundabout on California Drive are bad ideas constitute an agenda? Cause that'd be mine currently. Oh, and the lack of vehicle parking downtown. Except for green bikes. You can park those anywhere.


@JohnLaw regarding names of commenters--Thank You. We keep the "rules" to a minimum and believe it does foster more dialog--it's also a lot easier on the editors!!

@fred regarding the bikes, that discussion is here: http://www.burlingamevoice.com/2018/01/biking-around-bgame.html#comments

regarding the roundabout, that discussion goes back more than a year and does deserve a new post, but the old one is here:



I believe Mr. John Law uses a "Stage Name" too.
"Go get'em John Wick."
I never gave much thought to names people chose to express their POV's at BV.
It really does not matter if you use your real name, or not.
The POV's expressed would be the same regardless of whose name follows any article.


Thanks Joe! So in this thread we should keep to a veiled attack of a teacher who supposedly wronged another teacher and students?


No Fred, that is a different thread:


And it doesn't look at all veiled to me. It's right out in the open. Try to keep up.

Christopher Cooke

Hi John Law

I don’t support the use of Adderall except as prescribed. I don’t read the newspaper as supporting unlawful use either.

Regarding anonymous posting, there is a First Amendment right to make comments anonymously so I am not disagreeing with the right to do so, but that does not mean I cannot question the reason someone may choice to conceal their identity.

I don’t think the Newwspaper editor or reporter or adviso behaved unethically, I think they published a newsworthy article.

An anonymous poster may make valid points just as someone who uses his or her real name make valid points.

I guess I am privileged to work for myself and therefore I don’t have to worry about repercussions about what I say.

I do think anonymous posting leads,to less respectful behavior in general and people with undisclosed biases or agendas employ it to avoid being discredited. But sometimes it is necessary and certainly it can make for a more likely discussion.


Burlingame Mike... The New York Times called and wanted to know if you still hold the following position?

"JohnLaw, if you call for the firing of someone, at least state who you are. Otherwise these posts feel like subterfuge and a lie and it discredits you and all of your statements."

Oh... but its OK if it helps the Democrats or Unions.

Brass Knuckles Vape

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