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March 08, 2018



Well put. Those little historical gems are becoming an endangered species here.
Any idea what will become of the furniture and mementos?


I agree that the Peninsula is just a collection of Noodle Houses and weird drink places (Tpumps, etc)and is for the hipsters and people much younger than us. Fear not though. You can still take many day trips or weekend trips that are centered around food and there are still many great destinations. A list of my favorites are....

The Mountain House Woodside
The Union Hotel in Occidental and stop by the Wild Flour bakery in Freestone for great bread.
Duartes tavern and Arcangeli's in Pescadero (Artichoke Bread!!!!!!)
The San Benito House in HMB for a sammich and a bloody mary in their cute little bar.
The Olema farmhouse in Olema is a nice drive down Francis Drake Bl.
A weekend trip down to Avila beach to stop by the Avila Valley Barn for pie.
Too bad Café Puccini burned down in North Beach. They had great minestrone, cannoli's and at times pasta with wild boar. Sad to see that one go. Get your car gassed up (or charged) and go!


Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley or Hamburger Ranch in Cloverdale!


Start with Heinhold's First and Last Chance saloon in Jack London Square. It's the bomb.


This is the first I have heard of the fire at Puccini..
That figures..
Everyone-Restaurateur's needs a "Retirement Package."
That place was my "Go To" place, as well as "Mario's" for all my friends and family that come from, "back east."
Dear Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
Your recommendations are the most "WONDER BREAD" restaurants in Nor Cal.
No complaints from me.
Just a observation.


Here is yet another B'gamer missing the places of olde:

ou could see the domed roofs on the African-style huts an exit or two away, driving north up Highway 101.

“Silicon Valley” was a name people were already throwing around in the early 1980s, but there was little visible sign of it yet. No spiking home prices, no buses driving workers in from San Francisco and no office park buildings rising next to the freeways.

Returning to my hometown of Burlingame from a doctor’s visit at Kaiser in Redwood City, or an errand in Palo Alto, I’d press my nose against the glass as we passed Marine World Parkway, dreaming about the amazing other world they built on reclaimed tidelands.

The park opened in Redwood Shores in 1968, and from the beginning was locked in a financial struggle. But that thrifty seat-of-the-pants mentality is what fed into the park’s unforgettable character. Combine money troubles with wild animals (including some of the most efficient predators on the planet) and a culture that was less lawsuit-driven, and the result was a park that is mind-boggling to imagine in 2018.



That was a "Very Cool Place"
Judy-The water Skiing Elephant."
As a Casual Observer, I do not believe Judy, wanted to Water Ski, in that NASTY WATER.
That "Water Park" did not last long
Thank you Joe for having this website.

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