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March 03, 2018



"the #1 pedestrian safety feature on ECR"
Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one

If you're right, it's because the roots make the sidewalks unwalkable and thus it's better to take any other longer route. I tripped on the broken sidewalk so many times I refuse to run there anymore.


When some 17 year old Burlingame girl in her Mom's Range Rover runs over another runner crossing at Sanchez you will be glad you were elsewhere.


Those tree are a nuisance, and most likely a Major liability for Burlingame, County of San Mateo, and The State of CA.
No matter how, or if this issue is ever addressed, there will be no winners, only losers

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, Bruce Dickinson has been asked many a time what it was like to have spent decades doing God’s work. Well, my response today would be that, while yes, producing scores of multi-platinum albums have clearly benefited society, I gotta tell ya, quite frankly, that whomever worked on putting the stretch of Eucalyptus in Burlingame on the National Register of Historic places, needs to be canonized!

Seriously, what a brilliant and prescient move in having the foresight to figure out that such a unique characteristic that defines Burlingame from other cities all over this world. These trees need to be protected and someone got it protected the right way. It will make it much more difficult for the Caltrans jackals to circle El Camino and remove the trees with their banal and uninspiring Grand Boulevard ridiculousness. And guess what? For even the other trees not part of the historic row, it will also make it difficult to argue that the tunnel of trees should stops abruptly. Let’s face it, getting it on the register was one of the top 3 decisions in the history of Burlingame!

I’m glad that most other community members and leaders feel the same and that any “partnership” with Caltrans is done on Burlingame’s terms, but easy to seek partnership when you are dealing with a historically protected asset and any attempts to change it will release fire and fury the likes of which have rarely been seen.

You know the reason why they won’t fix El Camino or the sidewalks, or clear storm drains is because Caltrans want us to believe that the trees are a problem, because they want the trees out. Well, the real problem is that Caltrans has a hammer, and to them, everything looks like a nail. Optimal traffic flow, pedestrian safety, grand boulevard/widening, traffic patterns..it’s all an big engineering problem to them. The issue is they don’t live here and could care less, all they do is hit nails and everything looks like a traffic flow problem. Well guess what? The Eucalyptus are Burlingame’s landmark and this is was makes it one of the most unique cities in the world. Anyone living here should realize that not looking like Millbrae or San Mateo pays dividends in both quality of life and real estate values. What you are looking at my friends is real scarcity!

The message to Cal Trans is this: if you touch the trees, be ready to suffer the same consequences of sticking your finger in a hornet’s nest!


When the Eucalyptus trees were planted, a very long time ago, natural growing conditions were very different.
-Minimal vehicles/traffic on ECR.
-Weather conditions that were suitable for tree growth.
Culturally speaking, people, at that time were still taking personal responsibility for themselves, supporting the growth of community, schools, and infrastructure which those trees are a very important part of.
If those trees are ever removed, there will be NO Replanting of any tree that will replace the Burlingame Giants.
The cost of maintenance alone will not be funded to the degree necessary to replace the loss of History.


For the "Who Knew" file, in today's Comicle, Leah Garchik mentions:

Rivers of rain were hitting the pavement as I wrote this on Thursday morning. Pat Kilduff, PUC-sanctioned Drain Adopter, was ready, having made sure the day before that two corner storm drains in her Buena Vista neighborhood were clear of debris. This not only stops potential floods, but also, she said, “stops the cigarette butts and garbage from getting into the sewers” and polluting the water.

Kilduff signed up for Adopt-a-Drain about six months ago, and recently received a full equipment kit from organizers, including a vest, gloves, grabber and broom. Other volunteers include little kids doing it with their parents, Baby Boomers and other white-haired folks. So far, there have been no floods at her assigned places.
Maybe I can sign-up for the two drains near my house, but I think I need more than a vest, gloves and a "grabber". A jackhammer is more like it.


And- be sure to ask for a tax deduction for doing what the PUC should be doing. I remember a past police chief who floated the idea of voluntary cops to help ease the call load. Jeez.

You do it to yourself

Typical Burlingame. Demand special treatment, but insist the rest of the world pay for it. If you mainted yout stretch of ECR with your own dollars, you could do whatever you like. Have ugly trees that require constantly repaving the street? Sure, why not. Waste your money however you want. But stop insisting on tax breaks for your special status. You can afford to pay for it yourself.


Ahem. El Camino Real is State Highway 82.
It isn’t a Burlingame camino.


Didn't a City of Burlingame Public Works Supervisor get his leg "Chopped Off" about 3 years ago?
At this intersection?
I believe his name is Mr. Gaines.
I hope he is doing well.


Now we know why the potholes don't get fixed quickly and the Flooding signs just sit there:



Does anyone remember the tree that fell @ California and Oak Grove @1990-1991?
The Eucalyptus tree that fell struck a SAM TRANS Bus going south on California Drive.
Going North on California Drive, a woman that was @ 8 months Pregnant was seriously injured by the same tree that injured passengers in the SAM Trans Bus...
At the same time.


From the City's e-newsletter:

Environmental Tip of the Week
Adopt a drain near your home or work

T-23 days until National Make a Difference Day! But there’s no need to wait until then. You can make a sustainable difference today by adopting a storm drain near your home or work.

Adopting a storm drain means pledging to keep it clean by removing leaves and trash on top of the grate.

Why adopt? Volunteers who adopt a drain reduce localized flooding, prevent trash from entering the SF Bay, receive free supplies, and can name their adopted drain! Find a drain near you at www.burlingame.org/adoptadrain

I haven't formally adopted the drain just south of this recurring flooded area, but I do keep an eye on it and try to keep it clear. Not the easiest thing to do on ECR. Anyone with a tip on what to use beside a big screwdriver to clear the grates, please chime in.


How about if we adopt a city worker to clean the drain- oh yeah, we already do- it’s called paying taxes...


I'm having some technical difficulties originating new posts and Typepad and I are working on it. In the meantime, here is a post I would have made:

The DJ has another piece on County efforts to address the growing threat of sea-level rise:

But to better position the county and its 20 cities for federal and state funds and develop expertise in sea level rise, Pine advocated for a new agency to focus on the cross-jurisdictional work needed to address the complex issue threatening San Mateo County’s Bayside and coastal shorelines.
More than three years ago, Porter said the City/County Association of Governments formed an ad-hoc water committee to explore countywide coordination of water projects, noting the group has focused on exploring the effects of sea level rise in the last year. In crafting a proposal for the new agency, the C/CAG water committee convened 18 staff representatives from C/CAG, San Mateo County, cities and other water-related agencies, he said.

Porter said consensus was reached among staff and C/CAG officials that cities and the county would contribute $1.5 million annually for three years to establish the new agency and fund two or three staff members to identify funding sources for sea level rise mitigation measures.

Cities are to pay half of the $1.5 mil so we should see a council item to kick-in our share in the near future. I am all for being prepared for things- especially earthquakes, power outages and the like. So some monies going towards sea level rise are fine, but let's not forget our fragile drinking water infrastructure and the perennial flooding on, of all places, El Camino Real. Let's put some resources towards a 2050 potential problem and some towards today's problems.


El Camino was last paved in early 2000's. It has been due for half a decade +.

If you want to see where Caltrans are spending state tax dollars, go to San Francisco. Van Ness (US-101) and Lombard (US-101) are both under construction for paving. 19th Avenue (Hwy 1) will be paved this summer.

As for 82 aka ECR, it's 5 yrs out at least. Right now, programmed for drainage improvements and paving in 2023-2024.


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