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February 07, 2018



As Jim Stafford said after he sang about the dead skunk in the middle of the road:

Wildwood Weed

The wildwood flower grew wild on the farm,
And we never knowed what it was called.
Some said it was a flower and some said it was weed,
I never gave it much thought
One day I was out there talking to my brother,
Reached down for a weed to chew on,
Things got fuzzy and things got blurry,
And then everything was gone!
Didn't know what happened,
But I knew it beat the hell out of sniffin' burlap.

I come to and my brother was there,
And he said, What's wrong with your eyes?
I said, I don't know, I was chewing on a weed.
He said, Let me give it a try.
We spent the rest of that day and most of that night,
Trying to find my brother, Bill.
Caught up with him, 'bout six o'clock the next morning,
Naked, swinging on the wind mill!
He said he flew up there.

Susan Zanif

The issues I have with the cannabis "industry" has to do with a couple of things. First the environment. It takes a lot of water to grow those plants in certain cycles. They have been KNOWN to divert water from local farms, ranches, bodies of water to get the product which in the end it money. I know it has medicinal uses. But I've seen the damage done to forests by growers. Some of them are legal but have illegal grow sites. The other issue has to do with driving and how stoned one needs to be in order to be taken off the road. There is no blow test and blood/urine test only test levels, not real recent use. It leaves a lot up to law enforcement to make hard calls that will probably be dismissed in court. When there has been drought levels for years I really don't want my or other property owners who have paid for water rights to have it stolen and diverted to pot farms. That is the biggest tragedy and it's hardly spoken of. California is being ripped off big time. or should I say high times.


For Real==============

Selling Girl Scout cookies is meant to accomplish more than just distributing Samoas and Thin Mints to the world. Ideally, the girls would learn about setting goals, teamwork, money management and communicating with adults, among other things.

If the girls can develop some business acumen, all the better. And one young scout in San Diego has received nationwide plaudits for her shrewd entrepreneurial sense, setting up shop last week outside a marijuana dispensary.

The girl, who has not been publicly identified, sold more than 300 boxes in six hours, her father told ABC 10. Boxes now sell for as much as $5 in parts of the country, so she probably raised more than $1,500. Yes, there’s money in the munchies.

While some have praised the plucky scout for figuring out where the demand would probably be, the Girl Scouts organization has been wrestling with how to handle marijuana-adjacent sales as more states have legalized the drug.

Steve Kassel

Excellent comments, Susan. Those are some of the reasons I have voted no each and every time marijuana issues reach the ballot.


There is no reason to vote against Medical/Recreational Weed.
There is no official State of California endorsement of this program.
The fact remains that if the Federal Government wants to shut down any "Operation," at any time, they can, and will.
Business people who want to contribute to the CA Tax base do so.
These people/growers, live at the peril of the Federal Government. They are aware that at any moment, all their money, property, and children can be taken away at any moment.
Thank God for the Strong.
However, Steve, Hillsides, and SZ, we live in a Democratic Society.
You people lost again, and will continue to do so.
Lets Cure Cancer.

Stop wasting time and money on Marijuana Legislation.

Take care of the people who need our thoughts, and compassion.


As usual you are reading into things that I did not write. I quoted a fun song about wildwood weed and a fun story about girl scout cookies. Nothing there against legal weed unless you have smoked too much of it today

Steve Kassel

Legalization was asinine in California and I guarantee I will be proven correct. Meanwhile, the vast majority of grow operations are illegal and on public lands.


Very true Mr. Kassel.
I believe that most "Commercial Growers" who adhere to the State of California minimum laws are aware that at any moment, US Federal Law "Supersedes" California's.
All Money, Personal Property, Children if any, become forfeited and acquired by the US Dept. of Treasury.
Simple Analogy, Life Over.
These growers must really believe in the righteousness of their profession and usefulness of their product.. Hopefully someday that will be recognized by Society.
Fight the Good Fight!

Richard Guion

“pot merchants can probably afford the Avenue rents better than tea, burgers, or greeting cards!” Or Juice Bars! I was expecting a rant from you on Joe and the Juice! $10 for juice? Come on,


I haven't been yet and probably won't be going anytime soon. I have been thinking about starting a Dead Pool category on the Voice for restaurants and such. The in-the-know locals are betting that J and the J cannot possibly cover the rent on such a large shop for very long. Maybe it will become Joe and the Juiced dispensary?


Plenty of pot smoke wafting around downtown today. It looks like the cops will have to get out of their cruisers and back on bikes. Maybe they can use the Limebikes.

Pot and tobacco inside BHS allowed?

I heard from a BHS parent that the students vape pot and tobacco in the bathrooms, before athletic practice and even during classes because the teachers are overly permissive. Sounds unacceptable.

Has anyone heard or witnessed this?

Its not just Pot and Tabacco inside BHS-

Teacher are permissive or just plain stupid?

The issues at BHS run deeper than just Pot and Tobacco and...

The students are unhappy as many of the teachers are just plain controlling morons. Some would say a group and angry and controlling bitches... but that would not be nice.

Sitting in the classrooms of these controlling idiots is the last thing most students want to do. Getting high and going to class (without getting detected) is the way some handle the boredom.

The former Principal was an idiot and was unaware of just about everything kids do.

Its time to wake up to what is really happening at BHS and yes... many of the teachers ARE the problem. Kids getting high at school are not the product of the parents... it is the outcome of a school that is failing to meet the needs of its students.

BG Parent

The last post was confusing. The writer's main point is that teachers are somehow too permissive and too controlling at the same time which appears inherently contradictory. I also find the name calling rather immature and counterproductive if one's goal is to improve the school. Is that how the writer motivates students as well?

The writer's blaming of the teachers for students using drugs is ludicrous and completely unjustified. The writer (if she/he has a student at BHS) needs to remove their student from BHS immediately if they believe this and love their child. BHS would also be better off without the cancerous nature of this writer in the community.

Yes, there are students who vape/Juul on campus. Big surprise! Good luck finding a school without vaping issues. It is much easier to hide than regular smoking and regular smoking has been going on for many decades on high school campuses. If students are vaping at school, they have been vaping at home and elsewhere for even longer. I do not think parents really want teachers peering over stall doors to see what their student is doing in the bathroom stall. Of course, vaping is not permitted in any form on campus but it will still happen.

BHS is far from perfect but the same goes for Serra, Mercy, Mills, SI, Crystal, Aragon, etc. Every place has its strengths and tradeoffs. All teachers are human and have different strengths and weaknesses. Students are human as well, some are good students, some are not. The successful students have learned how to adapt to their teachers and subjects, just like they will need to adapt to an endless number of challenges in their lives. Teach your child to overcome obstacles rather than use them as excuses. I am happy to say the great majority of students I know at BHS are happy and excelling.


Plenty of news stories about the struggling legal pot industry in California. Here are a couple of excerpts from the LA Times:

But as the first year of licensed sales comes to a close, California’s legal market hasn’t performed as state officials and the cannabis industry had hoped. Retailers and growers say they’ve been stunted by complex regulations, high taxes and decisions by most cities to ban cannabis shops. At the same time, many residents are going to city halls and courts to fight pot businesses they see as nuisances, and police chiefs are raising concerns about crime triggered by the marijuana trade.

State officials also predicted that legal cannabis would eventually bring in up to $1 billion in revenue a year. But with many cities banning pot sales, tax revenue is falling far short of estimates. Based on taxes collected since Jan. 1, the state is expected to bring in $471 million in revenue this fiscal year — much less than the $630 million projected in Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget.

And you haven't seen anything in B'game yet because

Burlingame officials approved prohibitions on recreational cannabis businesses, but kept the door open for delivery and lab testing companies while state lawmakers hash out more comprehensive policies.

The Burlingame City Council unanimously approved banning commercial cannabis activity by disallowing dispensaries, collectives, corporate grows and more, according to video of the meeting Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018.



South San Fran leads the way in weed distribution:

South San Francisco’s commercial cannabis industry is continuing to grow with officials approving another business permit for a company seeking to deliver marijuana to other businesses.

The South San Francisco Planning Commission voted 3-1-2 — with one of the six current commissioners voting no and one abstaining and another absent — in favor of allowing Green Light Distribution to open up shop.

Applicant John Poletti shared his business plan to deliver cannabis to other distribution facilities or brick-and-mortar stores across the Bay Area. No retail deals will be allowed at the South San Francisco location, and customers would be discouraged from visiting the site, he said.

Green Light also agreed to pay roughly $5,000 annually into a fund sponsoring drug and alcohol awareness campaigns at local schools.

The fee is similar to one agreed to by The Loaded Bowl, which last year became the first commercial cannabis company to be accepted in South San Francisco.

Unlike its predecessor though, Green Light will only operate as a provider for businesses testing and manufacturing marijuana products, while The Loaded Bowl delivers to customers.


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