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January 14, 2018



How many principals has Burlingame High had over the past 15 years? We left I think just after Matt Biggar had moved on, and I've forgotten who replaced him. I wonder the same about SMHS and Aragon, maybe Cap, for example, if anyone happens to know.


I always consider the Truth as an option.

The SMUHSD and the Board would like to keep things behind closed doors. Sunlight may help to solve these issues.

A Public Records Act disclosure would also bring to light the actions of Principal Di Yim and a handful of others as well as the excessive financial expenditures used to cover up these actions.

The SMUHSD is currently failing to comply with the rule of law as they block legal requests for these documents.

How is it that the person, who is the central figure of a Public Records request can actually block the request? (after the request was approved by the SMUHSD's law firm.)

Conflict of Interest?

The Office of Civil Right has an ongoing investigation of the incidents at Burlingame High School and the California Department of Eduction-Division of Teacher Credentialing is opening an investigation of the actions of a few credential holders on the campus. They are not only interested in the actions of the teachers, but the subsequent lies these teachers spread in order to cover up their actions. The State investigations are outside of the grasp of the SMUHSD so it may be difficult for the district to suppress information.... especially since some teachers were dumb enough to sign legal statements with the Superior Court containing "truths" which contradict statements made to the SMUHSD and will lead to their conviction and loss of teaching credential. .

The BHS recovery will not take place until the cancer is removed. I live in the town and I listen to the students about their frustrations with the campus and its environment.

In the end..... the truth will prevail, no matter how much an individual seeks to distract, distort, or mislead. Its Murphy's Law... what can go wrong, will go wrong.... especially when you are trying to lie to cover up your actions.

KRN-Public Records Act- Failure to Comly

The SMUHSD and its Board are refusing to produce information to the public regarding the employment negligence and financial responsibilities of the public entity. The following was submitted as a public record request. According to the law, the SMUHSD has 10 days to respond and then produce the request.

Its time to end the cover up...many other Public Record Requests were filed... but ignored.

Dr. Kevin Skelly
San Mateo Union High School District
650 South Delaware
San Mateo, CA 94401

Dear Dr. Skelly,

Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that include the following:

1. The itemized disclosure of all legal settlements by the SMUHSD in disputes regarding ADA-505 claims as well as Special Education claims. This is not a request for the names of the families involved, but an itemization of the cases to include the date and amount of financial settlements and/or awards paid by the SMUHSD between the January 2015 and August 2018.

2. The legal and Public Record request expenses associated with SMUHSD employee Pyongduk “Di” Yim filed by any person or agency during the period while Ms. Yim was Principal at Burlingame High School. This request would include any and all expenses directly or indirectly associated with Principal Yim’s actions. The request should specifically include all expenses related to Public Records requests, legal exp of Principal Yim’s actions.

3. The legal and Public Record request expenses associated with SMUHSD employee Melissa Murphy, a teacher at Burlingame High School as filed by ANY members of the public.

This information is not being sought for commercial purposes.

As a resident in the district, I am concerned about the legal compliance of the San Mateo Union High School District, as it has systematically denied prior public record requests for information regarding issues at Burlingame High School and the use of public funds. The systematic rejection of these legal requests does not comply with the rule of law or the legal conditions to reject a request for public information. The actions of the SMUHSD illustrate a pattern of covering up from public review, the improper actions of employees of the SMUHSD the negligent loss of tax payer dollars.

I will be re-submitting my Public Record Requests in an effort to allow the SMUHSD to comply with the law.

In addition, the 2015 FCMAT report outlines a 350% increase in legal costs and settlement fees costs a one-year period. The issues in the SMUHSD were only identified in 2015 therefore the full impact of the district negligence in ADA-504 and Special Education may be a much larger amount.

“A final factor in reviewing the overall special education delivery system is the expense of legal costs and settlements. A brief analysis of district data on legal costs for the past three years found that legal fees increased 350% from 2012 to 2013. The director of special education and the associate superintendent of student services should review the past three years of complaints and analyze trends as well as review legal and settlements costs. This analysis should be provided to the SELPA director, and a professional development plan should be developed and implemented.” FCMAT Report to Dr. Kevin Skelly –July 2015

SMUHSD in violation of the legal standards of the Public Records Act.
The SMUHSD has been in violation of Gov't Code § 6255(a) as it has failed to meet the standard set out in the statute. Dr. Kirk Black's rejection of Public Record requests, only citing the so-called “catch-all” exemption found in Gov’t Code § 6255, is not enough to meet the standard of law. The catch-all exemption requires the SMUHSD to demonstrate "that on the facts of the particular cas,e the public interest served by not disclosing the record clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the record." Gov't Code § 6255(a). Dr. Black and the SMUHSD have failed to produce ANY facts to substantiate a denial of a public records request.

The use of the "catch all" exemption does not justify non-disclosure, as the district must set forth facts showing that the public interest in not releasing the documents "clearly outweighs" the interest in disclosure.

Dr. Black has repeatedly and improperly cited the "catch all" Government Code section 6255, "the public interest served by not disclosing the records clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure," as the reason for his failure to disclose the requested documents.

The California Public Records Act requires a response within ten business days. If access to the records I am requesting will take longer, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records.

If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.


We expected the truth...

BHS Principal Di Yim announced that she was leaving to take care of family in Southern California.


It was discovered that Principal Yim actually ran off to Henderson Nevada with another SMUHSD District Office Leader.

Why this lie?

Prior to her departure, Principal Yim was allowed to continue her destruction by hiring replacement employees.... including those who may have played a role in the disruption of the school in the first place..

The truth and credibility up front would have been professional.

While the current SMUHSD Board did not face any competitors, they have a responsibility to demand the truth.


Are you stating that "Principle Dick in a Box" ran off to Henderson, Nevada(next door to Las Vegas) with a "Judge" that was also a Prosecutor regarding your Case?


It wasn't the judge, but a member of the court.

If you run the IT system... you have access to ALL the information... and its manipulation.

I would say to keep your eyes and ears open and there are rumblings that "heads will roll" downtown.... again.

CTA provides teachers with $1 Million in liability Insurance... Lets hope everyone has updated their policies.


Like the Kavanagh Supreme Court Nomination( I watch the entire show)Truth is no longer necessary when determining, well anything. However, it becomes Obscene when Politics' are involved.
I learned last week that there are "Levels" of truth.
Attorney vs. Attorney.
Whoever comes up with the best "production" i.e. Anger, Sadness, Honor, Family, emotional presentation, Religion, Sexual definitions', and Money wins the argument. Facts and Truth do not matter anymore.
Dear KRN,
30 years ago your complaints and mistreatment by the most important Government Agency Government-Education would have been handled, as it should, between Union and "Management."
This weeks "investigation" of Kavanagh, will determine the integrity of this Nation's laws.
I am very frustrated by the BS that your family, and livelihood have endured. That is a real thing that Parents, Students, Educators should all be concerned with.
You are a Hero KRN. Your People should be more invested in this case.

You need a PR Contractor.

With a little research, you may find an upstart PR that needs to get their name out there.
Also, a "Go Fund Me' page.
I will contribute at least $100.00.


Hollyroller.... We have an elected Board who is responsible to protect the students, parents, and community.

The Board is now fully aware of what transpired at BHS... but initially, they were lied to about the "facts."

Burlingame High School became a dysfunctional environment where adult teachers acted like the children they are hired to supervise.

The statement below, a sworn and signed affidavit by a BHS teacher to the SM Superior Court to BLOCK the public disclosure of her actions on the BHS campus.

“If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public …I will suffer “great humiliation and embarrassment.”

This is a teacher, paid by tax dollars, while on the job took actions that in her own words, the simple disclosure of her identity would bring “great humiliation and embarrassment.”

As a result of her signed admission to the SM Superior Court and corresponding documents describing her malpractice while on the job , the State of California is currently evaluating if this teacher should keep her teaching credential.

The BHS lies run deep… but they are also documented.

“If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public and the memo in question is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the memo disclose private, embarrassing information about me, but I also am concerned that disclosure of memos of this nature will fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers. I have young children of my own, and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me. I do not want my community to judge me negatively base on a single memo or deride me as a “trouble-maker” for bringing a lawsuit.”

The Burlingame community has long discussed its “fear” of retaliation of BHS teachers against students and parents who file complaints. BHS parents are often heard stating, “After my last child gets out, I’ll say something.”

The fears of the Burlingame High School Community were real… and so were the retaliations against those who complained.

One Senior English Teacher made it a practice to “wreck” the GPA of prospective Valedictorians. Students entered their senior year with a perfect 4.0 GPA, knowing that this teacher may target them. The students who were assigned to Mr. Burke breathed a sigh of relief, as they knew their path to becoming Valedictorian was safe. The others were not so lucky. There are students and parents from multiple years who have commented (as victims) of this practice.

The Senior English Teacher did not grade papers based on merit, but instead on her own personal view of the student’s family standing in the community and and income. These downgraded papers were taken to university professors for review. The professors were stunned to see excellent work receive grades of C.

BHS seniors responded by listing only their ID number rather than their names on their papers to avoid the retaliation.

This practice was disclosed in a 2014, investigation where the teacher admitted to the practice.

No Action was taken against the Teacher-Why?

The Board was been kept in the Dark and the executive leadership was covering up the negligence.

The SMUHSD Board was fed “filtered” information from its executive leaders in order to misinform and mislead them. The Board also allowed “Absentee Superintendent,” (The Board’s name for the Superintendent) Scott Laurence to leave Principal Di Yim at BHS, well after she had proven her incompetence beyond the “Dick in the Box” Dance.

The Board now has an obligation to terminate those leaders. Some are already gone. The Board is now (and has been) “fully informed” of the events that transpired at BHS, but does not want to act

The pre-Skelly leaders not only mislead him, but the Board as well as they covered up their own negligence.

In his public comments on March 2016 as he voted in favor of the Involuntary Transfer of Kevin Nelson from Burlingame High School, Trustee Marc Friedman states that there is a “Triangle” of conflict between “Mr. Nelson, a whole bunch of BHS Teachers and the Administration.”

Mr. Friedman is citing conflicts based on legal Uniform Complaints filed by parents regarding the improper and illegal actions of teachers. The conflicts that ensued were the retaliation of teachers against both parents and students.

The district and state prohibits such retaliation is it WAS the duty of the Board to take action against the retaliatory teachers, not the Whistleblowers.

The teacher above who states a “great humiliation and embarrassment” was caught and called out on retaliating against a parent and a student. The same as her English Department peer.

At the Board meeting, Mr. Friedman went on to pontificate about the fact that “During this entire process “No ONE said lets sit down over coffee and see what we can do to solve the conflict.”

BHS Parents made multiple written requests for a meeting with Ms. Murphy through the administration and Board, but these requests were rejected.

Mr. Friedman knew that his comments were false when he made them. It was just another move to cover up the negligence.

In April 2015, Mr. Friedman presided over the Board meeting where at least 20 BHS families and students spoke to the Board about the incompetence of Di Yim as a principal. This was not the first or the last time that the public would have to ask for help.

Trustee Friedman and the Board ignored the parents and left Di Yim in charge of BHS... where she attempted to completed her task of "eliminating every shred of history and tradition associated with Burlingame High School." (quote of a BHS teacher)

Who is guarding the guardians?

The Board has failed both its legal and moral responsibility to the students and community.

Mr. Friedman states, “We need to have peace at BHS.”

No Mr. Friedman, we need to have honesty and ethics.


Posters named Consider the Source and Burlingame Mike (see thread below) each challenged the validity of the information presented and challenged posts made by anonymous sources.

Of course, these individuals themselves were posting anonymously

"if you call for the firing of someone, at least state who you are. Otherwise these posts feel like subterfuge and a lie and it discredits you and all of your statements."


Here is where you can read the original documents and public record disclosures.

Facebook Page

Citizens for Mr. Nelson and a better BHS

The original statements, financial disclosures, witness statements can be found there for review.

The real problem will be that teachers such as Consider the Source and Burlingame Mike were fed large quantities of lies to "sell" the story.

KRN-Public Records Disclosed-BHS Principal Di Yim runs off with SMUHSD Administrator-

The BHS lies continue to grow. :Public Records, expenditures, etc are posted at the following:

Facebook Page

Citizens for Mr. Nelson and a better BHS

The original statements, financial disclosures, witness statements can be found there for review.

New documents will be posted for the public.


I cannot find the part about Di Yim running off with anyone on the Facebook page. Can someone point it out for me, please?

KRN- Update to the FB Page

Updates on the Facebook Page

Citizens for Mr. Nelson and a better BHS

Nelson's Involuntary Transfer is based on a series of lies.

On January 22, 2016 BHS Principal called an "Emergency Meeting" of faculty to announce her resignation. Principal Yim announced that she was leaving to "take care of family" in Southern California.

The "Emergency" was that Yim had to resign before the 12:00 noon student parent walk out in protest of Nelson's Involuntary Transfer.

The lie was that Principal Yim not moving to Southern California, but was running off with an SMUHSD District Office Official Kenneth Demers.

Attached is a record for a Pyongduk "Di" Yim and Kenneth Demers for a home purchase in Henderson Nevada.(see 10/4/16)

It seems that the folks at the SMUHSD and Board knew that Yim was not heading to Southern California.

The lies run deep. Its time to tell the truth.


I am so sorry that this event has taken up so much of your life.
Will there ever be an end that will satisfy you?
What will that be?

KRN- No Honor at BHS-Take a Stand against Lies


In the courts and through the legal process, these issues take time.

The SMUHSD has been ignoring public record requests on this issue for well over a year, yet they hold documents that prove their own guilt.

The issues at BHS are a FUBAR of epic proportions, but there is no reason for the BOARD to bury the issue. If the BOARD is going to get lifetime Health Benefits, they need to EARN them.

Fact: As offered...I'll sit in a room and answer questions with ANY Board Member, BHS Staffer, or District Office Official to discuss one of these issues.

I can't say the same for the others who hid behind their lies. (Burlingame Mike and Consider the Source)

The BV has always been a place where issues important to Burlingame locals can find information and post comments.

I have been a longtime resident and active contributor to the Burlingame Community as an individual, parent, coach, mentor, and teacher at Burlingame High School. I dedicated most of my adult life to our town and our children.

I took on the dysfunctional environment at BHS as it was personally damaging our children and community.

As a result of exercising my parental and civic duty, I had my personal and professional reputation destroyed as well as my professional carer as a teacher.

I was removed from Burlingame High School based on the lies of those accused of wrongdoing as I became scapegoat for their inappropriate actions.

These teachers took (and continue to take) highly inappropriate actions against OUR children.

The Board is elected to represent the community, students, and parents. They do not represent the Administrators (their employees) or the teachers.

(Lifetime Health Benefits are a great deal. It would nice if the Board earned them by doing their jobs and representing the public)

The Truth—That is what I wanted; this (journey of retaliation) is what I got

Instead, I’ve been blamed for what transpired at BHS and those who created the mess are stall on the site, cowering in fear that they may be exposed for the lies they have told.

Burlingame Parents are quick to admit that they fear retaliation from teachers at BHS. (even today. I just spoke to a few parents the other day- same teachers different shit)

There has been no dispute on this issue. I was the target of slander and retaliation by teachers, Principal Yim, and possibly district office administrators.

As a parent and as a teacher, (Upon advice from the CTA and the BHS Administration) I filed complaints regarding unprofessional, improper, and what may be criminal behavior.

I took the responsible, proper and ethical approach.

While these issues involved very few people at BHS, these few organized, slandered, lied and mislead those investigating the complaints.

Chris Reynolds (Investigator hired by SMUHSD) Investigation Summary
"The evidence concluded that the staff complaints about the Nelson situation were primarily based on staff problems with Kevin Nelson. Some Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues. Burlingame High School was very divided and the division noted during the investigation was centered around Mr. Nelson's complaints against his colleagues over a two-year period that resulted in hard feelings and a breakdown in communications."

(BHS Parents file complaints and teachers retaliate against the students and parents)

The investigator concluded that the issues were based on the BHS teachers retaliations against Kevin Nelson. (not the other way around)

According to one SMUHSD official looking back at the situation…

“Burlingame High School was a dysfunctional mess”

“Burlingame High School was no place to put an inexperienced first year principal.”

The retaliation against Kevin Nelson and his family are the actions of a few individuals with no ethics or honor. These “adults” were in the employment of the public, yet treated students, parents, and peers with contempt. These teachers and principal abusive with (limited) power, believing that they could do what they wanted to students and parents.

Just look at the documents on Facebook.... there are more to come.

KRN- Events that Trigger Yim's targeting of Nelson- trail of breadcrumbs-

Why the targeting and retaliation.

In April 2015, I accepted a settlement offer from the SMUHSD regarding a failure of the SMUHSD to follow Federal law. (The district states the settlement was to avoid litigation)

In less than a 45 day period, BHS Principal Di Yim and SMUHSD Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black began actions of retaliation against me as an employee for engaging in “protected activities.” Public Records show communication and coordination between Black and Yim on these issues. (to be published at a later date)

Any rookie HR leader or lawyer would have explained to these individual that the “timing” of their actions are retaliatory in addition to the evidence of the actions themselves.

Principal Yim’s job was already in jeopardy and the BHS Parents Group had already asked the Board and Superintendent Laurence to remove Yim from BHS.

Principal Yim chose to target and make Kevin Nelson a scapegoat with an employment action in response to Yim’s very public failure in April 2015.

At the April 2015 Board meeting, BHS Parents and students lined up during the Public Comment period and gave evidence to the level of ignorance and negligence Di Yim in running BHS. Specifically, Principal Di destroyed the Master Schedule at BHS, blocking students from classes essential to college admissions and eliminating others. Principal Yim withheld a section of AP Chemistry (to punish the teacher) to “give” the section to a friend she was hiring in another department, granting the friend a full time job. (These are all on the recording of the April 23, 2015 Board Meeting.

BHS Principal Yim then wrote an email (outing the email addresses of parents and teachers) Leap of Faith in an attempt to explain her failures.

From: P. Di Yim
Date: Sat, Apr 25, 2015 at 7:56 AM
Subject: Leap of Faith

(A redacted copy to be posted.)

For all intents and purposes, Yim should have been let go at this point of time. Here negligence and failures were a clear and present danger to the BHS Community.

Principal Yim then waited until AFTER the school year ended to come after Kevin Nelson.
On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 5:53 PM, P. Di Yim wrote:
Dear Kevin,

Now that the school year is over and we are into the summer break, I thought this might be a good time to meet and discuss a few concerns with you. Would you be available to meet with Kirk and me next Monday, June 8, at 2:00 pm? If you want to bring a representative with you, please feel free to do so.


Di Yim
Burlingame High School

The actions in the employment letter were not only fabricated, but were discussed by Yim and Black prior to the request for a meeting and writing of the letter. The Office of Civil Rights would later determine that Kevin Nelson’s actions were “protected activities.” The “family” involved in the issue were backing Nelson, never filed a complaint against any teacher, and were actually targeted by Yim.

The entire issue backfired on Yim and brought further disgrace to her leadership.

The actions by Yim and Black triggered a Department of Fair Employment and Housing investigation, costing the SMUHSD over $15, 000.

Everything above is documented in Public Records

Where is the Board?

Who was "feeding them" information?

KRN- SMUHSD Board member orders retaliation- Administration Conflict of Interest

SMUHSD Board member orders retaliation against Nelson.

May 31, 2017
OCR- SMUHSD knowingly submitted false statements-Case #9-16-1932

According to Superintendent Skelly, a SMUHSD Board member instructed the administration to take action against Kevin Nelson after it received an official communication via a private email address.

The communication informed the Board that the SMUHSD Administration had provided FALSE information to an investigation conducted by the SF Office of Civil Rights.

When did the members of an elected Board (who represents the public) direct its administration to take employment action against an employee?

I have made multiple requests for the member of the SMUHSD Board to “Step Up” and take responsibility for acting out against against a constituent.

The Board used its power over Nelson as an employee to punish him for acts as a tax paying citizen and member of the community. The Board does not have this type of power over others.

The public demands transparency from its elected officials and if a Board member cannot take responsibility for their actions, then they should no longer represent the people.

The SMUHSD Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black issued Kevin Nelson an employment reprimand “placing you on a path to termination. ” The reprimand was issued because Kevin Nelson sent a communication reporting Deputy Superintendent Black as the individual who submitted false information to the Office of Civil Rights.

Do you see a conflict of interest?

The letter includes the following closing statements

“In a similar investigation conducted by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the SMUHSD submitted testimony that was false and misleading to avoid responsibility. BHS Principal Di Yim specifically gave false testimony in order to deflect from her employment negligence and retaliation.

The SMUHSD Board is elected to serve the community and protect the student. Dr. Skelly serves as the pleasure of the Board.

No citizen should have to sue it School Board to get an ethical answer based on evidence that the Board itself has in possession.”

This was to send a threat to the reporter and a "chilling effect" to anyone who challenges the SMUHSD.

The Board Member needs to take responsibility... or be outed to the public.


You are a strong Human Being.
I do not know if you have an Attorney.
However, this is the sort of case that should have Lawyers "Knocking on your front door."
Please consider contacting a Public Relations Firm-there are hundreds in the SF Bay Area. I am sure you will get the help you need.
This "Horrible Life" you have found yourself in is to much for one person.
Please consider contacting a Public Relations Corporation.
I believe the cost will be based on the Settlement you will receive.


This is the slow death of the public process.

The Office of Civil Rights has this as an Open Case.

The EEOC will be taking up the case next week for retaliation for protected activities.

The California Department of Education-Teacher Credentialing is investigating the credentials involved.

It like exterminating termites. You want to make sure you get all of them the first time.

The Board and the "prior" Administration (BHS Yim and SMUHSD Laurence and Black) are fully responsible for these actions and financial losses to the taxpayers.

The Board faced no competition in this election, so the issue could not be vetted against them. In the next election Board Members Friedman and Land are up for re-election.

Since Land was not on the Board at the time of the events, I guess Friedman will have to take the fall for the negligence of the Board.

Since Friedman spoke out on the issue and failed to even scratch the truth (like he knew what he was doing) he should take the fall.


In all serious, the life you have been forced to be involved with could be an important documentary that would expose not just your plight, but many other educators in the US, and beyond. If you can find the strength to do so.
You have fought the "Man," for too long to not have been noticed by Bay Area Film Makers. There are HUNDREDS of SF Bat Area Film Makers that would "JUMP" at the chance to bring your "Plight" to educators everywhere.
The great film "Norma Ray" comes to mind. As do many other Labor/Political presentation's.
You maybe able to turn this " organized injustice" into a stepping stone.
I believe you need a 180 change of direction.
You have used up the "sorry me" stuff and should go on the Offensive ASAP.
Then again, WTF do I know?


I have two national journalists and multiple local journalists who are interested in the issue.

But why write the story when the SMUHSD continues to screw up?

Dr. Kevin Skelly was not running the SMUHSD when the debacle took place. He relied upon information supplied to him by Dr. Black and Di Yim, who lied to him to cover up their own actions. As time passes, Dr. Skelly is becoming aware of wha actually transpired.

In addition, the small group of teachers at BHS who thought their lies would be protected are discovering that the Public Records Act has produce their emails and communications proving their lies. The public disclosure of these documents will (in the words of Melissa Murphy) "embarrassed and humiliate" me in front of my children and the public. (Murphy's signed statement to the San Mateo Superior Court.)

If Murphy will be embarrassed on the local level. we can only imagine what will happen when her actions are broadcast across the country.

Dr. Skelly was lied to by his associated. The Board has ignored the information that has been provided to them by a highly reliable source.

Dr. Skelly has the opportunity to bring this issue to a close, once he fully embraces the fact that his associates have lied to him to protect there own jobs.

We already know that Di Yim was an excessive liar. Its only a matter of time before the other shoe(s) drop.

KRN-AP Economics - Rome Burning?

Since my Involuntary Transfer from BHS, the enrollment in AP Government and AP Economics has dropped from 188 students to 124 students.

A loss of 64 seniors which translates to two full sections! (BHS WASC Report)

I know, it was the conservative students who were threatened in class and left on their own.

I though that my removal was supposed to make things better at BHS?

I'm sure there are a few liars smiling.... don't count your chickens...

Loose Lips sink ships-

Its Murphy's Law


Great to "Hear-Read" from you again.
Keep Fighting.
Learnin(a small joke)your case is worthy of a Documentary addressing the Public vs. Private Education System in the SF Bay Area. I hope you are becoming "Grounded" in your most recent post.
Things Always Get Better!
I am very proud that you are continuing to fight for the truth. It might be to late to Salvage your career, but you will really help someone else that may end up in a Pickle too.


Can somebody simply list how conservative students were harmed for me? Very interested and unfamiliar with case. Much appreciation


That is a HUGE request.
I believe the "horrible" event that has effected such a good educator, his family and career will never be made whole.
Look it up "Wondering."
I am looking forward to your observation/opinion.


Since Wondering is most likely a BHS Teacher Troll.... here you go.

"Very interested and unfamiliar with the case"- why state this if it is implied by your first question?

I will not put the names or actions of current students in harms way.

There is (and has been) a real fear of grade and college admissions retaliation by BHS teachers against students and/or families who dared to challenge the "reign of error." (citation to a former closet conservative at BHS)

When high school students are put down, shamed, or threatened because they hold a conservative and/or right wing political position on a school campus by teachers, then there is a problem. Students and parents should not live in fear of immature teacher retaliation for any reason.

Tax dollars support all political positions in a high school classroom.

Students have the right to hold and articulate positions conservative positions on: Rent Control, Minimum Wage, Unions, Immigration, Right to Arms, and a variety of other issues that are in opposition to a majority of students (and faculty) at BHS.

The current post was reflecting on the significant drop in student enrollment in the AP Government and AP Economics programs since the Nelson transfer.

The comment on Conservatives was a response to the lack of "acceptance" of conservative political though in the public school classrooms at BHS. I live in Burlingame and engage with BHS students and parents.

In my former program, there was a strong emphasis on the promotion and enthusiasm behind both Democratic and Republican ideologies in both Political Science and Economics. The strong backlash across the country, driven by conservatives with a claim of indoctrination by liberal educators mandating an allegiance to liberal ideology in the classroom.

I am trained in both conservative and liberal politics and economics. While at BHS, I angered teachers because I refused to "toe" the "Liberal line" and only pontificate and support the ideology of the Left.

The public school classroom is not a soapbox for the current inhabitant of the space. It is a place for the open ended exploration and discussion contrasting thoughts and ideas. It is a place were a student feels accepted and protected in a MAGA Hat, if that is his/her point of view. The "adult" at the front of the room is not paid to create blind allegiance, but to stimulate a range of questions in the minds of the students.

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