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January 14, 2018



The name and the statement "Culture does eat strategy for breakfast" is very true. its not just the culture for students... but for all participants in the environment.

Burlingame High School lost its way and allowed immature "adults" to abuse students.

When A's hire B's and B's hire C's and C’s hire D’, then your organization is in trouble … but the C’s feel important about themselves.

The culture of caring for and educating students shifted to culture of controlling and abusing students. This was the result of hiring less than competent teachers.

Uniform Complaints regarding the violation of district, state, and federal laws were filed against teachers for ignoring and abusing the rights of students. Because the SMUHSD was out of compliance with their knowledge, training, and application of the law, while these incidents were “investigated,” teachers were allowed to lie and mislead the administration and these issues were “swept under the rug.” The teachers who were the recipients of the complaints and investigations (and were very aware of their embarrassing and humiliating actions-as stated in legal documents by one English teacher-) retaliated against the students and their families and created a dysfunctional and hostile work environment at BHS.

In 2014-15, the SMUHSD spent over $30,000 in legal and investigation expenses to look into these issues. The investigator failed to place the teachers under “oath (as suggested by the State Board of Education) and these teachers lied about or suppressed information about their actions. (The teachers failed to understnd that their emails would later be subject to Public Record requests and their lies would be exposed.)

In July 2015 The SMUHSD agreed to participate with the Fiscal Crisis Management Assessment Team to allow a collaborative investigation of the SMUHSD’s negligence with ADA-504 and Special Education. The FCMAT findings held that the SMUHSD was out of compliance with the Federal Law. The district was negligence in constructing or implementing a coherent policy to apply legal protections for students with disabilities. These are EXACTLY the issues where Uniform Complaints were filed against negligent teachers and administrators.

A 350% increase in legal fees
"A final factor in reviewing the overall special education delivery system is the expense of legal costs and settlements. A brief analysis of district data on legal costs for the past three years found that legal fees increased 350% from 2012 to 2013. The director of special education and the associate superintendent of student services should review the past three years of complaints and analyze trends as well as review legal and settlements costs. This analysis should be provided to the SELPA director, and a professional development plan should be developed and implemented." FCMAT

• v The SMUHSD Division heads who were responsible for this negligence were "removed.”
• The Director of Special Education/ADA-504 Director -Gloria Dirkmaat
• The Associate Superintendent of Student Services- Andy Parsons
• BHS Principal Di Yim was also “removed” for her own negligence of leadership.

The SMUHSD then was required to spend at least $200,000 to corrent the issue and more to implement new programs.

I was a Whistle Blower on these issues and took stand for students. Yes, I crossed the line and reported unethical teachers.. and they retaliated against me.

The SMUHSD allowed this tight group of teachers to slander me (and the students) as they were in fear of getting caught. Despite multiple requests for intervention, the SMUHSD refused to intervene and remedy the situation. BHS was allowed to fall apart because the SMUHSD was negligent in its duty to understand and apply the law. Many students were damaged as a result of the childish behavior of these teachers.

The SMUHSD Board is fully aware of these issues, but it had taken no action besides removing me.

Here is an open invitation. Lets put all of these teachers, members of the Board, and the members of the administration in a room and have an Open Conversation about what transpired. The evidence in place tells a much different story than the actions taken by the Board.

This has been a very expensive fiasco that could have been avoided.

A culture of negligence prevailed at BHS and allowed an dysfunctional environment to prevail for both students and teachers.

The A's hired the B's, the B's hired the C's, the C's hired the D's... and now the C's think they are the Best of the Best.

No... you are not. You are negligent.


KRN-Boys and the "Mean Girls"

This is what happens when C's hire D's

The “Mean Girl” teachers and gender at BHS.

The “Mean Girls” would often verbally complain about how unfair they were treated only to then target male students and faculty. Principal Di Yim allowed the “Mean Girls” a platform and allowed them to do whatever they wanted.

These adult female teachers would openly engage in conversations/texting with female students about their personal issues and sex lives. These female teachers would openly trash BHS boys in conversations with the female students and among themselves in the staff room.

The “Mean Girls” behavior became unacceptable as allegations against young males become commonplace. After a “boy-girl” weekend incident involving BHS students,, these female teachers fueled the “rumor” mill, spreading false allegations against the male teens. The adults were worse than the students as they gossiped to one another and created an adverse environment for the teen males. One teacher, who had been off BHS campus at a conference for Mon, Tue, and Wed, stated “by Thursday at noon, I knew every piece of dirt and filth that went on. These women could not stop themselves from spreading rumors about students.”

Principal Yim also actively discriminated against young males by openly shaming them and focusing on male students as those who were to blame. In the incident mentioned above (where Yim also sent out daily summaries via email to the faculty) Principal Yim announced at a faculty meeting that in this incident, the girls were the “accusers” and the boys were the “abusers.” According to the person in charge of the school, the boys were guilty. The police investigation concluded that Yim statement was not true.

Principal Yim also presented the following to the BHS faculty for discussion:
Memo from Principal Di Yim to staff January 27, 2014

• Latino students test scores
• Discipline is a huge issue
• School 5:1 suspends boys (district 3:1)
• Reverse bell curve re: Grades (start strong, finish weak)
• Predominately female staff vs. male behavioral issues

• Females are not discipline issues. 

The data collected from BHS staff reports a Predominately Female Staff who has issues with males. The 5:1 suspension ratio of males is a product of the conflict between female staff and teen boys.

Female staff reported problems with male behavioral issues results in males being suspended at a 5:1 rate (at BHS) over the SMUHSD rate of 3:1. Female staff did not like the fact that teen-age boys, can’t sit still, posture themselves, talk, smell, etc. (normal teenage boy behavior) and would “write them up” for these issues. If you don’t like or understand teen boys then why are you teaching high school? Therefore at school with a properly educated female staff, the suspension ration of males would be lower. At BHS, boys were suspended for being boys. The report also cited that females were NOT a discipline issue.

Rocket Science analysis. BHS is a school with a predominately female staff who states that they have fundamental issues with male behavioral issues and that results in a 5:1 suspension ratio for boys, BUT girls are not a discipline issue. This is a school that is discriminating against male student for being male.

When Principal Yim was asked to divulge the source of her data, its meaning, or hold a meeting to discuss the content, she refused.

When the SMUHSD Title IX Officer was forwarded this information and asked to review the data and the situation for possible federal violation, he refused.

If you were a parent of a male student at Burlingame High School under the reign of Principal Yim, this data may resonate with you.

One female senior English teacher is known for her dislike of males and will not engage with them. She often uses her position as a teacher to shame boys in class or set them up for disciplinary action. She will call them out (in class in front over everyone) and use schoolyard taunts to put down the student or his work. When the male student responds to defend himself, he gets detention or suspension for defiance.

A few years back she flunked ten students on the day of graduation. Eight were males and most were Latino. She refused to speak with the students or the parents and failed to take any action to intervene.


This was the environment at BHS.

KRN--SM County Grand Jury

The posts on this site are for the consumption of the San Mateo County Grand Jury.

On March 24, 2016 SMUHSD Board Member March Friedman express grave concern that the Grand Jury would evaluate the SMUHSD's action (or lack thereof) in this case.

During a previous era, the SM County Grand Jury read the BV to pick up information on the SMUHSD scandal regarding the use of General Fund money for Capital Expenditures.

The SMUHSD allowed Superintendent Sam Johnson to spend $85 million from classroom expenses to pay for construction.... then he resigned... and then the SMUHSD named an Auditorium after him.

Please feel free to post you comments for the SM County Grand Jury to consume.

KRN--SMUHSD -refuses to produce public documents

2007-Taking a stand against Unethical Behavior

2018 Same issues- new era Why am I in trouble now? -

Why is the SMUHSD Blocking Public Information Requests?

In 2007, the SMUHSD was an organizational and financial mess.

February 09, 2007
The SMUHSD must pay down its debt
An Ethical Solution to the SMUHSD Financial Mismanagement


"The San Mateo Union High School District will soon be selling bonds to raise $278 million approved by voters for school construction in Measure M. The district is also restructuring $73 million of Certificates of Participation (COP's) that were dubiously issued by the district to pay for additions? to its first bond, Measure D. "

After the SMUHSD spent $73 million from its classroom fund on construction and then hid the debt from the voters in a ballot measure, the district was going to "skimp" on security for the schools.

I took an active role in calling out the SMUHSD Superintendent and Board for their highly unethical behavior and for failing to protect teachers and students.

I wrote to the Board and Superintendent and demanded Columbine Locks for the Schools. I took an active role in calling out the SMUHSD leadership on its fiscal impropriety.

Was I wrong them?

"San Mateo Union High School District campuses are getting special locks to safeguard students, faculty and staff in case of a lockdown.

Superintendent David Miller announced at Thursday night’s school board meeting plans to install the locks, which can be engaged from inside a classroom.

Miller said teachers from Aragon and Burlingame high schools approached him last week about the locks. The district’s goal is to have them installed in all 450 of its classrooms by the Thanksgiving break at a cost of $80,000 to $120,000.

Burlingame High School economics teacher Kevin Nelson said recent school shootings like the one earlier this year at Virginia Tech highlight why the locks are needed. He referred to them as “Columbine locks” after ColumbineHigh School in Colorado, which experienced one of the worst school shootings in history in 1999.

Nelson said an incident last school year at Burlingame high, in which the school went on lockdown after a suspicious person was seen on campus, shows the need for the locks. One teacher barricaded a classroom door with desks, he said.

“With the inside locks, that gives us another level of protection,” Nelson said.


Removed for Speaking Out! - Di Yim was a deflection
I was given in Involuntary Transfer from Burlingame High School because I took a hard stand against illegal and unethical behavior that was having an impact on students. The SMUHSD was also negligent in updating and implementing its Americans with Disabilities Act-504 practices, damaging many students. (The number of ADA-504 identifications have skyrocketed now that the SMUHSD has properly implemented the law... yet they don't want to admit they were wrong.)

Rejection of Public Record Request- Public Trust?

Public Record Requests have already produced evidence of lies and wrongdoing by BHS teachers and SMUHSD Administration. As a result, the SMUHSD is now refusing to produce requested public documents and refuses to follow the legal requirements mandated when rejecting these documents.

The SMUHSD has been in violation of Gov't Code § 6255(a) as it has failed to meet the standard set out in the statute to produce Public Records.

The district’s rejection, cites what is known as the so-called “catch-all” exemption found in Gov’t Code § 6255, is not enough to meet the standard of law.

" In terms of your subsequent CPRA requests, those requests are unduly burdensome as they are overly broad, unfocused, duplicative, and the information sought has no reasonable value. Per Government Code section 6255, the public interest served by not disclosing the records clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure. Accordingly, the District does not intend to respond to those requests."- This is the response I received AFTER the SMUHSD's law firm Lazano Smith approved the disclosure of the records. Why is the local SMUHSD Administrator able to shut down this request?

The catch-all exemption requires the SMUHSD to demonstrate "that on the facts of the particular case the public interest served by not disclosing the record clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the record." Gov't Code § 6255(a).

The use of the "catch all" exemption does not justify non-disclosure, as the district must set forth facts showing that the public interest in not releasing the documents "clearly outweighs" the interest in disclosure. While I am sure that some individuals at the SMUHSD would not like their negligence out in the open, the public has a right to know.

Union Power Corrupts...

Union Power Corrupts...


KRN--SMUHSD -No Unions Involved in this one.

Union Powe Corrupts...

The Union is not representing me in this case.

It is the SMUHSD Board of Education and the SMUHSD Administration that has failed to take action.

The Union's position is that "they do not engage in Teacher against Teacher actions... that is the responsibility of the district."

In this action... I am a parent, teacher, member of the Burlingame Community (BHS is the home school of my address and I have a RIGHT to send my children or any children who rent my home there) and tax paying member of the community.

If my elected officials on the SMUHSD Board cannot see fit to protect our children, abide by the laws and policies of the state and federal government, then maybe they should give up the free Health Benefits and move on.

The SMUHSD Board is blocking the public from the truth.... Ethics 101, "sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants"

More to come.....


I am glad that you are putting all this information forward.

KRN--SMUHSD -Election Year is coming

To quote the Film Jaws, "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

It would have been one thing to just screw up. Its quite a different story to screw and then continue to cover it up because you "think you can get away with it!"

A Lie has no roots......

When a Board member takes an action against a constituent for reporting issues they are no longer serving the public... they are serving themselves.

When is the last time an elected official called your boss and requested that an action be taken against you?

Deep Throat-Liar-Liar-Pants on Fire-SMUHSD Lies

In any other work place, these employees would be fired by their company for colluding and lying about work place incidents.

In the SMUHSD, its called another day at work.

This is only one of many pieces of evidence covered up the by SMUHSD of teachers engaged in unethical behavior. After this email, BHS teachers openly discussed the investigation and “coordinated” stories to ensure they would not get caught.

They didn’t realize their school based emails or school computers were open to Public Record requests.

In July 2013, SMUHSD contacted Burlingame High School teacher Melissa Murphy (and others) to informed her that she would be under “further investigation” for a complaint filed against her. Public records show that Murphy had already been interviewed three times by the school site principal, district office HR, Assistant Superintendent Kirk Black, and then Black and Superintendent Scott Laurence. According to Public Records, in each of these interviews, Murphy had made “lies of omission” by knowingly withholding information and acting in insubordination to her superiors. She also gave misleading statement to throw off the investigation and failed to comply with a workplace investigation. In addition, SMUHSD leaders accepted her “lies of omission” as the truth (despite evidence and detailed complaints to the contrary) and granted her “anonymous status” causing significant problems in conducting an ethical investigation.

Murphy was informed (again) by Associate Superintendent Kirk Black’s office that the investigation was private and confidential (like all issues that involve students) and that she was not to communicate with anyone about the details or proceedings.

Teacher Melissa Murphy was under investigation for stalking the social media accounts of students and making false reports to school officials against the students. (Public Record shows that Murphy personally states that SHE engaged in this process for over a year, and detailed her “guilty pleasure” as her “Time Suck.” Murphy was a vigilante against the students she did not trust, like or had issue with. The SMUHSD was opening a “wide scale” investigation of Murphy (and others) after she lied and mislead site and district administrators about these issues during initial investigations.. Public records show that in at least three initial and different interviews at the site and district level, Murphy misled administrators and withheld information about her activities against students.

If an adult MALE teacher were stalking the social media accounts of teen FEMALE students what would be the response of the SMUHSD?

Immediately after receiving word that she would be investigated, Murphy used the SMUHSD email server to contact fellow BHS teacher Jen Rohrbach to inform her of the investigation (Murphy believed she had evaded complete investigation and this announcement was devistating)

Murphy had lied to her BHS faculty peers about her actions and had instead pushed blame on the students and parents. Public records show that despite her claims of having no knowledge of the incidents, Murphy had been engaged in monitoring and tracking these students for a significant period of time . Public Records show that Murphy stated that she been working with her English Department peer Shane Karshan on tracking students.

While Murphy’s comment show that she was initially distraught over the announcement of the investigation, she responds to Rohrback:

Melissa Murphy writes to Jen Rohrback: "Actually, this may be what we want. More teachers will be interviewed—the pool will widen-more crazy will be public. And Di is sure to know.”

Jen Rohrback responds to Melissa Murphy,

“Then you need to "Covertly reach out to Nicole Perrea, Josh Gnass, Shane Karshan and Kathy Payne... start with the first three...beware of the 4th, not sure where she stands. Again I encourage you to chat with Morgan Hallabrin ...make it personal with her...Maybe her family will take you under their wing and represent you because its just....oh..and crush Craig’s balls... he needs it. Remind him women have bigger and there is more pain to come.:) "

(These are real emails from Public Record Documents on SMUHSD servers)

Teachers plotting against students and parents! Lets just lie!

Somehow… BHS teacher Jen Rohrback knows most ALL of the teachers involved in the incident (despite it being private) and encourages Murphy to get these teachers to collude and align their stories. English Teacher Morgan Hallabrin’s family are lawyers and Rorhrback is strongly suggesting that Murphy get them on her side. Craig Childress (crush Craig’s balls) is the CTA President and was initially representing Murphy during the initial stages of the case. Public Record shows that Murphy actually had a lawyer in place BEFORE a complaint was filed against her. (How do you KNOW you need a lawyer unless you committed a crime?)

This email is just the start of a three-year journey where BHS English Teacher Melissa Murphy and others will continue to slander the student and parents on the BHS campus in order to deflect attention from their unethical actions.

These statements and others are Pubic Record of the SMUHSD. The SMUHSD Administration had an obligation to intervene in these issues… and did nothing. Why?

The Administration took the bait. They bought into the lies hook, line, and sinker. They are now too embarrassed… and liable to reverse course.
Other BHS teachers "bought" the story they were told. Blame the WhistleBlower. Too many people know Murphy is crazy... SMUHSD Administration does nothing.

In the end... its the students who are damaged.

What did the Associate Superintendent know and when did he know it?.....

Deep Throat-Liar-Liar-Pants on Fire-I'm embarrassed... and stupid

If you doubt the above statement, you only need to look to the following about BHS Teacher Melissa Murphy was posted above...

In a legal filing with the San Mateo Superior Court where this same teacher was attempting to block the disclosure of her identity and record she writes,

" If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public and the memo (documentation of getting caught) in question is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the memo disclose private, embarrassing information about me, but I also am concerned that disclosure of memos of this nature will fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers. I have young children and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me."

So... after getting caught stalking students (to collect information) and being granted "Anonymous Status" to protect her identity (after getting caught), the teacher then asserts HER right to privacy because SHE is concerned about being embarrassed…for behaving like a teenager.

The document was filed ad DOE 1, but Murphy signed her actual name to the document which is posted ONLINE to the San Mateo Superior Court for all to see.

Who was Melissa Murphy's immediate friend at BHS... new Principal Di Yim..... Girls Club.


The SMUHSD failed to require its employee to follow local, state and federal law. This negligence created significant conflict between teachers and students as well as among teachers on the BHS site. BHS teachers openly violated these policies as they not only refused to adhere to and implement federal and local policy, but also lied when questioned by SMUHSD investigators. During an investigation, employees are informed (via district policy) that they are expected to cooperate (telling the truth) and the absence of this act is insubordination.

When a teacher lies about her actions in order to protect her own identity or actions, in violation of state, local and district policy, this is in subordination.

When a principal and Associate Superintendent are made FULLY aware of slander and highly unethical behavior by teachers against students and parents, this is insubordination.

When a Spanish Teacher is ORDERED by an Assistant Principal to stay away from a student, his work, and his online schooloop gradebood, and the teacher violates that order, its insubordination.

Burlingame High School is a “dumpster fire” because of insubordination.

Former Principal Di Yim flat out lied about students and teachers to save her own job… it failed.

The SMUHSD is currently blocking Public Record requests that would further disclose these actions and make the public aware of the arrogance and negligence of the SMUHSD leadership.

The SMUHSD Board had been made fully aware of these actions and has done nothing. Why?

The three elements of Insubordination

The local, state, and federal laws are clear.

Work Directive
Insubordination starts with the employee receiving the supervisor's or employer's order to perform a job task. Examples of a supervisor's work directive include verbal or written instructions to perform a job task, whether it's a temporary assignment or duties that a supervisor expects the employee to perform on a consistent basis. The first element of insubordination is the existence of a work directive, supervisor's order, formal job description or implied set of duties.

The acknowledgment doesn't need to be in writing and in most cases isn't. It simply means that the employee understands the work assigned and that it's been assigned to him. By the mere acceptance of a job offer, an employee has indicated that he understands what's expected of him and agrees to perform the job duties.

After the employee receives the assignment, work directive, instructions or job offer, her refusal constitutes the third element of insubordination. The refusal could be overt, as in the employee saying she won't do the work, or covert, in which case, she just does not do the work. This element of insubordination needn't be blatantly disrespectful to be insubordinate.


Holy Cow.
I am very concerned that you-KRN, are spending to much time with this issue.
The minutia you are sharing with the BV is obviously not creating a wave of Citizen support.
Please consider your defeat.
Sometimes,(and it is a fact)the wrong people win.
The good/righteous loose.
For your own welfare please seek professional help ASAP.
Move on to the next part of your life.


Thanks Holly... but the its not about a Citizens Wave of Support.

Its about making sure that our elected public officials know that the public is aware of what they are doing.... or not doing.... while they collect their fully funded healthcare

I don't have the money for three billboards


Holly... while many do not post, they come to this watering hole to have a look at what transpired at our high school.

This blog has issues covering everything from vaping in class to PSAT scores.....

Wouldn't you want to know of your student was required to sit in front of a teacher who was stalking her at night?


Still going.....

Why should these people "get away with it?"

"The SMUHSD has made known false statement to the Office of Civil Rights as it has refused to correct its statement despite the presence of substantial evidence to refute the statement."

In November 2017 I met with SMUHSD's Superintendent Dr. Kevin Skelly and Associate Superintendent Dr. Kirk Black regarding my Public Record Requests that the district is refusing to provide. While Dr. Skelly acknowledged the receipt of the requests and his responsibility to fulfill them, there has been no action to produce these documents. Despite the acknowledgement and approval to produce the CPRA's by the SMUHSD's law firm Lazano-Smith, the SMUHSD has refused to fulfill CPRA requests for over year. Lazano-Smith requested that I "narrow the scope" of my requests. I agreed to the offer of Lazano Smith and agreed to the reductions specified by the SMUHSD. (see Lazano-Smith rejection of request) Despite my acceptance of the legal offer of Lazano-Smith, the SMUHSD refused to fulfill the public record request.

At the end of our conversation, Dr. Skelly brought up the communication to the SMUHSD School Board member which produced a Human Resources Written Warning to me, placing me on a track to termination.

Dr. Kevin Skelly stated to me that the district was instructed by recipient of the email, a member of the SMUHSD Board of education to "take action against Kevin Nelson" for sending the email.

Why does the Board want action taken against me?

In the comfort of the Superintendents Office, this Board member was "feeling their power" "talking with the boys" and used their authority as an elected official to punish an employee.

I have made multiple requests for the identity of the Board Member who made the request. They refused.

If you are an elected official you stand up and take responsibility for your actions.

The board member is hiding behind the office rather than taking an ethical stance.


If I come to the next Board meeting and ask.... in public for you to stand up for your actions will you admit to your actions?

We need elected officials who take responsibility for their actions,

Holly... this is why I post.

We need honest representatives... not those the take a hit on others and hide.


Thank you for the Good Fight you are putting up.
Get some rest, keep working out, and don't forget to take care of the people who love you.


By the way.... I have traded hundreds of emails with SMUHSD District Office and Board members.

There has NEVER been any type of negative communication towards me until...

In the communication where I was issued a warning and the communication where I was given a written write up each detailed the actions of an SMUHSD Administrator who submitted false/misleading information to the Office of Civil Rights and/or was blocking the disclosure of Public Records where this same individual was a central figure in the disclosure request.

Why would ONLY these two items centered around the same individual cause an employment retaliation?

It would be funny if the person who was the central figure also issued the employment reprimand..... or would it.

Don't blame the messenger for the message... or the Whistleblower.

WASC Report-BHS Teachers don't like one another and don't feel safe

Burlingame Backstabbing: The following data is from the BHS WASC report- teacher comments about the work environment

The problem really isn't with the students. Almost 1/3 of the teachers don't like each other and don't feel safe at work.

I guess now we know why the students are complaining. It the teachers don't like one another, it must be much harder on the students.

(This data was collected from the teachers)

Table A4.10
Supportive and Inviting Place to Work (29% do not approve)

Disagree -23%
Strongly disagree 6%

Question A.12: This school is a supportive and inviting place for staff to work..

Table A4.12
Staff Support and Treat Each Other with Respect (31% say no)
Some adults 23
Few adults 7
Almost none 1

Question A.41: How many adults at this school support and treat each other with respect?

Table A4.13
Promotes Staff Trust and Collegiality (43% say no)

Disagree 33%
Strongly disagree 10%

Question A.13: This school promotes trust and collegiality among staff..

Table A4.14
Staff Have Close Professional Relationships (42% say no)
Some adults 35 %
Few adults 7 %
Almost none 0

Question A.40: How many adults at this school have close professional relationships with one another?


I do not understand the point you are making/sharing with us all.
In my opinion, as well as first hand experience, your description is "Norm" of 96% of every workplace in the US.

WASC Report-#BHSCleanhouse

Most companies make "products." The data above is about a place that will impact your children for many years.They are required to attend. Is this the type of place where you want to send your children?... to a place where the adults "report" that they do not trust or support one another?

A place where almost half of the staff cannot have a "professional relationship" with one another.

A place where one third of the teachers do not respect one another.

Kids are not stupid. They see right through all of this.... and then they emulate it.

How is this safe for the students?

Bitchy judgmental teachers create bitchy judgmental kids!

Is this reflective of the most successful public schools?



Our children do not need a toxic environment.

Consider the Source

This information above comes from the Healthy Kids Survey from the 2016 school year. The faculty scores around issues of trust, collegiality, and relationships are best understood as a consequence of one teacher's treatment of the majority of the faculty over the course of the 21016 school year. The problem was resolved through that teacher's transfer to another school. The 2018 data for BHS school climate, respect, and trust among faculty shows a completely different reality from the picture presented above, which uses obsolete and selective data to support one person's views and obsessions. The atmosphere at BHS is anything but "toxic" since that teacher was transferred to another school, and has since become, once again, a community of teachers who work together well and work hard to meet the needs of every student. Great place to work and my own son is getting a great education at BHS.


Et tu, Brute?

Consider the Source..... the information was factual data and submitted as part of the BHS WASC report... isn't that a reliable source?

Consider the Source, you must be an insider to know where the data was derived and to contradict it with "new data" the 2018 data (which is referenced but not presented ) and then draw conclusions from the non-existant information.

Without any information, you then correlated the "perceived " change in atmosphere (not presented) with the transfer of the teacher rather than other factors....such as the departure of Principal Di Yim

Amazing conclusion...you must be an insider.

While you personally may feel this way, its quite a leap (or a relief) to correlate the events and the transfer as you have in your post.

I'm sure this could be a Time Suck...

As you must well know, the complaints against Principal Yim by teachers, students and parents (written and documented) (and subsequent YimGate) were more than substantial.... but that couldn't be the reason for your argument of a change in attitude....from your inside position...

You must be an insider and a participant with your personal knowledge of these events to be able to "see" these facts without any other sources of information. Amazing...

Read a few posts up...

"lead to dissension among co-workers. "- Yep... it did.

In a legal filing with the San Mateo Superior Court where the BHS teacher was attempting to block the disclosure of her identity (why would she block the disclosure of her identity if her actions were lawful and ethical?) and she writes...

" If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public and the memo (documentation of getting caught) in question is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the memo disclose private, embarrassing information about me, but I also am concerned that disclosure of memos of this nature will fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers. I have young children and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me."

Some people have nothing to hide.... others are fearful of exposure.


Consider the Source... watch what you step in or who you take your information from.... once you get the stink on you, its hard to get it off.

Deep Throat-Liar-Liar-Pants on Fire-Deep Lies Deep Damage

Consider the Source... as a member of the BHS English Department... do you really trust your peers?

Do you believe that your are looking into the gates of the Asylum when you are actually looking outward as you are surrounded by those who are responsible for the issues at BHS and not the victims as they may claim.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

You should take a look at the facts rather than the "stories" told. The guilty have woven stories to deflect their guilt.

Investigation Summary-Issued to the SMUHSD
"BHS Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues. Burlingame High School was very divided and the division noted during the investigation was centered around Mr. Nelson's legal complaints against his colleagues over a two-year period that resulted in hard feelings and a breakdown in communications."

Murphy lied to her BHS faculty peers to deflect from her actions and had instead pushed blame on the students and parents. Public records show engaged in monitoring and tracking these students for a significant period of time, collecting information on the students to use against them. Murphy called her practice or tracking down students on the internet, a "Time Suck." Public Records show that Murphy states that she engaged in this practice with the collaboration of her peers, specifically citing English Department peer Shane Karshan. This collaboration took place AFTER Karshan threw "a fit" in the BHS English Department about an issue which was later attributed to his own negligence.

Parents have filed complaints against Karshan for making false allegations of cheating against their children in order to make himself "look tough." How did the parents find out... somehow they all contacted the SAME lawyer over three different years. The lawyer saw the pattern.

Upon learning of an investigation into her behavior... Murphy was initially distraught and emails BHS Teacher Jen Rohrback:

Melissa Murphy writes to Jen Rohrback: "Actually, this may be what we want. More teachers will be interviewed—the pool will widen-more crazy will be public. And Di (BHS Principal Di Yim) is sure to know.”

Jen Rohrback responds to Melissa Murphy,

“Then you need to "Covertly reach out to Nicole Perrea, Josh Gnass, Shane Karshan and Kathy Payne... start with the first three...beware of the 4th, not sure where she stands. Again I encourage you to chat with Morgan Hallabrin ...make it personal with her...Maybe her family will take you under their wing and represent you because its just....oh..and crush Craig’s balls... he needs it. Remind him women have bigger and there is more pain to come.:) "

"Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind."

Consider the source... is this what you mean when you describe " a community of teachers who work together well?" They have been able to collaborate and collude... up to now.... but the shit is about to hit the fan.

Murphy's signed statement (mentioned a few time up in this thread) to the Superior Court has already sealed the deal. She did it... she just "spun" it to you... and your peers.

As an English Teacher at BHS, If you participated or had knowledge of these issues at the time and did not report them (since there is evidence that this was a discussion item among the members of the English Department) then you may also be held liable for the actions against students... These teachers "sucked up" to Di Yim who was eventually shown the door for her own behavior. Its easy to blame others when attempting to deflect guilt. But its not like a nationally published author is going to get damaged by being linked to this type of behavior when the shit hits the fan. Remember.... if you go forward and tell the truth first... you are most likely not going to get charged.

The damage done by this these types of lies by adults run deep.

... there is much more where this came from.

"They whose guilt within their bosom lies, imagine every eye beholds their blame."

Deep Throat-Liar-Liar-Pants on Fire-Lawyered UP-Getting Up with Fleas-

BTW Consider the Source... ask your colleague who is a member of the "community of teachers who work together well and work hard to meet the needs of every student" why she spends her time stalking students.

How is that meeting their needs? How about the BHS English Teacher who purposely trashed the GPA's of prospective Valedictorians by grading them on the family status and wealth (documented) That is really screwed up!

One last thing... According to Pubic Records, Melissa. Murphy had a CTA lawyer in place before a complaint was filed against her. CTA does not issue lawyers unless there is a request. This would mean that Ms. Murphy knew that she was in "deep shit" for her stalking actions and "lawyered up" before things got started.

Be careful who you defend as Professional Colleagues... it may come back at you.

"He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas"

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