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January 14, 2018



God Bless.

Read Joe's comments... he is right on target-The Board Failed its promise.  Its time to cut out the cancer

I am now quoting Joe... an honorable and decent man in searching for the integrity of the SMUHSD...

"Lastly, the assertion was made that upon another teacher's retirement, Mr. Nelson qualifies for a return to BHS. That is the central issue in my mind. I manage a lot of people in my day job and I find value in having a few that are not afraid to speak up and point out problems. One wonders if SMUSHD and the BHS administration feel the same?"

I have filed my request to transfer and it has been denied.....

According to the SMUHSD Collective Bargaining Agreement, the district need to produce (with evidence) COMPELLING evident the reasons why I cannot be transferred back.... they have not defined nor can they produce reasons or evidence. Nothing exists... This is cover up. The negligence of these leaders is excessive.

This is the end of the charade. There are no more cards to play. Burlingame High School has been destroyed at the hands of Di Yim and the subversive efforts of the petty teachers who more resemble middle school students than adults.

"The Burlingame English Department sits at the center of this fiasco as it became a "gossip pit," targeted students, and backstabbing those who spoke out against them. There are teachers who know nothing... but those who listened and did nothing are just as guilty. "

The BHS English Department including its nationally acclaimed author is dead in the water. They have listened, colluded and participated in collusion of a lie. There is no turning back.. you missed your chance at redemption. You bought the lies of your peers, but its "Murphy's Law.... whatever can go wrong... will go wrong."

Joe nailed it....who is the SMUHSD Administrator who is responsible for this cover up and the destruction of BHS? A single SMUHSD Administrator has their fingerprints all over every part of this issue and the cover up. This is now over a $200,000 issue. The members of the Board know what is wrong, but failed to act. It may cost them their seats in the future as I can assure you... it will be challenged, in public at the next election. The questions, backed by evidence, will not be easy to deflect.

Dr. Skelly will offer his defense, "I was not in the district at the time..." this excuse will only last for so long. There were 2500 members of the community that came out against Nelson's transfer.... those are voters, not employees.

Burlingame High School is a shadow of what it was five or ten, or twenty years ago. The SMUHSD Board has demonstrated their negligence in supporting the health and welfare of BHS. If the Board wants to support BHS, its needs to support the Administration in rebuilding the staff. They need to cut out he cancer that they know has infected the school.

The next time you pay your $20K or $30K property tax bill, think about how the SMUHSD Leadership and Board screwed you for their own ego's. The BHS campus does not operate for the joy of the teachers... it operates for the benefits of the students and parents of the community.

There are too many bread crumbs on this trail to ignore.... even for a Board member who wants to be re-elected.


Unfortunately, I fear they will get re-elected as the average voter is uninformed and vote what their parties card that comes in the mail, tells them to vote for. I thought the same when everyone was up in arms after losing all the school fields for soccer,, softball and lacrosse. The School district locked them all up and the citizens complained but then voted them all back in!

Read Joe's comments... he is right on target-The Board Failed its promise.  Its time to cut out the cancer

A problem is that there is no new blood to run. Other school districts limit the seats on the board by city. Right now there are three Burlingame, one San Mateo and one Foster City. If Burlingame was only allowed one seat on the Board, it would force individuals to be more responsive to the public.

Hanley, Griffen, and Lees Dwyer are all up for re-election in 2018.

Lees Dwyer came on to the Board from BSD when the SMUHSD hit the $85 million financial fraud. Greg Land knows school culture, leadership, curriculum and policy. He will be a Superintendent himself soon (maybe here)

The Board is just the "ears" of the district. Its the district administration that executes the day to day operations. While the SMUHSD pays very well.... it continually fails to develop and hire leaders from within its ranks

Skelly has silently "ousted" district office leaders from the previous regime and may finish the house cleaning soon. In the BHS case, key information and background was withheld from Skelly by his subordinates and he dug himself into the issue without having full knowledge of what transpired. The Board is informed and now they may be put to a test to act or be held responsible.

Consider the Source a few posts up is with the group who would like to keep the key information silent as it could cost them their job and their teaching credentials. The California State Board of Education is already sniffing around this issue (as it has raised concerns of "how did this happen?") and can penalize and revoke teaching credentials of individual teachers and former principals.

BHS got very lucky with Paul Belzer as principal You may remember that the SMUHSD interviewed and could not get anyone to take the job. Belzer was moved to BHS by Skelly as he was the only leader with the experience to handle the issues and the "crowd of teachers" at BHS. One candidate stated, "I read up on that crazy lady who was principal and I wanted nothing to do with that school. Who let that happen... who let a complete nut job ruin such a great school.?" The candidate took an administrative job at another school site instead.

The issues at BHS will not be solved by throwing a light switch... or transferring the wrong people. The Board, the district Administration, and many in the community know where the cancer is.... and it will eventually be outed.

Morale and divisiveness on the BHS campus are far worse than in the past

Dear Consider the Source…

In a post above you made the following observation….

“The atmosphere at BHS is anything but "toxic" since that teacher was transferred to another school, and has since become, once again, a community of teachers who work together well and work hard to meet the needs of every student.”

You are full of shit.

A few BHS insiders (who are not in the English Department) report that the morale and divisiveness on the BHS campus are far worse than in the past.

The student comments about the negative atmosphere on campus... and childish behaviors of the teachers reflects a similar attitude.

It is very interesting that the same individual teachers are always “sucking up” to a new administration to ensure their own “success” at the cost of the students.

There are “some” individuals working to get BHS back to “its” former self… but don’t include those who engage in

The failure to remove the cancer has allowed it to spread… and present bullshit excuses regarding the health of the body.


Dear M&D,
I like the way you express your POV.
However this debacle winds up, it will be the Biggest Train Wreck ever shared with the BV.

The only/truly solutions at this time are:
-Public Execution
-The Stocks
-Poor Credit Rating
-No Private School for your children; no admittance to any school "related" to The City of Burlingame

I/we are all looking forward to a Public Shaming who ever it is.


I thought this was as good a place as any to post this. Why is the BHS student newspaper allowed to print an article about drug use ON the campus?

I'm all for freedom of speech but this is a high school newspaper that is doing the advertisement work for the drug dealer.

"According to the aforementioned student seller, people that buy Adderall from him are typically “either stressed out with exams or [people] who need to pass a class to play sports. All types of people buy, even gamers who want to play better.”

Is the student reporter required to "give up" the on campus dealers since student reporters don't have the ability to "protect a source" These are public tax dollars at work

Who allowed this to get published and have the BPD interviewed this reporter or the Newspaper advisor? At least make the dealer pay for an advertisement.



Wow, passed off mom, wow, is all I can say. This article is jaw dropping and the fact that it was published, shocking. It is written like it is glorifying this drug as a way to do well in school and to be published means it is rampant! I've been told by a student that using a vap pipe in the bathrooms between classes, is very common and it is not nicotine that they are using! I hope this article was sent to the police.


The paper even states "became one of many teen Adderall dealers in the Burlingame community"

"One student, who asked to remain anonymous, became one of many teen Adderall dealers in the Burlingame community shortly after he was prescribed the medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.

“I was super happy but I felt I was cheating a bit, so I started giving to people I know who were not doing so well when they had tests,” he said, emphasizing the academic pressure involved in buying the medication from peers. “I don’t turn a profit, I just do it to help the people around me.”

How is giving a prescription drug to other student helping? Not only is the dealer hurting the kids, the paper writes the story like all of this is OK? WTF? Does any adult read these articles before the publish the paper?

The teen reporter writes, "One student, who asked to remain anonymous" Does this student somehow think the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is some sort of legal standard.

The student who printed this article has now stated that s/he interviewed a confirmed drug dealer on the BHS campus.

Who is the adult responsible for monitoring this behavior?


'Hate to say it, but this was going on when my kids were at BHS. This student journalist has just brought it out into the open, but chances are, many on campus already know. More than the police being aware (and they probably already are, but with hands tied), I hope the parents actually read this stuff.

Which kids DON'T have an ADHD or similar diagnosis by that age, at the latest, that facilitates the prescription of Adderall? It's pathetic that these have become so commonplace and "normal". Passing them around doesn't surprise me, at all. The other kids just didn't bother to get a diagnosis, but that isn't difficult to get, at all.

50 years ago, it was Ritalin, and lots in between. In fact these drugs have been socially acceptable for such a long time that there is a fair chance some of the adults (at one time, or another) have used them. There are probably legitimate needs for certain individuals, but generally being a quick and easy fix, the use has gotten out of hand a long time ago.


I ran into Mr. Nelson at Lunardi's.

He stated that the SMUHSD is blocking his return to BHS and they are making up "facts" to block his return. He told me union was handling the issue.

WTF- I've followed the case and read the posts above.
Where is the Board?

Who are these administrators that can't see straight?

How long was the guy at the school...?

This has been one gigantic embarrassment for BHS and an whole lot of of arrogance by the school district.


Please Joe, Please.
Stick a Fork in it.


Dear hollyroller.... we are almost home...

In the intro Joe writes...

"Lastly, the assertion was made that upon another teacher's retirement, Mr. Nelson qualifies for a return to BHS. That is the central issue in my mind. I manage a lot of people in my day job and I find value in having a few that are not afraid to speak up and point out problems. One wonders if SMUSHD and the BHS administration feel the same?

The contractual right to return has been blocked by both the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. The issue of my return is now placed in front of the Board. The "independent' officials who represent the people.

One of the individuals blocking my return has a complex conflict of interest in taking action against me.

The SMUHSD has failed/refused to produce a single shred of evidence or SIGNED witness statement against me in support of their allegations or actions. On the contrary, the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS has its third (3rd) investigation of the SMUHSD and the California State Commission on Teacher Credentialing is investigating the action on one CENTRAL BHS English teacher to revoke her teaching credential for her actions.

I devoted 26 yeas of my career to building the excellence of programs at BHS.

The SMUHSD has spend well over $100,0000 covering up the issues at BHS yet never producing any evidence of any wrongdoing. Why the cover up? The evidence showing the negligence of the SMUHSD and BHS teachers is well established, yet the Board refused to take action.

It may be that the information presented to the Board and Dr. Skelly was "filtered" to protect the negligence of others. None the less, facts are facts.

The issue is now in front of the Board. The issues are entered as fact. If the Board acts against the facts, you know the fix is in.... I'll print the facts later... as needed.


I failed to mention that I was threatened by SMUHSD Administrators to not disclose the facts. I (and my family) have been a target of the SMUHSD who wanted to silence my Whistleblowing on ADA-505, Special Education, and the individual actions of SMUHSD teachers. The same teachers who took actions against students, then lied/mislead the SMUHSD administrators with lies about their actions. The SMUHSD holds the evidence This is called a cover up. The role of the Board (as an independent neutral agent) is to represent the public, not protect the students, parents, and community.



"and to protect the students, parents, and community."


I am really glad that you are continuing this "Fight."
Some people would have "crumbled" by now.
Your tenacity is a lesson for us all.

A little off the topic, a "Go Fund Me" page may help you with your defense cost. You may also may realize the support your Community, and fellow educators have for your plight.
Moral as well as financial.

Good Luck KRN


Hollyroller.. I am taking your advice on a "Go Fund Me" as a serious consideration.

This is a serious Cover Up and our "Elected Officials" have folded on the issue... despite the FACTS. The Board wanted PEACE at BHS..... They did not mandate the truth. Its all BS... The Board need respect, ethics, and integrity

The Board is now blocking all legitimate Public Record Requests on this issue. This is a public agency blocking the public from i on its operations.... This is BS. FULL DISCLOSURE!



My "case" will go before the SMUHSD Board on Thursday Night. While the SMUHSD has composed a "laundry list" of allegations (all false) they have refused requests to produce any evidence, names, or statements made against me. The Administration does not believe they are required to produce any evidence.

On the other hand, the amount of Public Record evidence (emails and investigation statements) outlining the actions, collusion, and retaliation taken against me and BHS students is easily produced.

As the is Board elected to represent the public trust. It should order the SMUHSD administration to produce evidence to support its allegations and mandate employees to sit for perjury based depositions. (this may happen anyways) In the absence of due process, we are just in a Kangaroo Court.


I have a better idea KRN. How about they just vote to reinstate you without putting things off with more Administrivia? (capitalization intended)


Because they have already spent over $200k on investigations and legal fees to cover things up. They want to waste more money.

The current "tactic" is character assassination in order to continue to destroy my personal and professional reputation.

The real question is what is the penalty (or should be) for teachers who gave false statements during the initial investigations? This has caused the $200k price tag. How about those who sat by and watched? The California Department of Education is already starting their initial investigation to revoke the credentials of some involved. Its pretty stupid when a teacher gives four different and conflicting statements about the same incident. Its even better when law enforcement links the statements together and starts to zero in on the liar.... just because a group of teachers "coordinates their testimonies" does not mean that an outside source cannot find the conflicts and pull them apart..

Good luck keeping that teaching credential..


On Thursday, the SMUHSD Board rejected my contractual right to return to BHS, citing "Compelling Reasons" to block the return.

When asked to cite the facts supporting these compelling reasons, the Administration sent a list of "allegations" but refused to provide any names, facts, evidence, etc to support its assertions.

When the SMUHSD Board decided to transfer me from BHS, the Board (and specifically on the record Friedman and Dwyer) cited the contract and my right to return to BHS in the future. This indicated (on the record) that there were NO compelling reasons to block a return.

The list of allegations was humorous (because they were false) since I have not had contact with anyone at BHS in the past two years. The allegations cited by the administration have been deemed legally protected actions by the SF Office of Civil Rights.

I have continued to file documents with the administration and Board, outlining the its retaliatory actions and negligence in handling the case. These communications were also sent to the Office of Civil Rights. (These are all independent and legally protected actions)

The District Administration rejected three separate requests to produce these facts. The SMUHSD Board also rejected to request to produce facts. This is in addition to the District Administration's failure to produce public record requests that would bring to light the negligence of the administration and members of the BHS staff. Public records that have been produced (emails and witness statements), question the integrity and ethics of the district and site administrators.

The further production and evaluation of these public records could cost one or more of these individuals their job. When rejecting Public Record requests, the agency is required to

"set forth facts showing that the public interest in not releasing the documents "clearly outweighs" the interest in disclosure"

Once again.... the district refuses to provide facts to support its rejection of the request. This is just another misuse of power and authority to keep the facts and truth from the public.

How can a public entity spending the tax payers money expect anyone to respond to vague and baseless allegations? How is this representing the law and our students?

The SMUHSD has a small but deep problem at BHS, one that most students and parents will never know unless they are unlucky enough to become the target of this a small group of teachers.

I have never heard of an Associate Superintendent granting a teacher "Anonymous Status" so that they cannot be identified or properly investigated by legal authorities. This also blocked the initiation of a private investigation and civil suit against the teacher as her identity was "protected" by a district administrator. Public records were later produced which implicated the teacher (s) in the act and made the district administrator's actions of granting "anonymous status" not only look foolish, but the foundation of a waste of tens of thousands of dollars in legal and investigation expenses.

The Administration is playing with "House" money and it does not care about the financial or personal to cover up these actions.

The public disclosure of the documents already produced is enough to "raise eyebrows" and challenge the wisdom of the former administration. The production of the remainder of the requested documents would be enough to shut the door.

In the Palo Alto School District, the Board issued had the "new" district administration issue letters of reprimand to the site administration for its failure to properly carry out the law. This came AFTER an investigation by a full law firm rather than a private investigator.


I am very sorry for you.
Other/All Educators should be paying attention to your "Ground Breaking" battle for fairness...
It is amazing how difficult it is live an honest and fair life.

Steve Kassel

Surprising development at BHS. Very popular assistant Principal Terry Lien is out. I spoke with him today at Costco. Terry and I got along very well and the students were all fond of him. He did a great job with band, chorus and drama and he will be greatly missed, but apparently not by one person and that's the one that matters.

Terry is now running the Middle College program at CSM.


A disclosure of the truth of the matters at BHS would help the Burlingame public to understand what really transpired inside of the school. Why has a small group of teachers (and one failed principal) been able to create so much damage? The SMUHSD Board seems to have forgotten that it represents the students and the community and should not spend its time covering up the negligence of some of its teachers and administrators. The nasty thing about the truth is that it always seems to root out the lies... and then people really look bad... or lose their teaching credentials (in this case).

When Di Yim finished her destruction of BHS, her story was that she was heading to So Cal.... but somehow that became Henderson Nevada...... In the words of Deep Throat..."follow the money"


What is the status as of today, KRN? Do you have any more options?

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