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January 14, 2018



Hollyroller, please stop asking me to stop this topic. It's not going to happen so save your breath.

Steve and KRN, have you had that coffee yet? :-)


We are setting up a meeting for that coffee and exchange of ideas!




Joe's highlights above are near ground zero of the BHS issue. The next step is an SM County Grand Jury Investigation of how things went wrong.

I have been patient in allowing the SMUHSD time to carryout their stated intent (Board Meeting of 3-24-16) of solving the problems at BHS and promising (on the record) my return. While I have filled the Board with evidence, I have allowed them time to investigate as they promised.

According to the SMUHSD Collective Bargaining Agreement, I now have a right to return to BHS in the Fall 2018 as there is a teaching position open at BHS. I have filed an application with my intent to return. It is my hope that there are not actions taken in bad faith to cover up the opening or block my return.

My legal and contractual right to return should stay in the sunlight for all to see. The Board should exercise ethics and good faith and live up to the contract and their agreement.

The question is will the SMUHSD live up to its legal and ethical obligations as articulated by the Board members the night of my Involuntary Transfer?

During the Board Meeting of March 24, 2016 -Board members advocated that they would support an Investigation of Burlingame High School in response to the Involuntary Transfer. After the transfer, the Board FAILED to direct Superintendent Kevin Skelly to conduct and investigation. Everything was covered up.

In describing the issues.
Board Member Marc. Friedman states " the conflict is like a triangle. Mr. Nelson is in one corner, a group of teachers are in another corner is Ms. Yim all conflicting with each other."

On the record of 3-24-16,, Mr. Friedman continues to complain about the legal due process procedures as lawful complaints were filed against the legal and ethical wrongdoings of teachers.

The Involuntary Transfer is a clear case of retaliation for blowing the Whistle. The SF Office of Civil Rights has found that all of my actions were “protected activities” but the transfer was not an “adverse employment action.”

On the record, Mr. Friedman continues that he wished people could have "gotten a cup of coffee and talked things out to reach peace" From the beginning, I made multiple written requests for meetings with site and district administration to meet and intervene with these individuals, but these requests were all ignored.

Mr. Friedman continues..."Under our Union rules after one year a teacher can be transferred back."

Mr. Friedman... do you plan to live up to your word and transfer me back to BHS?

On the record of 3-24-16, Ms. Lees Dwyer. "After a year.. Kevin can return to BHS."

The SMUHSD spent over $10,000 on its initial investigation by Chris Reynolds:

Mr. Reynolds primary finding:
"Some (BHS) Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues." –This is the foundation of the hostile work environment fortified by slander.

Chris Reynolds Investigation Summary

"The evidence concluded that the staff complaints about the situation were primarily based on staff problems with Kevin Nelson. Some Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues. Burlingame High School was very divided and the division noted during the investigation was centered around Mr. Nelson's complaints against his colleagues over a two-year period that resulted in hard feelings and a breakdown in communications."

So if a Whistleblower files an official complaint, those who are accused have a right to collaborate and use district time and resources to create a hostile work environment in retaliation?

I recently spoke to the California State Department of Education on Teacher Complaints and Credential Review. The department stated that the SMUHSD should have placed the teachers under the threat of perjury (under oath) to prevent answers that were lying or misleading. Since the Chris Reynolds investigation was only an employment inquiry, the teachers were free to lie, mislead, collaborate with one another and coordinated statements. Public Record evidence show that these actions took place at BHS.

The SMUHSD Administration is now blocking Public Record requests (for over a year) regarding these incidents as they are aware of what will likely be produced. Initial Public Record disclosures illustrate cooperation and collusion among teachers as slander was passed from one teacher to the next.

Why is there a cover-up? Principal Di Yim and Director of Special Education Gloria Dirkmaat were removed from the SMUHSD. (Retired) Another Associate Superintendent will leave January 28, 2018. One teacher (to be named later) filed a fraudulent Cease and Desist Order against my complaints…. a retaliatory violation of SMUHSD policy.

In July 2015 the SMUHSD was found by FCMAT ( Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team) to be out of compliance with Federal Standards and mandates for Disabled Students. The district has spent over $200,000 to remedy the issue, but has yet to acknowledge its culpability in the matter.

The Uniform Complaints filed against teachers are supported by evidence, Public Record documents, and the teacher’s own witness statements.

It time to tell the truth and its time to hold the guilty teachers responsible. When the SMUHSD requests an employment investigation, they should expect that the adults they employ will tell the truth.

I taught at Burlingame High School for 26 years.

I started the Advanced Placement Government program at BHS in 1994

I wrote and implemented the Advanced Placement Economics program in the SMUHSD and BHS in1997.

BHS was the only school in the SMUHSD to offer both AP Macro and AP Microeconomics.

These AP programs became the largest and most successful in the SMUHSD.

I transitioned the BHS Graduation from the SMHS Auditorium to the BHS campus. I produced and directed the graduation for almost 15 years to rave reviews from the community and the School Board members who were assigned to speak.

I took over the BHS and SMUHSD GATE (Gifted and Talented) Program and transitioned it into one of most recognized enrichment programs in the state.

Ethical responsibility requires elected officials to back up individuals who are willing to take a stand against unethical actions that place our children in jeopardy.

The teachers (The Mean Girls as they are known) not only abused students, but are willing to allow students to suffer so that they can avoid the consequences of their actions.

More to come.

Cathy Baylock

Both our sons benefitted greatly from all three of your AP classes and shared a lifelong love of Economics thanks to you!


I am sorry that you have to go through this BS in order to get conformation of the Truth.
KRN, you have an excellent "grasp" of the ideology of your peer's.
You will most likely win this "Case."
Do you believe you are "Strong Enough" to walk back into the BHS "Teachers Lounge?"
Why would you even want to ?
In my opinion, you are much better than this situation. Especially the "Sophomoric" BHS Educators.
I guess it is difficult to adjust to being "Adult" when surrounded, and interacting with Teen-Agers.
In every "published" event regarding your-KRN, BHS problems there was a complete lack Maturity, work ethic of "Adult/Educators, and ZERO Guidance from SMUHSD board members.
Thank you KRN for fighting the "Good Fight."
This "Nightmare" you have lived through the last few years may even be a "Stepping Stone" for another special place.
Thanks for sharing all.
What was the reason for all this "Hooey" anyway?
Thank you again KRN.
The strength you have shared with us is inspirational.


There is a reason people don't speak out or take a stand. Look what has happened to me.

When the SMUHSD made its decision to force my Involuntary Transfer (AFTER Di Yim resigned) one Union official stated to the SMUHSD, " If you force the Involuntary Transfer of Nelson, you are sending a very loud and clear message the ANYONE who takes a stand will be punished. This is the clear message of the transfer." That was the message of the transfer. Anyone who takes a stand against lies, slander and targeting of students will be punished.

The short answer is that I took a stand for students who were being targeted and abused (bulling and emotional abuse) by a select group of teachers. The same group who then targeted me. I do not trust these individuals to abide by standards of ethics and the law as they are willing to "drag students through the mud" in order to demonstrate their "authority" or shift blame form their own actions.

Federal law mandates that student issues and privacy remain confidential. This protects all students against the communication and disclosure of private information among teachers and/or the public. When private information regarding a student is disclosed to a teacher, the law mandates that the information remain private. The group of retaliatory teachers does not adhere to or respect the Federal Law and instead, acted as vigilantes by targeting children. When caught in their actions, they lied and blamed the students, parents, and others in order to deflect their guild.

The did not expect that Public Record requests of their school based communications would be discovered to prove their actions.

Through the negligence of the SMUHSD, it failed to recognize or take action to support these students. The negligence was disclosed in July 2015 when the state found the SMUHSD out of compliance with Federal standards.



This is just one of a series of incidents at BHS

The $5,000 - $10,000 Disciplinary Letter

In Spring 2015, Principal Di Yim issued me a Disciplinary Employment Letter. (I have NEVER had a employment discipline issue in 26 years of teaching.) The issues listed in the by Yim were not only false, but were the product of her own negligence. I was assisting a student and family to drop my AP Macroeconomics class as the student did not have the proper preparation due to a scheduling error. This was very simple.... drop a class. The counseling staff and I approved the drop (at the start of the semester) but Yim rejected it. (Principals NEVER reject these types of agreements between teachers and counselors when it is in the BEST interest of the student.) Why did Principal Yim protest? Many-many-many students across BHS were dropping courses as Principal Yim had screwed up the BHS Master Schedule. She had failed to properly structure course pre-requisites and placed a non-required Speech course for Seniors during 7th period in the second semester. (they don’t need and won’t attend-basic knowledge in running a school) The Speech course was a “gift” to the teacher and now the course was going to be closed due to low enrollment and Yim would be blamed for the financial loss due to her poor planning. Principal Yim’s negligence was being communicated to the District Office (complaints by parents and staff) and she was fearful of losing her job.

Yim decided to drag this student and family through the semester, ignored their requests to meet and used them as a pawn to cover up her negligence and look like she was doing her job. (She had already “lost” battles with multiple parents regarding dropping courses in the second semester.)

After the school year was ended, Principal Yim issue me a Disciplinary Letter claiming that I had engaged in “Unprofessional Behavior,” for advising the student and parent on the process of dropping the course and appealing Yim’s decision to the SMUHSD District Office. Yim made the slanderous statement to the parents and the student in front of the Associate Superintendent Kirk Black. (I was informed of Yim’s comment by the student and family who came to me very upset that Yim was not only negligent, but blaming the student and teacher for HER error.) Public Records show that Yim and Black communicated regarding this issue as Yim pushed to file for discipline. Public records also show that Yim attempted to use the family meeting with administration against me, only to have the issue backfire as the student and family gave their full support to me and blamed Yim

While the student/parent meeting took place in March, Principal Yim specifically waited until after the school year was over in June to request a meeting with me to issue the Disciplinary Letter. Principal Yim had waited because she was “Under Fire” from the BHS parents group who had requested Lame Duck Superintendent Scott Laurence to remove her from BHS at the end of the year. Most people expected Yim to be let go.. Laurence was leaving the district and stuck BHS with Di Yim for another year extension on her contract. Once Principal Yim had secured her employment, she came after me... that is why she waited. She feared that if she had filed the Disciplinary Action before getting her contract renewed, that the BHS Parents would push harder to get rid of her. She knew she was in trouble

I declined Yim’s request for a disciplinary meeting (the date was outside of the school year and my contract requirement) and she then failed to properly issue the letter, holding it “over my head” for two months of summer. I finally had to contact the district administration and ask if they were going to file or was I free to go?

Once I received the Disciplinary Letter, the issues outlined in it were fraudulent. The actions and policies cited by Yim were works of fiction. The evidence available to counter her claims was so readily available (some of it were actually posted on the BHS Schoolloop site)

Prior to the end of the school year, the SMUHSD mysteriously “dissolved” my position as district GATE Coordinator, a position I had successfully held for eight years. The job had been posted and I was the only applicant. The only way that the SMUHSD could not rehire me was to eliminate the position….. so they did.

I filed an employment complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Yim for slander and retaliation. It became clear that Yim issued the letter because I properly reported her for the now famous “Dick in the Box” sexually charged dance during the Little Big Game.

The SMUHSD used its law firm Lazano-Smith to defend the district in answering the DFEH. Yim not only lied/mislead lawyers in her statement to the Lazano-Smith but the narrative written defend Yim was comical and in conflict with established policies and practices at BHS. In short, she BS’s her way through the lawyers and attempted to blame others at BHS for her actins, In addition, Lazano-Smith also added non-related information to its DFEH response in an attempt to further attack me. Since I had already filed Uniform Complaints against BHS teachers, the Lazano-Smith law firm went for the “jugular” to slam me in more ways than the complaint in its response to the DFEH. The Lazano-Smith law firm also padded its legal bill by doing the “extra” research and writing that was not necessary in the response.

In the end, the SF Office of Civil Rights stated that my actions were “protected activities” in supporting a student and family and Principal Yim should have taken no action against me.

During the semester of the incident and the filing of the complaint with the DFEH, I became the target of Di Yim. This was retaliation for reporting her for her “Dick in the Box” and the complaints filed against others for their unethical and inappropriate actions.

After meetings and protests newly appointed Superintendent Kevin Skelly “threw out” the Disciplinary Letter but he could not reverse the damage done to me by Principal Yim through the process.

The student dropping the class was a “non-issue.” Principal Yim was using it as a power play as she was forcing me out of teaching Advanced Placement.

It backfired and continued a series of events that led to her removal and the Quid Pro Quo of my Involuntary Transfer. (There is no way the district administration is going to remove a principal and not take out the teacher as well)

The Disciplinary Letter should never have been written. It was produced and presented with the backing confidence of the pre-Kevin Skelly SMUHSD District Office Administration..

The cost to the SMUHSD for this fiasco is well above $5000 in legal costs at it served as yet another stimulus for the Office of Civil Rights to investigate the SMUHSD for discriminatory actions.

Why did the SMUHSD knowingly allow Di Yim to make false accusations against me and then have to spend a large amount of public tax dollars to defend her lies?

Someone on the Board should be able to answer that question.

By the way… there were two students who wanted to drop the class. Superintendent Laurence approved the request to drop of the second student overriding Yim’s decision.

Why didn’t Laurence just grant the requests of both students and save the time, money, and pain?

This is why a Board member refers to him as our "$300,000 absentee Superintendent,"


There seems to be a need for board member re-selection as well. Which of the board members supported the previous superintendent and Yim? Or if not overtly supporting but supporting by staying silent through this messy situation?So I don't inadvertently vote them back into the board?


Here is another one. Below is a different Disciplinary Letter.
Employees who report the negligence of the SMUHSD become a target of retaliation.

In May 2016 an email communication was sent to the SMUHSD Board Members (as they have received many) and the Office of Civil Rights.

The communication was informing the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) that “information submitted by the SMUHSD in a previous investigation was in conflict with documents produced via Public Record and the SMUHSD’s statement needed to be reviewed.” A OCR review of the information could be problematic.

Upon receiving the email communication, a SMUHSD Board Member contacted the SMUHSD Administration an instructed them to take action against me for sending the email. (This statement was made to me by the SMUHSD Administrator)

I was issued a Disciplinary Employment Letter placing me on a “path to termination” for “Misuse of Work Time, this was the violation classification for allegedly “sending an email during student class time.”

This was interesting considering that a BHS teacher has been running a Mary K. Cosmetics business out of her classroom and using the district email to communicate orders and billing with her customers (BHS staff).

It is also interesting that the person who issued the disciplinary letter was also the focus of the communication being challenged with the Office of Civil Rights

We live in an era where emails and other communications are sent via schedulers to ensure delivery and confirmation of these documents. The time stamp on the document is not an indication of when the “human” constructed the document or even pushed a button.

The email questioned by the SMUHSD was not on an @smuhsd.org account, but one from a private source where multiple people have access. The SMUHSD was so quick to issue a reprimand that no one took the time to find out “where” it actually originated.

“Shoot first and aim later.”

The SMUHSD issued the Disciplinary Letter before completing any due diligence, including finding out if I was even sitting in the classroom.

What is this important?

I am a homeowner in the SMUHSD District. I am a tax-paying constituent with a right to contact my elected representatives without fear of retaliation in any manner.

An SMUHSD Board member used their position to single me out (from any an all other communications) and requested my employer (whom the Board member supervises) to take action against me. Only employees who are also constituents can fear this action.

As employees of the SMUHSD, should we fear speaking up when things are wrong because the district can actually taken employment action against us for expressing our points of view?

Is it normal procedure for our elected School Board representatives to contact the employers of their constituents and target them for retaliation?

Ethical Governance?
Upon receipt of the Disciplinary Letter from the SMUHSD, I requested the name of the Board member who forwarded the letter.

The SMUHSD official refused to name the Board Member who forwarded the document and requested action against me.

I wrote to the Board and requested that the member who requested the retaliation, identify themself, so that I could review the communication sent to the SMUHSD Administration to take action against me.

I received silence, as the Board member refused to take responsibility for their action.

I then filed a Public Record request for the communication that generated this Disciplinary Action, the Board.

The SMUHSD ignored the Public Record request as they have been refusing others over the past year.

I was issued an employment Disciplinary Letter placing me on a path to termination for allegedly “sending a personal email during class time” without any proof to support that the communication was actually sent by a human or that I was even sitting in the classroom.

This action was taken against me on the last day of the school year.

This is just another retaliatory action against me for pushing to promote the truth. The SMUHSD wants to continue to bury its negligence.

By the way… this Disciplinary Letter was forwarded to the Office of Civil Rights and it is the reason they opened investigation #3 into the SMUHSD.

OCR Investigation get expensive with legal fees.

This is just another reason why the SMUHSD does not want the SM Grand Jury taking a look inside the district.


The incident above was May 2017... not 2016

This was one year after leaving BHS... What was the point?


How can a School Board member order/influence a school administrator to take action against an employee for submitting a lawful communication to the Board and the Office of Civil Rights?

Dr. Kevin Skelly stated to me in a meeting November 2017 that the district was instructed by a Board member to "take action against Kevin Nelson" for sending the email.

The Board member remains silent in the darkness, refusing to take responsibility for their action.

No one cares about when an email was sent. The concern was the contents of the communication.

These are just the "small items" that have transpired..

Steve Kassel

Just wanted to post some good news. I attend many music and sporting events at Burlingame High and quite a number of games involving BHS played at other venues.

I'm very happy to say that I see Principal Belzer at virtually everything I attend, both home and away. I've told him how much it is appreciated and that families and students notice his attendance.

Mr. Belzer has high school age children of his own so it's particularly impressive that he makes the tremendous effort.


In the letter outlining my Involuntary transfer from Burlingame High School; SMUHSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly cited two key elements:

• “At the staff meeting when Ms. Yim announced her resignation, numerous staff members expressed grave concerns that the decision regarding your transfer might be reversed.”

• “I have received numerous indications from BHS staff members that your presence at the school will negatively impact the necessary improvements at BHS.”

I responded to Dr. Skelly’s letter with a simple request for evidence, “if there is a grave concern about the reversal of my transfer, then I believe that it can be supported with evidence.” What is the compelling concern and who is making it?

Contrary to Dr. Skelly’s statement, an investigation by an outside individual (hired by the SMUHSD) found the OPPOSITE to be true at BHS. The investigation found that it was the SELECT GROUP of teachers who were responsible for creating and spreading the hostile work environment at BHS created as retaliation to the Uniform Complaints.

BHS faculty members present at Di Yim’s resignation reported (to me) that it was these same teachers who went to Dr. Skelly, telling their lies and no evidence…

The 2014 Investigation concluded:
"The evidence concluded that the staff complaints about the Nelson situation were primarily based on staff problems with Kevin Nelson. Some Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues. Burlingame High School was very divided and the division noted during the investigation was centered around Mr. Nelson's complaints (Uniform Complaints in line with Federal Law) against his colleagues over a two-year period that resulted in hard feelings and a breakdown in communications."

“Some Staff exercised poor judgment when they e-mailed or made statements about Mr. Nelson to other colleagues” (That is called slander)

When I contacted Superintendent Kevin Skelly for the names and specific allegations of the BHS teachers as reported to him, I received the following response:


You have asked in your email below for the identity of your colleagues who have expressed their concerns about you. What is required by the collective bargaining agreement is to provide you with the reasons. That I have done. To protect the district and teachers at Burlingame High School who have spoken their concerns, I will not disclose their identity. I do not want you to be accused of further antagonizing those staff members, which will be less likely if you do not know their identity. I firmly believe that your transfer is in your best interest by giving you a clean new start as well as in the best interest of Burlingame High.

Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.
San Mateo Union High School District
Direct: (650) 558-2201

In order to obtain copies of these allegations, I filed a public records request for all communications from BHS faculty sent to Superintendents. Kevin Skelly and Kirk Black as well as communications sent to SMUHSD Board members.

The public record request turned up zero responses. There were no complaints filed by any BHS faculty against me. So where are the complaints?

A fundamental element of due process and ethics is the right to review and defend against false allegations. In this case, even upon request, I would not be presented with the allegations or who made them.

To this day, I have not been presented with a single piece of evidence to warrant my Involuntary transfer from BHS.

The SMUHSD Board was elected to protect the students, parents, and community in the district, not protect those who retaliate against them.

Lies are a powerful thing, but they have no roots and will come back to bite you.

Thats a pretty good idea... the BHS teachers coordinated their stories and blamed the person who makes the report, charging them as the hostile individual in order to protect yourself and crime.

The only problem is that they forgot their emails were subject to public record request.


You have really presented an incredible defense, and case in your favor.
I believe you should not go back to BHS. However, I understand your reason to fight for your Honor.
I am sure this BS is grinding you down.
Take care of yourself, as well as those close to you.
Good Luck.



I have not even posted the "Good Stuff." The SMUHSD District Admin allowed BHS to get "out of control,” failed to properly address the issues, and are now covering up their own negligence.

The SMUHSD Board Members took a position of "Restoring Peace" to BHS, but failed to hold responsible teachers who targeted students and parents in creating the conflicts.

Superintendent Skelly actually defended Principal Di Yim for her "Dick in the Box" dance, blaming the senior boys for the action, after stating the dance was highly inappropriate. The dance was sexually inappropriate... before Yim came running on the field to join them in the "bump and grind." Why does a well-paid public official defend inappropriate sexual misconduct by a principal in the workplace? Why wasn't Yim held accountable for her actions? It was part of the deflection, Yim was never a central issue, she just screwed things up.

During a district investigation of teachers at BHS, the SMUHSD "caught" a teacher who was targeting students and stalking their social media accounts to collect content to use against the students. When caught, the teacher explained that this "guilty pleasure" of stalking students was her "Time Suck" as she spent hours "clicking and clicking and clicking" through student Facebook pages.

After being caught, a Uniform Complaint was filed against the teacher. In response, a SMUHSD high level administrator granted the teacher, "Anonymous Status" so that her identity could not be revealed to the public as she claimed she needed to "protect her identity." Protect her identity from what? She was the one stalking the students!

A detailed complaint was filed against the teacher naming her and outlining her actions and the SMUHSD responds by issuing a statement that it would not confirm her identity. WTF is that?

In a legal filing with the San Mateo Superior Court where this same teacher was attempting to block the disclosure of her identity and record she writes,

" If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public and the memo (documentation of getting caught) in question is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the memo disclose private, embarrassing information about me, but I also am concerned that disclosure of memos of this nature will fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers. I have young children and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me."

So... after getting caught stalking students (to collect information) and being granted "Anonymous Status" to protect her identity (after getting caught), the teacher then asserts HER right to privacy because SHE is concerned about being embarrassed…for behaving like a teenager. There is a reason this/these BHS Teachers are nicknamed The Mean Girls,” because they act just like the bitchy/clique teens in the movie!

In order to deflect guilt, the Mean Girls then collaborate and slander those students, teachers and parents who report them.

This is just one more chapter in the world that was Burlingame High School… and these were the teachers.

Federal Law prohibits teachers and school staff from identifying (in any way), sharing or making public student names and/or private information. These teachers did not believe that the law applied to them and got angry when they got caught and became the subject of scrutiny.


Sometimes the Truth is not the issue in these type of cases.
It is about Power.
Think about it...

The entire SMUHSO Board, unable to address and come to terms with these "Unusual and Minor" management/ employee "complaint, should resign and direct a San Mateo County Grand Jury to review this case from beginning to end.
The SMUHSO should all resign. Immediatlly.

I can not stop considering the "Scuttlebutt" regarding Sex and the Race of both complainants.

* believe me, I am aware of the communications between parties. Not all, but a few.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast...

My parents insisted that my sister and I start going to private school in 6th/7th grade because of the bullshit that public school culture /union bully culture creates to the disregard of the best interest of students, education, ethics, and even the law.

I went on to graduate from a very competitive private high school with a top GPA, graduated from a top ranked private university, and a top ranked business school with my MBA.

The essence of what makes most private schools better than public schools is that the private schools understand that their priority is to deliver the best possible education to their students. The students and their parents are the customer, and the customer is the boss, not the teacher's union or the state government crumbling corruption.

Principal Yim was a Wellesley alumnae and from a private school culture. She is probably very bright and successful individually, but might not have been the ideal leader for a public high school with high-strung, self absorbed parents matched with the heart of darkness teacher's union HQ'd in Burlingame itself.

She might have mis-cast in that principal role, but I'd blame the leadership of the school board who I also know well. The school board is full of close-minded, weanies with little to no leadership and charisma except having sucked hard enough on the Left wing teet to get their endorsements.

Kudos to the charter schools that are intended to bypass the clusterf*ck that is California State Government and it's Public School indoctrination machine.

Best wishes to BHS and its students. I'd encourage The Parents of these students and those throughout California to get involved with your children's education by directly tutoring them, and by electing school board members that aren't just towing the party lines, but really focused on providing the best possible education for the students.


Since the start of these issues, I trusted the SMUHSD Administration and Board to do the right thing.

They failed.

I agree.... this is a political power trip.

I have the audio recording of the Board Meeting (3-24-16) the night I was transferred. Board Member Friedman takes the microphone and starts preaching about what everyone else should have done to "find peace" yet he isn't willing to do the right thing himself.

The Administration and Board's failure to properly remedy these issues has cost the SMUHSD an additional $100,000 in investigation and legal fees.

Rule #1. When you are a boss (Principal or Asst. Superintendent) you don't get be friends with your employees. (Nor do you get to bump and grind with the teenage boys)

Its one thing with your Rep in DC lets you down.

This is the local School Board who can't do right by the kids.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast...

KRN, Friedman is the King Weenie / Left Wing Suck-Up I was thinking about. He's a University of Chicago Nerd-Non-Leader...

However, I think that when Principal Yim agreed to join the pep rally dance with the male cheerleaders, she didn't expect those cheerleaders to choose an inappropriate song. She probably neither knew the song or had taken the time to read the lyrics. Perhaps that was reasonable for any principal to trust that students wouldn't play inappropriate music, and those students should have been reprimanded as a result.

Principal Yim was hoping to be cool and fit in, and she overlooked double checking the music. That whole situation was blown way out of proportion.

At the heart of the matter, seemed to be alot of parents with high-Burlingame-expectations that their child could get an AP class if they qualified/wanted to, etc.

However, that's where Union/Left Wing Rule fails. The Left Wingers always try to force utopia, and all they get is Animal Farm instead.

You can't agree to educate the entire world's population, and also have enough funding for excellence like enough AP class capacity.

And, Left Winger/Union types aren't in it to help your child achieve excellence, but rather they want to provide a "Big Lift" for every last child, regardless of whether their families have committed crimes (misdemeanors) to enter our country and to enroll in our school system - illegally.

Then, some of those teenagers (and their parents) bring their Imported Gang Culture with them as well. Some of my children's classmates' parents are MS-13 gang members, because they get bused in from EPA, and allowed to enroll and operate freely in our communities because the Left Wingers think that they're being nice to pick and choose which laws that they will follow.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast...

You want a culture of excellence? Elect and hire people who have achieved excellence and who are independent thinkers and great leaders as well.


You are right and wrong

"Principal Yim was hoping to be cool and fit in, and she overlooked double checking the music. That whole situation was blown way out of proportion."

Nothing was blown out of proportion. The SMUHSD Administration (Pre-Skelly and Board) knew of Yim's actions and did nothing.

The skit was planned with Yim and she agreed to it The REASON she came out on the field was because the dance WAS highly sexual and inappropriate.

This was the selling point to the students. The sexual content violated the rules and EVERYONE KNEW IT. The former Leadership Advisor (who was there) was outraged that the dance took place as it VIOLATED EVERY POLICY that had been established at the school.

Principal Yim though she was going to gain popularity for her actions. She was not tricked, she was part of the show. Everyone looked to the "Dick in the Box" song but the real story was that Yim approved the entire thing.

A responsible High School Principal WHO HAD BEEN TRICKED would have immediately addressed the students and parents that HER actions were wrong. She would have addressed the entire BHS school population THE NEXT DAY and explained that the dance was inappropriate and should never have taken place. Principal Yim DID NOTHING as she was a in on the entire thing. Principal Yim was reprimanded by Superintendent Scott Laurance (Never get involved in another school rally) but no one tole Superintendent Skelly who defended her.


The proof.... the students were boo-ing Yim as they though she was going to stop the dance... instead she joins in with the boys She knew everything that was going to happen.. It would make her popular !

One last thing in light of the sexual assaults on students by teachers.

If there were reports of a MALE teacher stalking the social media accounts of a 16 year old FEMALE student, the teacher would be arrested.

Why is a 40-ish FEMALE teacher who stalks young boys is given a free pass? It s just Murphy's Law.

The SMUHSD just got lucky this time. TimesUp goes both ways. Schools cannot ignore FEMALE teachers who are stalking male students for ANY reason.. just because its a reversal of fortune.

And Yes... Yim was cutting AP courses to provide for "other" items on "her"agenda. Di Yim's personal agenda was to "Destroy every element of history of BHS from existence." (as stated by another BHS teacher)

Lastly... A single member of the SMUHSD Board ordered the SMUHSD Administration to take legal Human Resource Action against me. On the last day of school, June 2017, I was issued an official employment reprimand (placing me on a path to termination) after a communication outlining a false report (filed by the SMUHSD) and evidence of extreme negligence of the SMUHSD was sent to the Office of Civil Rights. The SMUHSD Board member refused to identify themselves, but had no problem ordering an Administrator to go after me.

Cover Up.

No Trust
No Confidence.


The SMUHSD Board is blocking over a year's worth of Public Record requests into these issues. It must be the Board as no individual in the Administration would flaunt the law and risk the SMUHSD getting sued by a pubic interest law firm.

The requests are for documents, emails, text messages, etc of employees using tax payer funds to carry out the business of the school.

The Palo Alto Schoo District is in deep trouble for suppressing the collection of evidence in investigations. The District Administration ordered their administrative leaders to NOT take notes on electronic systems as these items were subject to Public Record search and could be used in legal cases AGAINST them. The Office of Civil Rights investigating violations of sexual harassment discovered the practice of suppressing evidence and are taking the district to task for their failure to follow the law.

The SMUHSD may have been led to believe that the BHS issue was a "squabble" among teachers.

It was not.

The distinct group of teachers believed that they were free to target and retaliate against teachers, students, and parents without any redress against them.

The Board needs to produce the documents... This is why we have transparency laws and elections.

Hanley, Griffen, and Dwyer are all up for re-election this year.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, not to detract from the interesting discussion and revelations, but Bruce Dickinson distinctly remembers the dance video which gave the rise to Yim-gate. Yim didn't just randomly walk into the performance and start dancing, you could tell it was practiced and highly choreographed, meaning she knew exactly what she was getting into--it was rehearsed!! Any student at BHS could refute this, but notice that so far, no one has.

It's pretty clear she was persona non grata and post her departure, no one seems to miss her other than a few people that have been left exposed. What's the deal with some of the posters above defending her?

Makes the daily White House press briefings look honest in comparison!


There is not a peep about Principal Yim... except from the core of Mean Girls who befriended her, preyed upon Yim's low self esteem,and used her to remain "above the law." One of the Mean Girls stated, "I hated the way 'they' treated Yim!" Many of "these" teachers love teaching at BHS, but hate Burlingame parents, despise the wealth of Burlingame and mock the Burlingame moms (and dads) who contribute time to the school.

The SMUHSD Board and administration were overwhelmed by the amount of complaints received about Di Yim... yet allowed her to stay at BHS and destroy the history, traditions, and culture of the school.

Public records show via email communicaiton that Yim incompetence as a leader was known and documented. One small group of parents brought in Professional Management trainers in an attempt to help Yim to work with people, communicate, lead, delegate... well do the job she was hired to do.

Public record of parent letters and communications show that in the last year, Parens just "lost it" in their letters to the Superintendent and were flat out outraged by the unprofessional and childish behavior of Principal Yim. (Adults do not walk around the campus sampling the lunches of students)

Records show that Yim not only allowed the Mean Girls to do "as they pleased" but also allowed faculty to abuse one another. Despite requests on multiple occasions, a single teacher was verbally and emotionally abused by his department peers.

The leader of the group had already abused three other teachers who left the campus in year's prior due to the treatment.

Principal Yim wanted the teacher gone, so she allowed to his peers to "gang up" on him with continued verbal and emotional abuse.

They did not know that he documented the daily torment as well as verbally reported the incidents to peers each day.

The abuse included an altercation by the Señor Leader of the teachers and the incident included conflict with a student. The student filed an incident report outlining the "irrational" behavior of the Señor Leader.

Principal Yim did nothing... as did the SMUHSD. Superintendent Skelly was not in charge at the time and the Board was allowing Superintendent Lauraunce to take a $300 sabbattical from his job.

The Board and District Office Administration are responsible for the environment created at BHS.

The male leadership at the district needs to be trained in how to manage female staff. Ignoring the failures of a leader are not a matter of gender. They are a failure to lead. Female staff were given a "pass" for negligence while males were transferred or let go. The record on gender is clear and available.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast...

KRN, very interesting insight, thanks for clarifying. I was just trying to be positive, but I hear what you're saying.

Although Friedman is still King Weenie.

That's why so many families pay a tremendous amount of additional money to send their kids to private schools- they don't want to be beholden to King Weenie and Left Wing Extremists like him. BHS probably fueled demand for our local private schools tremendously.

I hope that one day male and female staff, and male and female students, and staff and students of different races and even of different political parties can just be treated equally.

So-called Affirmative Action must go, it's hypocritical and wrong.

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