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December 15, 2017



The California drought is always going to be an issue.

If 50% of people who live in CA. really conserved water, that would not be enough.
The other 50% who do not care, will always take more than needed.
That fact is hard to comprehend.
The only logical response is "Zero Growth."
All new "Buildings" are required to have "X" amount of "off street parking."
I think water is a much more important commodity than Parking Spaces.
I guess we have to wait until a large Earthquake hits Burlingame to appreciate the value of water.


Keep in mind there has long been a "drought" with respect to critical thinking amongst those who work in government.


Unless people get together to admit there is an Intelligence, Moral, and lack of just plain Humanity in our Society, we,as a neighborhood, City, State, are going to be Unhappy.
About everything.
President Trump represents the Universal Consciousness of the people of the US.
Things are really wrong right now. Admitting the mistake of electing President Trump, and doing anything to remove him from office, would be a great place to start the healing.

Steve Kassel

The moment Trump leaves office, the water problem is solved!

The people are coming. The only question is how far the commute will be.


Here we go again (SacBee this time):

The storms have passed and California’s dry winter has returned, raising the specter that the state could be entering another drought less than a year after the last one officially ended.

After a brief spell of rain and snow improved California’s water conditions last week, the National Weather Service said Monday it’s forecasting at least two weeks of dry weather.

“We do still have, technically, half of the wet season left, but we’ve blown through half our bank account with no income,” said Jeffrey Mount, a water expert with the Public Policy Institute of California.

Experts such as Mount caution the state needs multiple wet winters to erase the water deficit left by the last drought.

For instance, the state’s groundwater, a key source of California’s supply, still remains woefully overdrafted in some areas, particularly in San Joaquin Valley farm country where farmers pumped record amounts to make up for lost surface water during the drought.

Groundwater makes up about 60 percent of all fresh water consumed in California during drought years, and about 40 percent in average years. The state is still in the process of rolling out a new groundwater law that attempts to set limits in overdrafted areas for the first time.

The state also plans to make some conservation rules enacted during the drought permanent in the coming weeks, said George Kostyrko, spokesman for the State Water Resources Control Board. In late February, the board plans to impose PERMANENT prohibitions on water wasting, such as using drinking water to hose down sidewalks and driveways. (like we have any other kind of water laying around)

Mount said still more needs to be done to better prepare California for the next drought. (duh. Maybe we should build more housing, yeah, that's the ticket)

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