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October 28, 2017



While speaking of the Tree's of Burlingame...
There is a 7 Decade Old Burlingame Park Dept. Employee, still working.
Congratulation's, Jake Evens.
We need more Senior Citizens in the Burlingame Park Dept.
Happy Birthday Jake.

Paloma Ave

A branch of a neighbors tree fell across my front yard one day, as I was on my porch, unlocking the front door. This particular tree has dropped three branches since I have lived here. The last branch took out the high voltage power lines.

I have attempted to get PG&E and/or the city to declare it a nuisance, but have no luck.

Any suggestions would welcomed.


Paloma Ave, the question is how well do you get along with your neighbor and how well do you want to get along with your neighbor in the future?

If you get along, you ask nicely and maybe offer to split the cost. If you don't and don't want to, you up the ante a bit. I'm surprised PG&E and the city are not helpful. Who did you ask at city hall?

Paloma Ave

I offered, with a previous owner, to split the cost, but she decided she liked the tree.

In my opinion there is nothing attractive about this tree. (I have had four additional trees planted on my property since moving in).

There is a different owner now. He is willing to allow the tree to be removed.

One previous arborist, who is now retired, told me the tree was dangerous and gave a vocal o.k. to allow the tree to be removed.

I have requested the current arborist meet me onsite to discuss, but that has not happened.

One would think that with all of the fires going on in the state and with the tree at Washington Park killing and injuring people that the City of Burlingame and/or PG&E would want this safety hazard eliminated?

Peter Garrison

PG&E is a little lazy.

I noticed a cypress tree with a huge crown that was leaning inch by inch lower each time I walked by it in the morning. PG&E came out, looked at the base of the tree, saw no lifting of soil, left a note in the neighbor’s mailbox that said he had the responsibility for the tree and was leaving.

I mentioned the storm due later that week.

The storm came, the tree fell ripping down the power lines and the block was in the cold and dark for forty hours.

Couldn’t resist saying “I told you so” to the work crews who had to fix what the inspector missed. Hope it got back to him.

Listen to the locals.


Years ago I paid to trim the neighbor’s oily eucalyptus trees that border the steep hillside of Mills Canyon, both as a fire deterrent as well as they were blocking the view.

Some years later the towering trees had grown back, the owner was selling the house and asked me if I would spend the money to trim their trees again.



I was reluctant to post on the tree falling and killing someone in front of BHS, but since it was mentioned and the DJ has an article about it, here is a bit of it:

A 60-foot tree limb dropped onto a group of picnickers at Washington Park, killing one and seriously injuring others, according to city officials.

A 29-year-old woman from San Mateo was killed when the limb crashed from the pine tree around 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, said an official with the county Coroner’s Office. Burlingame City Manager Lisa Goldman said in an email three others were hospitalized immediately afterward, but their conditions are unknown.


I stopped by to see the branch and it was quite large. I would estimate 18-20" in diameter at the point where it attaches to the trunk.

Peter Garrison

I read somewhere that during hot weather oaks can drop branches. Maybe other trees too. No wind needed.

Prayers ascending.

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