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October 23, 2017



Yep, and it worked. I'll be watching to see how widely spread the proceeds are since that is the essence of a General Fund funding.


My prediction is that the revenue stream from the sales tax increase will be used to issue bonds to fund the new recreation center. That is why there is no sunset clause on the tax increase.

Cathy Baylock

I now have bragging rights in the Baylock household. The wife has more political clout than the husband. Does that mean no cooking for a year. Yes!


Correct Chris. It was written explicitly to allow that and perhaps 63% of the town wants that but I will bet 93% of the town has no idea it was the intent. In the end it may not be a bad idea but it is certainly disingenuous. Not illegal but disingenuous.


Why does the City of Burlingame Recreation Center continue to "Pop Up?"
In my opinion, the City of Burlingame Management needs to justify their positions and Salary.
The Recreation Director receives, $346,000.00 per year, and a $4000.00 per year "petty cash" allowance.
The COB Elders all live in Burlingame.
As they should.
However, there is not one single COB Manager who lives in Burlingame.
Therefore, the people who are making decisions that will effect COB for the next 50 years, have no interest in the future of Burlingame.
A Recreation Center, whatever the heck that is, is the last thing needed in our fair City.
It is not only wrong, for hundreds of reasons, it is just plain STUPID.


It only took a couple of weeks to find the exact quote/politician sentiment that some of our commenters claim to have never heard before. It comes from NJ, but could easily be from Sacto. From the WSJ:

The Republican tax reform must still pass the Senate, but already it’s having a political impact in at least one high-tax, ill-governed state. Democrat Steve Sweeney, president of the New Jersey Senate, said last week that the GOP decision to eliminate the state and local tax deduction could throw a new tax increase on millionaires into doubt.

The surcharge on millionaires is a hardy perennial in Trenton, and Governor Chris Christie vetoed it multiple times. But Governor-elect Phil Murphy, who is already rich from his Goldman Sachs days, campaigned on a special tax rate of 10.75% above the state’s already high top income-tax rate of 8.97%.

“I’ve voted for it seven times. I’ve said it’s a top priority,” Mr. Sweeney said, according to the Observer Online. “But I’m actually getting very, very nervous now with what’s happening in Washington.”

Excellent news. Making politicians in Trenton, Albany, Sacramento and Springfield nervous about raising taxes is one desirable outcome of tax reform. These politicians have been passing the burden of their tax-and-spend policies onto taxpayers in other states via the state and local deduction. If that goes away, Democrats will have to rethink their policies lest they drive from their states the affluent taxpayers who finance most of state government.

Bruce Dickinson

Frankly, I'm not sure why people are so surprised that heavily leaning Democratic States that so despise Trump and the Republican Party (for different reasons) are now being retaliated against with Federal tax "reform".

As Bruce Dickinson says, "EVERYTHING has a price"

Now it's someone else's turn to pay!

Karen Ostinetti

$346,000.00 per year for a Rec Center Director? No way! I am checking on this matter.


Whatever you find out post it here.
Happy Holoidays


I've had to delete a comment that did not meet the Terms of Use. You all won't miss it.

Elsewhere in the news from today's DJ:

With job growth and housing prices soaring, San Mateo County’s property tax base has risen to an all-time high as values reflect the booming economy.

The Controller’s Office released its annual tax rate book following the assessor’s announcement San Mateo County property values have topped the $200 billion mark for the first time.

The year-over-year $15 billion increase in assessed values elevated the local property tax roll to $206 billion with numerous cities seeing double-digit value increases. The first installment of property tax payments for fiscal year 2017-18 have trickled in over the last few months as the holidays near. Now, the Controller’s Office is in the process of compiling data on various tax rates before the revenue is distributed to cities, schools, special districts and the county.



Where did you see the $346,000.00 number?


Hey Suckers, check this out Burlingame officials are examining strategies for combating the local affordability crisis with millions of dollars expected to be generated over the coming years by an oncoming building boom.

The Burlingame City Council discussed during a Saturday, Jan. 27, study session plans for allocating money likely soon to be culled from fees paid by developers constructing new homes and workspaces.

With an onslaught of construction on the horizon, officials are developing immediate and long-term spending plans for the roughly $4 million in fees projected to soon be collected.

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