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October 28, 2017



Seems more suited to LA -- their hiring practices are .more like casting. But I guess it will be fun for the kids who miss the Euro vibe (HQ in Copenhagen).

old guy

I thought the same thing when I saw it, Joe. That is a huge space for coffee and juice. Maybe it will die fast and we can get something better.


Here's another interesting restaurant going to........San Mateo:

San Francisco burger outfit Roam Artisan Burgers is growing. Quickly.

According to the budding mini chain, a San Mateo outpost (246 South B Street) will debut sometime in November, and another is in the works for Uptown Oakland (1951 Telegraph Ave.) with an opening date slated for later this year.

The moves come just a few months after the shop announced plans to set up its first Peninsula outpost in the Bay Meadows’ Town Square development.



Living in the San Mateo/Burlingame area for many years, I have always questioned the many "Junk Stores" that do business in shops that must lease/cost a minimum of $15-20,000.00 per month.
Unless there are lines around the block,24/7 there is NO WAY a J&C shop can survive.
I do not get it.
Something is not right about this type of business practice.


Junk Stores? Maybe a crack house or a DMV in a sanctuary city like this would give you the line around the block. You would need crowd control at a massive scale I bet.

Did you calculate the cost-of-sales before you popped-off; or maybe you calculated the revenue-per-square-foot.

Come on Andrew. :-)


went by this morning and the place was being jack hammered... really, we have pile driving and jack hammering going on all over town.
beside Nachoria, PAMF building on California, Olde English Garage on Howard, not to mention out at the bayshore. Welcome to noisy Burlingame.


Very Clever name... DarkSeoul.
Thank you for your comment.


I am for a new Clothing Optional Dinners, New York place.
Would go great in Burlingame.

Strip and dine; these are the two most basic highlights of this restaurant. All you need to do is strip off your clothing and enjoy your food.


Poncho-sized napkins, please.


As long as the servers are well-qualified like at Hooters I think this might work. We could be on the cutting edge of Burlingame cuisine. Maybe a hookah room for legal ganja smoking where the little take out place in the back of the Plant was? Party down, Garth. The only problem is they would not bother to sell T-shirts.


Great Concept.
However, THERE HAS TO BE A "Velvet Rope" in order to sort out the cliental.
Theme nights would be a good way for a restaurant to cater to their customer needs.... Guarantying a full restaurant night after night.
-Tattoo Night
-Fat Night
-Ugly Night
-Politician Night
-Movie Star Night
-Sports Night
-Religious Night.
Once a year bring all together for a evening of sharing any and all POV's.

Restaurant Dynamics

I wonder if the Joe and the Juice is a sublease, and therefore they were able to get it below the sky high market rents?

Retailers and especially restaurants are often attracted to the average HH income of the Burlingame/Hillsborough area, but they neglect to look at the relatively low Daytime Employment number and relatively low consumer spending for restaurants vs. other more densely populated areas - considering the rent per sf.

Once the moratorium on new restaurants was lifted several years ago and once spaces leased up to new restaurants, the weaker ones discovered that their sales were way down.

I am actually working on a potential lease buy out in Burlingame that could result in a strong, new live music venue. Just gotta work down the unrealistic expectations of the current tenant, and time will be the ingredient that makes it happen.


Totally wierd. No way would I go there. Why couldn’t they had put in a nice restaurant with good ambience and food. I can’t believe they will be there for long considering the rent is so high in Burlingame.


Wasn't sure where to post this but was wondering, rumor has it that Copenhagen's is closing due to landlord tripling their rent. has anyone else heard this rumor? I sure hope it's not true!

Steve Kassel

I have heard they are definitely closing, but I do not believe the rent tripling is correct. It takes a lot to run a business like a big bakery and I had heard it was a family decision.


I cannot understand the duplicate business concepts (salons, coffee houses, frozen yogurt and boba tea) on The Ave.? Really, now, two crepe places now? How many bakeries do we need? What about the two Burmese restaurants with a mere one buding in between them!

Joe & The Juice hasn't a clue about their demographic. How many Yelpers need to remind...heck, PLEAD for management to TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!

While we're at it, why is litter and smoking allowed on The Ave? Create a smokeless pod or two, and keep the air clean for all the families...and Chihuahuas in summer dresses, being pushed around in strollers.

Merchants need to be accountable for litterbug patrons.

I blame my tangent/rant on dtinking caffeine too late.

In other, positive news...

In my dreams, I would love to see the historical Post Office be maintained, and turned into a movie theater (think Stanford Theater), or little performance theater. Summer movies outdoors would be fun!


Don't get me started how awful the run-down Caltrain Station (near the Ave.), attracts loitering, pot-smoking (Yes, I realize it's legal), punks, litter, and broken Caltrain shelter areas.



Bruce Dickinson

Still better than Belmont!



A GREAT advertisement, placed on the front Windows like an electrical neon sign, should post Profit and Loss.
Every drink, meal, and purchase.
Every Burlingame Ave. Business could post their monthly rent.
Maybe we could support Burlingame Ave Business if we know who needs our support.

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