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October 02, 2017


Bruce Dickinson

Wow, Bruce Dickinson is having my secretary Julie doing a lot of searches and repeating the same stuff over and over again... here's one from the following thread, for those trying to brandish "legal action". In this case, Julie is thankful, as it ends up saving quite a few transcribing key strokes.


April 17, 2015: (Bruce Dickinson) "Hillsider, guy, rest assured, do not be bullied online by whomever is is exactly that bullying you (I lost track at this point). In addition to what locavore adeptly said, Bruce Dickinson would be happy to sick some of the most aggressive lawyers known to man, namely those in the intellectual property, music, and recorded industry law practices. When it comes to civil and property rights, these guys can do cartwheels in the courtroom, and I mean courts like the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Delaware Chancery Court, and of course, the Supreme Court. You just give me a call if you're hassled, and rest assured, empty threats will be dispensed of swiftly and decisively. A few of these guys owe Dr. Dickinson a favor or two."

April 16, 2015 from username "Locavore":

"Before brandishing the threat of lawsuits, be aware that California goes beyond protecting Fed Constitutional rights of the 1st Amendment (free speech) in some of the most aggressive anti-SLAPP statutes that prohibit frivolous lawsuits and subpoenas.

Reference California Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, 425.17, 425.18 and 1987.1 and 1987.2

Judges do not take kindly to SLAPPs as they tie up extremely constrained Court resources for far more important matters."

Name recognition

Yep, Bruce, as usual you made incorrect assumptions about who was posting, in your on-going off-topic arrogance and rants about your Ferraris.

Don't worry, I'll hand-deliver your subpoena to our front door if you continue. You keep building the case against you with every post.

Sandy  Wich

In our field, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is considered a bunch of Baboons and low IQ. Hope you can do better than them. You little Wankers

Bruce Dickinson

Name Recognition,

1) what "case" would that be?

2) subpoena exactly what considering all is on the BV?

Name recognition

Fake Bruce,

Liabel https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1TSNP_enUS673US673&q=liable&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiCn5i6jOLWAhUrilQKHaJWB00QBQgjKAA&biw=1536&bih=760

Tort https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1TSNP_enUS673US673&biw=1536&bih=760&q=tort&oq=tort&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i67k1j0i131k1l2j0l5j0i131k1j0.87925.88292.0.88699.

Just quit jumping to incorrect conclusions about who is or isn't making posts, especially when your posts consistently commit liabel and torts against those current and former residents of Burlingame and the surrounding communities.

My wife, 2 children and I and our extended family members have an excellent long-term track record of academic, business and philanthropic time, relationship and monetary contributions both in the Bay Area and globally - and none of us deserve even the slightest negative comment here or anywhere else.

Cease and desist. https://www.google.com/search?q=Cease+and+desist.&rlz=1C1TSNP_enUS673US673&oq=Cease+and+desist.&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.631j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


Dear NR,
Please realize the Burlingame Voice is- in my opinion, supposed to be:
- Informative. Especially if you like Rumors, Fake News, and the opportunity to be the first one to know the latest "Scuttlebutt" at the City of Burlingame City Hall.
You NR, need to turn off ALL your IT devices,cell phone, sell your 2000 Prius and purchase a 1960/70 Muscle Car.
If that is a financial burden, a nice Neck Tattoo should be adequate.
Live a little NR.


This "interaction" between you both is Fascinating..
Sharing your relationship with each other, as well as the "People of the Burlingame Voice," is a gift that keeps on giving, and giving.
As I see this conversation unfold, it has become a "Film Noir." An Alfred Hitchcock plot for a movie.
Thank you for your contributions.


Have heard that the teachers of Burlingame have voted to endorse Luftman and Kendall. Go big.


Glad we're back on topic :) FYI, with specific regard to Ms. Kendall and Mr. Luftman, both of them were among four applicants who sought to be appointed to former trustee (now San Mateo Union High School District trustee) Greg Land's seat, when he had to step down in 2015. One of the other four applicants was Michael Jarrett, who posted in this string above and also deserves gratitude for his willingness to serve -as do each of the applicants, as well as the four candidates in this election. For more background/info on Ms. Kendall and Mr. Luftman, see BSD board agenda/minutes (items 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3) below, including PDFs of the respective letters of intent they wrote to BSD when seeking appointment, followed by each of the trustees’ subsequent votes & rationale at the time:



And on another note:

The Burlingame PTA Council is co-sponsoring a public forum for all Burlingame School Board candidates. A moderator from the League of Women Voters will time prepared speeches and facilitate a Q&A.

There are three seats open and four candidates. Take this opportunity to educate yourself and cast an informed vote on November 7th.

What: Burlingame school board candidate forum
When: 7pm, Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Where: Burlingame Intermediate School Auditorium, 1715 Quesada Way, Burlingame

Elizabeth Kendall

The Burlingame PTA Council is co-sponsoring a public forum for all Burlingame School Board candidates. A moderator from the League of Women Voters will time prepared speeches and facilitate a Q&A.

The forum will be held Wednesday, October 25, at 7p in the Burlingame Intermediate School auditorium (1715 Quesada Way).

Fix is In

Original Idea. The League of Women Voters moderating is like asking Stalin to moderate a Q&A on the Pro's & Con's of Communism.

Why not let the public ask the questions?

Cesar Orosco

The Burlingame PTA council is sponsoring a public forum for candidates to share their vision and goals on Wednesday, Oct 25 @ 7 pm, at the Burlingame Intermediate School Auditorium (1715 Quesada Way) This is a great opportunity to hear directly from the candidates and ask questions.

This is an important election, and it's great to have options.


I hear maybe there is a candidate forum somewhere soon :-0

BHS Student

With regards to the GATE program, a topic that was discussed earlier in the thread, I am very reluctant as to its overall benefits. As a student at Burlingame High School, and a member of the GATE program, I find it to be snobbish and ineffective.

The mission of the program, as spelled out on the BHS website, is to provide services “for students who possess a capacity for excellence far beyond that of their peers”. There is absolutely no truth in suggesting that only GATE students can ‘handle the intellectual rigor’ of the activities that the program offers; as much as you parents may want to think, we are not geniuses.

Recently, I received an email from the GATE coordinator with an attached survey. In it, one of the questions was regarding the “biggest issues that GATE students face” in the classroom, a prompt that effectively suggested GATE students to be the ‘victims’ of our educational system.

Not only do I find it appalling that we are being treated as precious specimens with precious concerns, the GATE program further subjugates our school community. Only GATE students get early registration priority to SAT and ACT preparation courses, and only GATE students are able to attend specialized field trips and events. Particularly with the test prep courses, the program is only widening the divide between the highest scoring and lowest scoring students on the standardized tests. The people who actually deserve the priority for test prep registration are those who are having the most trouble with the material.

A truly useful GATE program would encourage students to help those who are struggling, and would allow for the wide gap that exists today to be narrowed. There are already opportunities in place for students who want to challenge themselves, such as AP and AS classes as well as the newly reinstated Pilot Math Program.

Ultimately, though, the GATE program is a barrier to a better education. Students who perform well on tests that measure skills unrelated to grit, personality and creativity are being whisked away while everyone else is being left behind. If your child is smarter than everyone else in their class, then they have a unique opportunity to help others reach their level. And they’re defenitely not the smartest at everything.


Isn't Luftman the only candidate with a child currently enrolled in the district?


BHS Student,

It seems you missed the point You are suggesting a social justice program, not a Gifted Program. You make for a nice rant, but you may not understand that AP and AS are not Gifted Education.

The elementary programs were innovative, progressive and challenging to gifted young minds. They often allowed students to accelerate beyond their grade peers and engage in topics that would entertain rather than bore them.

If the program at your high school isn't meeting your needs (or stimulating you) then you should as for more.

There are many gifted students who are bored to death with rote memorization or listening to mediocre teachers impress themselves with what they think are intelligent lessons.

Glance down the street to Silicon Valley and ask "where did those innovators come from?"

Many of them left school because they were gifted and there was no stimulation in school.

Just remember the next time you take out your IPhone, desire a Tesla, or post on Facebook that a gifted child is advancing your world. Imaging if they had an additional opportunity in school.

" I find it to be snobbish and ineffective." You have a right to your opinion.

"we are not geniuses" You may not be a member of the group, but you don't get to speak for the others.

Cathy Baylock

@Train, Elizabeth Kendall has three children still in the elementary school program...


The Burlingame PTA will be live streaming the school candidates forum on October 25, and posting the recording here:

BHS Student

HI-IQ, before we continue with our discussion, I was just curious: have you ever been in a GATE program? Or are you the parent of a GATE student?

Anyhow, if GATE activities are “innovative, progressive and challenging to young minds,” why shouldn’t all students be able to participate? I believe that everyone can contribute a ‘gifted’ idea to any GATE program.

Broadly, however, I just don’t see the connection between boredom and intelligence. I find it hard to believe that any student would find a class in which a central part is “rote-memorization” to be interesting or exciting, whether the student is ‘gifted’ or not. In your example, does the blame not fall on the teacher, rather than students, who you suggest are ‘bringing the class to that level’?

An article by Slate Magazine cites scientific research that claims that “being bored actually signals to the mind that you’re in need of fresh ideas and [it] spurs creative thinking.” To that end, maybe GATE programs hinder a ‘gifted’ child’s ability to reach their full potential; after all, they might prevent a situation that is actually beneficial to them.

In the same way, ‘gifted’ students should aim to take their own initiative. Rather than expecting to have their consternation quelled by parents or school administrators, the ‘gifted’ should be able to independently find ways to stimulate themselves and become more engaged in the world around them. Constantly telling students that they’re special or need a ‘stimulating education’ to satisfy their unique needs will only make them less curious, for they will think that they know enough already.

On a personal note, though, I do not own a smartphone. I do not dream of driving a Tesla. And I do not have any social media accounts unto which I can post selfies. The inventions that have changed our society have not had a solely positive effect. Perhaps your GATE student could fix that.

Link to Slate Magazine article that I referenced: http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2014/07/01/studies_shows_why_boredom_may_boost_creativity.html


Maybe the term "gifted" is over-used. I'm a lot older than you, and I'd be willing to bet the ratio of exceptionally "smart" kids to the rest of the population has remained relatively constant through time. The difference is probably just an inappropriate or perhaps "modified" use of the term.

In the late 1970s (when I was in high school), the kids for whom the term "gifted" was reserved accounted for perhaps 1 in 100, and that might even be generous. Everyone knew who the couple of them in the school (SMHS) were. They were beyond smart, it was another quality that cannot really be described.

I remember being very surprised at the term being so loosely used when my kids entered BHS in the 2000s. My kids are not "gifted" in any real sense of the word, but they are "smart" like many of kids in BHS. Some of the kids may not be exceptionally smart, but they are "ambitious".

I think there is (or at least was) a huge difference between "smart" and "gifted". I'm not sure this is relevant for the topic, but I'm throwing it out there, because maybe the acronym GATE could use an overhaul to express classes offering opportunities for those who can handle or want to try to handle topics at an accelerated rate. The fewest of these kids will be truly "gifted', but the opportunity to take on more work (if that is desired) should be available in the public school system for any kid willing to take on that challenge.

Public schools have always worked for our family, but if these classes aren't made available these days, then we can always expect an exodus to the private schools, since there will be at least the perception that they have more to offer the "smart" and/or "ambitious" kids.


BHS Student

I was a GATE student as a child.

You should also know that many times, "The apple does not fall far from the tree" so the mass of Silicon Valley execs who live in Burlingame also have children who are gifted. (This makes exclusion from the club more difficult)

You referenced "Bored at Work"... this is school... or prison as many Gifted kids have named it. You can quite your job, you can't quit school..

As stated above, Burlingame families who have the funds have left the public schools. BHS has had a "brain drain" since the early 2000's after the first .com boom.

According to your logic, ALL students can become a great musician or ALL students can become a star athlete.


All students cannot become gifted.

Call me arrogant or call me a classist, but you can also call me correct.

And no..... not all students can benefit from these types of experiences.

According to your logic, Athletic Boosters should give their money to everyone who does not make the team and Ban Boosters should also give away their funds to a student who cannot play a note of music.

The idea that all students are gifted is another one of those "feel good, everyone gets a Blue Ribbon" movements.

Citing sources like Slate to define gifted education illustrates your confusion on the issue. If you took a look at Stanford's former EPGY, (now giftedandtalented.com) John's Hopkins, etc you would find academic data that supports gifted education.

GATE students are bored every day in the classroom, but they are required to produce the mind numbing work assigned by teachers.

If GATE students were offered the opportunity to leave public school for a better environment you would see a mass exodus (following the students with money) to other interests.

Why do so many students in SF want to get into Lowell?

Gifted Magnet schools across the country have wait lists.

In California, teachers now come from the BOTTOM half of their CSU class. A quick look at BHS will reveal this fact. Teachers from the BOTTOM half of their CSU class should not be teaching AP courses. When a group of mediocre teacher think they are smart…. and they are not…. the only result is trouble. (A gifted student will “slice and dice” a mediocre teacher most days of the week…. And then will be punished for being highly intelligent.”

GATE stands for GIFTED and Talented. There should be gifted students in the program because they are artists, musicians and dancers with talent far above their peers. These students may not have a high GPA, but they are gifted.

Gifted students NEED a different type of instruction.

Advanced Placement is not gifted education…. It’s advanced as in one or two grade levels ahead. Gifted education is about depth, analysis, and application.

Common Core is “anti-gifted” as it does not allow flexibility to move forward as a “student’s” pace.

“The inventions that have changed our society have not had a solely positive effect.”

Your argument is based on a “glass is half empty point of view.” The world is now more connected than ever and social media has helped thwart revolutions around the world. Smartphones are for more that taking pictures as they can deliver vital information around the world in seconds. The electric car and its battery innovations will relieve the world of its dependence on fossil fuels and advance green energy (and double the jobs of coal and oil) to a sustainable level.

Gifted education is not about the Hipster and his man bun sitting in a coffee house typing on a laptop. Its about providing highly stimulating instruction to the children who need more than the failed lessons of an unprepared teacher or society.

Cathy Baylock

Very well described, HI-IQ, especially the parts about the gifted students ( music, arts, dance, etc...) and the phrase "Gifted education is not about the Hipster and his man bun sitting in a coffee house typing on a laptop"...you are a gifted writer! In my day, we were called "MGM's": Mentally Gifted Minors...and the program started in 3rd grade. This was in the 60's when California had the best funded schools in the nation! The BHS GATE program run by Mr. Nelson was excellent! So sad to see such a wonderful program being eliminated...

BHS is a good school

Burlingame High does not experience a "brain drain" any higher than any other public school in the area. I just love the nonsense that people with a clear agenda throw out with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER. Same thing our President does. No facts, just BS allegations.

Wealthy parents have ALWAYS sent their kids to expensive private schools. Whether in Washington, DC where there are a tremendous number of expensive private schools or on the San Francisco Peninsula where parents have choices like:

University High
Urban High
Stuart Hall High School
International High School
Crystal Springs Upland
Menlo School
Sacred Heart Prep
and on and on and on...

Each one of these schools has tuition of around $40,000 per year and the same brain drain affects top music students and top athletes. It always has and it always will.

That's not to mention all of the lower cost Catholic schools to which many parents have traditionally sent their sons and daughters.

The hatred for BHS is clear for a few posters on this site.

It's clear there is an agenda. Perhaps the children of these posters didn't get into Cal or Stanford or UCLA or Harvard or whatever. But, I know a large number of BHS students that get into ALL of these schools each and every year.


BHS is a good school..... not a great school

It was once a great school.

There is no hatred for BHS at all... only a clear focus on getting the public to understand what needs to be done to get it back to its previous era

Good to Great!

The current principal has the ability to make BHS a great school.

There are real issues. Ask the students... they will tell you that beside the Little Big Game, there is little or no school spirit. The hate that their teachers not only talk about the students (among themselves and in front of them!) but some are also arrogant for no reason.

I'd say the posters here are from a BHS of the past and know the potential of the school rather than flinch from criticism.

Error #1 Wealthy parents in Burlingame and Hillsborough did send their kids to BHS.

The schools mentioned about were outlets from places without quality pubic schools. (SF)

As the public schools began to falter... those with the funds and academic potential started to leave. The competition for quality private schools ramped up and new private schools opened to meet the need.

Some of the best athletes around live in the BHS attendance area but go private. Better academics.

As for the Stanford issue.... Most BHS kids who gain admission to Stanford are... a child of a Stanford employee or recruited athlete. (these are student comments as.. they did the analysis)

There are a few standouts who've made it!

I suspect you can't name the last three students who were admitted to Harvard from BHS. Or the last one...

The children of the posters on this site did get in to Cal, UCLA, and other quality UC schools.

But I know a large number of students who get into these school each year.

Be careful with what is considered a large number as you may not know what the "other" public schools are able to do.... and then we can talk about the private schools.

"New" BHS parents who bought into the community at the $2.5 million range are paying $25k per year in taxes.

Is the BHS education worth the cost.... or is it just bragging rights to belong to the "Club"

I'd say you have this backwards. The posters here want what is BEST for these students and the community, which mean always looking to improve and rebounding from failure.

Your not going to improve BHS by settling for mediocre. Stop giving out Blue Ribbons and rebuild the quality environment the fosters great learning and spirit.

Here is a link to Harker Academy's admissions over a three year period.

Stanford University 42
Harvard University 21
Berkeley 165
Duke University 32
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 122
University of Pennsylvania 23


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