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October 02, 2017


Peter Garrison

Dr. Elizabeth Kendall will be a great addition to the BSD!

Lili S

Elizabeth is a caring and active member of the Burlingame community. Her passion and focus have the potential to leave a lasting impact on our children and district!


Thanks Joe. I was wondering about Elizabeth and hadn't had time to research her. I like that she represents my side of town as those elected officials are few and far between recently. The school boards are important. Just look at the damage that the SMUHSD school board has done over recent years. Their incompetence has destroyed the relationship with the Cities that their schools represent by taking away all fields and facilities. It just takes one bad school board. Though I personally know Kay Coskey and she has my vote, I appreciate hearing of your conversation with Eliazbeth.

Account Deleted

It would be great if our community had a candidates forum, just as San Carlos is having for their school board race:

Account Deleted

Just as a quick follow up to my earlier post above, I inquired with the League of Women Voters of North & Central San Mateo County, and here was the reply:

"We provide volunteers as moderators, time keepers and ushers when a sponsor contacts us that they are organizing a candidates' forum for a particular election. We don't initiate the events. Usually the sponsor is a Chamber of Commerce, a PTA or a School Board who is interested in promoting an election.

If you would like us to assist in a candidates' forum in the future, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you."


I am interested in finding out more about how each individual candidate feels about bringing back the GATE program. I would support any candidate that promises to do so.


An innovative Candidate would figure out how to "inform" the district how to help stimulate students to advance students beyond the "standard " offerings of courses.

In an earlier era, BHS offered Advanced Math and Advanced Social Science to enable students to progress through more challenging curriculum. These efforts were coordinated with BHS so that enough students could qualify and take Calculus BC at BHS. BIS subsequently trashed the advanced math and social science programs.

As a parent, I worked on getting these programs implemented to help students advance (at their pace) and allow students to gain seats at more competitive colleges.

It was nice while it lasted. Students who feed into Aragon High School have access to Multivariable Calculus and Advanced Physics because they have access to accelerated programs as K-8 students.

Food for thought



Who killed GATE to begin with and how do we get it back?

Mike Jarrett


I think that you've got it right regarding Elizabeth. She seems like a great candidate and someone who can bring a lot of new and interesting ideas to the board.

Regarding Doug Luftman, Devina Drabkin and Kay Coskey (all of whom I know and respect), I think that Doug has done an outstanding job and brings a great perspective. I would encourage you to get to know him. Both he and Elizabeth have kids currently in BSD schools and are very active in the parent communities, which is a big reason to vote for them.

Kay and Devina are both great, but their kids are done with BSD schools and they seem to have exactly the same views on things (they are on the same yard signs and have the same website). Either of the two would be great to continue on, but we don't need them both.

One other small point, I don't see anywhere that Doug says that he is running for re-election. He is the incumbent, but he was appointed to fill a vacancy. In fact, there are no members of our school board today who won an election. All of them were either appointed to fill a vacancy or ran unopposed for the slot. Kudos to Elizabeth for throwing her hat in the ring and making it interesting!!

Andrew Wiles


With all respect Sir; if you have not even taken the initiative to meet the other candidate Mr. Luftman, how are you able to make an accurate assessment. I mean; you mentioned you have a technical background somewhat scientific in nature.

Uninformed Opinions and Theories are Dangerous

Our firm would never hire you knowing you make decisions based on only 2/3's of the data. Your credibility is very tarnished at this point.I'd say you are not even remotely qualified at representing the citizens of Burlingame.

Here is all I know about the three woman candidates. They are tax-and-spend people rather than candidates committed to bettering our children's education levels. They have already strategized on pushing forward heavy tax bonds on the citizens of Burlingame. This is 100% accurate data.

If people like heavy additional taxes vote for the Drabkin Cosky and Kendall ticket and if you prefer a candidate who is against heavy tax bonds on the citizens of Burlingame maybe you should take a look at Lufkin.

Burlingame's citizens are much smarter than you give them credit for Joe.


Above should read...

"In an earlier era, BIS offered Advanced Math and Advanced Social Science to enable students to progress through more challenging curriculum."

Elizabeth Kendall

The Swun math curriculum currently in place was great for getting us into the swing of Common Core, but I agree that it's time to take another look. Swun uses a "one size fits all" sort of approach which misses the mark for many of the children. There is a strong desire from the parent community to again have a differentiated math program. On a personal note, I was able take math classes at the local college campus while in high school and I appreciated how that gave me a jump start on my college career. When on the board, I will want our district to thoughtfully search for curricula that fit the needs of all our children.


Disclaimer to all Board Candidates

You are all running to represent the people in our community for the betterment of the children of our community.

As a teacher, I did the same thing to protect and advance the children of our community and the SMUHSD Board punished me.

Lesson to the Board... protect your teachers who attempt to advance your objectives.

You have strong ideas and you may need "minority" teachers who support your position.

Be sure that you protect them.


@Mike Jarrett

The last sentence of Doug Luftman's candidate's statement in the Sample Ballot reads "I am running for reelection to continue all of the great things that our District has accomplished, ....."


@Andrew Wiles

Welcome to the Voice, dear newbie. You will fit right in; making an uninformed claim about someone else's "uninformed opinion".

If I were endorsing three candidates for three seats (a full slate), you might (might!) have a point, but that is not what I did. I have sources of input in B'game that you cannot even imagine and they enable me to make solid endorsements. You are free to ignore them just like I will ignore yours.

If you are really worried about the need for more bond money, perhaps you should worry more about the Council's residential growth plans for this town. The School Board is the tail, the Council and Planning Commission are the dog. But what do I know, I've only been at this for 25 years.

Your comment would carry more weight if you could actually get your preferred candidate's name right both times you typed it! What is "Lufkin" running for? LOL.

Yajun Wu


Funny Joey (A Real Yoda)

Now I see why you used the Dog analogy with Andrew Wiles since it fits your statement: "I have sources of input in B'game that you cannot even imagine and they enable me to make solid endorsements"

Andrew Wiles is 100% correct: These three women candidates intend on pushing though heavy school bonds (taxes) on us Burlingamer's.

One of the wealthiest zip codes in America and these tax-and-spend DRABKIN COSKY & KENDALL players still want more money.

It is Scandalous at Best

Our family will be voting for Luftman for School Board.


Applause. Golf clap. We have a new Alex Kent. Two in fact. Welcome Andrew Wiles and Yajun Wu. Can't wait for y'all to show your expertise. Does "pushing though heavy school bonds (taxes)" mean getting a MAJORITY TO VOTE FOR THEM? Messy democracy we got us here.


The GATE consortium summer school was such a gift for my kids. It was a wonderful experience for kids who sometimes felt weird or ostracized for being the class nerd or brainiac -- they loved spending the summer with kids who enjoyed intellectual challenge and give and take. Some of the friendships endured through the years and continued in high school. I was so sad to see it end.

Account Deleted

Just as a quick follow up to my post above: I subsequently contacted both BCE and the Burlingame PTA Council (umbrella group for the individual school PTA groups) to see if they might be able to host a League of Women Voters school board debate (like the one in San Carlos). The proverbial ball is in their court.

Cathy Baylock

It is great to see the conversation about the BESD race since we have not had a contested election in 12 years. And thank you Lorne for looking into having a candidate's forum. Elections are healthy for our town and it is nice to have four very qualified candidates running for election...

Name recognition

Oh Hillsider, if you're going to use my name, at least have the balls to use yours, Mr. Trustfund Kid. What ARE you referring to anyway? Yes, I've worked with more public and private schools on real estate transactions than any other broker I've ever heard of in the Bay Area. No, I'm not necessarily for huge bonds. Yes, I'm for compensating teachers as well as possible to attract the best and brightest.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, folks, Bruce Dickinson isn't as familiar with the School Board candidates, but I'll be sure to have my staff and contacts get me up to speed very quickly. My granddaughter goes to elementary school in Burlingame and of course, my donations to the community school fundraiser organization help "make a difference" and I would like to know about the stewardship of those funds, namely the ones who will be making decisions on how it gets allocated and why.

Now, with respect to the the poster in this thread, who masquerades as 3 posters (Yajun Wu, Andrew Wiles, Name Recognition), someone who, let's be clear, doesn't live in burlingame, let me just clue you in: Your credibility is on the low side, in your multi-phasic personality username approach, your inability to make cogent arguments with solid support, your comments that are always lashing as if coming from a cornered wounded animal, you attack the owners of this website (who allow you to do so in the spirit of speech freedom) and finally your shenanigans by posting phone numbers and personal information of others on this site many times previously. We know you have been censored and censured multiple times by Joe and Russ for your behavior on these threads. So let's just say in the context of all of that, you need to raise the bar higher, by a LOT, to put it mildly.

Let's just say that even suggesting your knowledge and connections are on par with Joe is basically saying you can win an &ss-kicking contest against him, but you only have one leg.

Bruce Dickinson would like to see this thread try to objectively address the pros and cons of each candidate and how they relates to the strength and weaknesses of the Burlingame school district. Anything outside of that is merely noise and unnecessary distraction and confusion.

Let's get right into the meat of this!

Chaos Theory

I will not support any candidate who plans on raising our taxes through a school bond. This is why I support Mr. Luftman for School Board.


The November vote is not on the improvement of our children's education but solely on the approval of authorizing the expenditure of possibly the biggest school bond in Burlingame, California history.

I have an uneasy feeling that there is something amiss in the philosophy of the school district when it comes to balancing a simple budget. As wealthy as our City is per capita; how can you not balance our budget? Could it be we are turning teachers and Administrators into Millionaires?

We can do better than Drabkin Cosky & Kendall. Please join me in voting "no" to high taxes and "yes" to a balanced budget.

I think that Mr Luftman has done an outstanding job and brings a great perspective to our school board..

Vote: for Luftman

Name recognition

Bruce, once again, you are completely wrong in your assumptions about me, and about this website and about the Burlingame community.

"Now, with respect to the the poster in this thread, who masquerades as 3 posters (Yajun Wu, Andrew Wiles, Name Recognition)..."

Nope, "Name Recognition" is not the other two names that you wrote. I have always used the name space as a title of what I've written, and you are grossly exaggerating and mischaracterizing my writing on this website and within the community.

I was simply addressing a random and seemingly negative post by Hillsider.

Actually, my contribution on this website and my volunteer contributions to the Burlingame and surronding communities has been far above and beyond what the vast majority has contributed. But then again, you wouldn't know.

Name recognition

Just to be crystal clear in this thread, I Alex Kent, did not write the posts above under the names "Yajun Wu", nor "Andrew Wiles", and only under the handle "Name Recognition" in direct retort to Hillsider's random and incorrect assumption and statement. I have and will always post using the name section as the title of my post, as I find this more useful than keeping the same handle over time.

I do not know any of this year's school board candidates, nor do I have any opinion about any of them. If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of my previous posts here from over the past several years (my family lived in Burlingame for 8 years), feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

Please be careful what you say or write about other people on this website and beyond, simply using a handle does not absolve you from discovery and from each of our civil rights and from laws which protect each of us from libel and slander.


Alex Kent

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