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August 25, 2017


Cathy Baylock

His letter nails it. Is anybody listening out there? Just say "no". Thanks, husband, for posting this! We can't build our way out of this housing crisis. Limiting commercial development is the first way to get a handle on this. What do you think, Bruce Dickinson?


Can't agree more! I've been told by City Officals that next year, Cities won't even have a say in what is built! As long as they follow SACRAMENTO's plan of build high and build more along the Traffic corridor, they can build as cheaply and large as possible. All so that these people can take the non existent mass transit. They are destroying the Bay Area and the article is right on.


I agree, a totally vicious cycle that cannot sustain itself. In the end, it costs each city more to sustain more people and services, and in all these years, the region has never gotten around to serious widespread and functional mass transit. The little we have still costs a fortune to operate and maintain.

For all the hoopla surrounding electrification, Caltrain is going to gain just 1/2 train an hour, up to 6 trains instead of 5 1/2 each direction, that's it! And I'm not even sure how many stop in Burlingame anymore. "Transit Oriented Development" is a real farce.


When I saw Overbuilding Opus I thought it was about the new Broadway overpass. Eight lanes wide! It's basically the same as 101. And it's actually wider than the San Mateo Bridge (only has 6 lanes).

And one light pole every 20'. One overhead light then twin lights in between. Talk about light pollution. Who's paying the bills for all those lights?


Today's Merc had two letters to the editor rebutting the stupid idea put forth by a couple of children that we should all be YIMBY's ("Yes In My Backyard"). Here you go:

In the article about the YIMBY movement (Page 1A, Nov. 13), not a word was written about transportation and traffic. The people behind this organization simply don’t understand the frustration of those of us who want to retain some limits on development.

I invite the YIMBYs to take a drive from San Mateo across the San Mateo Bridge and on to Pleasanton any day of the work week from about 2 p.m. onward. Or maybe they would like to try Interstate 880 south toward Fremont. How about the drive from Palo Alto south to Los Gatos? Highway 101 is like a parking lot in both directions along the Peninsula, and yet they support building more housing.

The current situation is not sustainable. It’s past time for companies like Google, Facebook and others to consider expanding to other parts of the United States.

Eryl Aynsley

So now we have “YIMBY” action, lead by naive me generation millennials wanting to turn San Jose into New York City and thinking more development is going to save us.
Their question? “Where is my generation going to live?” My answer? Anywhere but here.

Bay Area tech’s obsession with growing near their corporate headquarters is short-sighted, especially in this day of webinars and the ability to work remotely. Our infrastructure is maxed out, folks. Bill and Dave had the good sense and foresight early on to see the handwriting on the wall and expand HP in other places employees wanted to live. Tech here could take a lesson.

I hereby declare myself president of NABA — Not Anywhere Bay Area. Anyone care to join me?

Barry Hennings
Los Altos

I'm with ya, Barry!!!


I'm with you too Barry! Unfortunately, Burlingame is jumping in to the massive development market, hook, line and sinker. Just look at the massive project being proposed and close to being approved at Oak Grove and California. We just fortunately, had a MASSIVE apartment project on the corner of Bayswater and Mrytle sent back to the drawing board but will surely come back. The Howard project is zooming along. The massive, does not fit our town project going up already on California and the old radio shack sight and so many more! Have been told that Brownriggs top priority as Mayor is over turning measure T and all that's come with that. The gridlock on the roads is real. My ten mile commute that use to take a maximum of 20 minutes, now takes 40 to 50 minutes, sometimes 60. If I took our "train and bus system", it would take two hours but perhaps in the near future, two hours may take less time then driving!

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