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August 11, 2017



Obviously, the CalPers issues are not the "Wildfire" that Joe says it is.
There are very few comments regarding Friends with Benefits. (By the way, "Friends with Benefits") is a reference to casual sex.

Police, Fire, the City of Burlingame Sewage Dep't/Water Dept. Park Dept. chose to be employed by the City of Burlingame because of the CalPers Retirement benefits.
The COB Sewage, and Water Dept. work "Hand & Glove."
Would anyone feel comfortable with "The Lowest Bidder Inc?"
Running the basic infrastructure?
Stop taking everything for Granted People!
We get what we pay for.
That is why we live here.


Would anyone feel comfortable with "The Lowest Bidder Inc?"
Umm, that's pretty much every gov't office building, aircraft carrier, subway car, etc.

And when the market tanks, as it inevitably will, CalPers will do what?


Hopefully live up to their Words and Contract.
CalPers is the largest retirement system in The World.
Most negative comments are based on the people who now live on SS.
CalPers is the model used when comparing SS to Calpers.
Private or Federal.
CalPers makes MONEY
The Federal Government takes Monies from SS whenever, whatever reason, deemed
CalPers will always take care of their members.
How do I know this.
Read CalPers Prospectus.
Read US SS Prospectus.
What say ye Hillsider?


Arithmetic is simple for most.

This massive pension under funding is very clear and will not end well.

Our civil savants are not the cause.

Our less than honest self motivated politicians are to blame.


Taking monies from Peter, to pay Paul is Political SOP.
Unfortunately, pet projects continue only to keep the "City Elder of the Day" employed.
Anyone running for a Political position these days have only a few reasons to do so...
-Sociopathic Personality Disorder.
It sure is not for the money.
A politician could do more for the City of Burlingame as a Crossing Guard.
I am sure there are those who get into the Political Profession for good reasons. However, once in position they find out in order to provide a service, they have to compromise.
Not Good.


Here’s the full Daily Post article which Joe references above, re: Burlingame’s pension costs and the continued strain this is having on our general fund:



I don't want to hear that our council is "surprised" by pension cost increases. Fix this thing.

Cut costs, no raises and stop this "We have to offer competitive salaries to attract the best," nonsense. Wonderful workers will apply to work here for less than competitive salaries.

Don't build a new recreation center that will need more employees. Pay off the pensions with the proposed sales tax and stop fooling with my money.

And vote for a council that isn't surprised by easy math.


From the Daily Journal


With this pension debacle, we end up working for the people who fix our sewers...

Steve Kassel

It's not easy math, Cassandra. In fact, everything is based upon various projections which may or may not come true. Those have to do with retirement age; age of death; salaries; number of employees; return on investment and on and on.


I'm curious if the proposed Measure I on the ballot for Burlingame, will direct any of the tax dollars raised towards the city pension shortfall?

Or does it indirectly do so, since less and less of the city operating budget is directed towards essential services, and we need to make up for it with Measure I?


I have not read a more offensive comment on the Burlingame Voice ever.
Have you ever seen what those people do?
Have you ever emptied your own garbage can?
Have you ever changed a diaper?
In my opinion Cassandra, you are the most despicable person I have had the misfortune to interact with at the BV.


Another comment, if you please,
What is The City of Burlingame doing to help out the Cities to our North-50-70 miles away?
I know that our Public Works Dept. have personal, equipment-Sewage Clean Out Trucks, and Tree Trucks, and the people to use them.
The day will come when The City of Burlingame WILL need assistance.
I really hope that The City of Burlingame Manager has the ability to think of our Future. More importantly, has the compassion to comprehend the needs of our neighbors during unusually difficult Natural Disasters without being asked first.
What is the City of Burlingame Manager doing to support our neighbor 2-3 hours away?


Here is the San Mateo County Grand Jury report on local cities’ pension obligations, which was highlighted/referenced in today’s SM Daily Journal cover story. Interesting to compare data for Burlingame vs. other local municipalities:



Fixing the pension problem and potholes should come before Rec Center.

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