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July 16, 2017


Green is Dangerous

The fact the environmentalist prevent land owners from clear cutting trees close to their houses has to be one of the main reasons for fast spreading fires.

If you review the codes, it is obvious "BIG Environment" is to blame.


I will put this original post right on top of the "I Told You So" pile. It was so obvious it was scary. The Mercury News also reported this week (too little too late) that three Grand Juries returned findings about the poor infrastructure maintenance in Napa/Sonoma that was dangerous.

@Green, I hear a lot more about certain authorities asking for more safe space around houses than homeowners want to cut (for privacy and shade reasons) that I hear about "Big Environment", but you could be right. Both could be the case.

Thanks for the reminder about how right I was, unfortunately. Now, about that $100B+ for High-cost Rail.................


Last year, while walking my dog, I noticed a huge cypress tree had branches that were getting closer and closer to the street. Called PG&E and they sent out a guy to check it out. Though I pointed out the low branches and mentioned their continued drooping, the inspector saw no evidence of the root bulb bulging the soil. He left a note for the homeowner stating that maintenance for the tree was the responsibility of the homeowner.

Within a week, a storm came through and the entire cypress tree fell, took out the power line and transformer and the block was cold and dark for 40 hours.

(Cassandra is the prophetess doomed by the gods to not be believed.)

Sad State of Affairs

C'mon now. The Legislature and the Governor are way too busy with transgender bathroom rights, free community college and re-elections to worry about these picayune issues. Get with the program.

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