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May 05, 2017


Bruce Dickinson

** BARF!!! **

Barely a step above this http://www.blokable.com/developers

Regime change at 501 Primrose coming this November!!!


Wow, this makes my stomach turn. If you like how Millbrae and San Mateo look,get ready, it's coming to Burlingame. Amazing to me that every Council member campaigns on keeping Burlingame quaint and once in office, bows down to the almighty dollar. What Sacramento wants, Sacramento gets which is build,build, build and build some more. Of course we still have no infrastructure to support this massive over building, no water and no schools. Burlingame will cease to exist how we know and love it. Such a shame. Too bad we have no one in this City that is willing to push back on Sacramento and say NO MORE.


Here is a little clip from David Talbot's column in today's Comicle. See if it strikes close to home:

It’s a question that many San Franciscans are asking themselves these days, more than six years into Lee’s tenure as mayor. To many, the city seems rudderless as it undergoes convulsive changes. Lee lacks the dynamic and visionary leadership that it takes to manage the explosive growth that’s been rocking San Francisco in recent years. As a result, the city seems less affordable and more difficult to live in than ever, with housing prices and evictions soaring, street congestion doubling and even tripling crosstown travel times, and class and social tensions rising. Many longtime San Francisco residents complain that the city doesn’t feel like itself any longer — it’s become more callous and crass and less creative and diverse. And it no longer even looks like itself as generic, Lego-like office and apartment buildings spring up all over town.

I like that "Lego-like" adjective. Going to copy that for the copy cat architecture we are being handed.


Nothing inspiring here--generic. Looks like SSF! Oh, and I love that there is virtually no car traffic in any of the pictures.


Here's a great bit of creative writing from today's Daily Journal on the same day as one of the headlines reads: Downtown parking crunch gets attention of San Carlos officials


Long ago, there was a sleepy little hamlet called San Carlos. There were beautiful trees and gardens that graced the landscape where the town resided. The Dragons of Development came to the town to enrich themselves. They convinced the town elders that they could fill the town’s coffers with gold if only they could reconstruct the town for their mutual profit.

With their huge claws, the dragons destroyed the trees and the cottages of the peasants and build huge sky-high towers for the lords from the Valley of Silicon. While remaking the hamlet, the dragons blocked the passageways of the town and traffic carts of the peasants.

The town elders, the sellers of homes, and the supporters of the dragons said all this was good, but the peasants had to leave town or live in the shadows of the monstrous constructions. End of story and the peaceful life in the land of good living.

Raymond DeMattei

San Carlo


Wow so much creative talent in the design of these buildings!!

Burlingame was one of the last Peninsula cities to hold off on development. Not anymore!

What does the future hold for all those old buildings on Burlingame Ave.


Wow, this is awful. I feel so sorry for the businesses close to all this building. e.g. who wants to eat tacos at Nachoria at lunch time with jack hammering going on full blast in your face?

If you cannot make the meeting, do you have any suggestions on how I can voice my disapproval?

Until we get a city council elected I know there is no point talking to them.


Did anyone go to the meeting regarding the last project at Myrtle & Bayswater??


Is the "Social Hall" the room that overwhelmingly smells like Mold?
Or is the "Social Hall" the large room that smells of "Gas" leaking from the kitchen?
Basic Priorities consistently are "hidden" by political relationships.
As per Mr. Dickenson, starting from the City Manager, down to building inspectors, change needs to happen.
WE, as a City have more than enough money to make things happen.
What is needed to move forward is a Manager to direct the City Elders.
She seems nice a nice lady.
However, it is time for someone with the ability to repair past mistakes, challenge the City Elder Status Quo, and get back to basic plans that are good for the future of Burlingame.


Huge housing project still awaiting construction: Burlingame approves groundbreaking delay, concerning affordability advocate
May 11, 2017, 05:00 AM By Austin Walsh Daily Journal

Artist’s rendering of the housing project which is approved to be built near Carolan Avenue in Burlingame.

The largest Burlingame housing project in the development pipeline will continue to wait to break ground as officials approved a request to push back commencing construction until 2018.

The Burlingame Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposal to begin construction on 290 apartments and condominiums at Carolan Avenue in 2018, according to video of its meeting Monday, May 8.



We will need a lot of infrastructure improvements with all the building going on.

The city talks about a new city hall or recreation department, but remember the rickety old sewer treatment plant stinking up the ball fields on the bayside?

We need a council who will put the infrastructure or "pot hole problem" first.

I will vote for whomever will stop building for awhile.


Three years after this original post, Lyon-Hoag is getting some attention from the City:

To address concerns raised by those frustrated with speeding drivers constantly zipping through their community, Burlingame officials approved traffic calming measures for the Lyon Hoag neighborhood.

The Burlingame City Council unanimously agreed to spend $500,000 on restriping, new crosswalks, intersection improvements and other measures intended to limit speeds in the eastside neighborhood between Highway 101 and downtown.


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