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March 15, 2017


Not an architect but

Hey I'm no architect but don't those two halves go the other way around? Did the crane operator mess up? LOL

Bruce Dickinson

Russ, I hear ya guy! Bruce Dickinson is no fan of the modern architectural movement in Burlingame, these houses tend to stick out like sore thumbs in many of the neighborhoods. Makes more sense when is in a more modern style neighborhood, but in certain places like Burlingame Park or Easton, they really detract from the neighborhood feel, that is, neighborhoods built in the early 20th centuries. Modern architecture, while making a comeback, particularly the mid-century vernacular, but wasn't always that way. Modern architecture can go out of style very quickly and replaced by other, fresher modern and post-modern architecture. Look at some of the horrendous designs coming out of the Bauhaus school, and some of the 60s and 70s modern architecture, including some of the Brutalist commercial buildings (Embarcadero Center as the ode to concrete?)

Stick to the classics, that is housing that is indigenous to California and has been for 150 years. This makes a lot of sense for older neighborhoods that will maintain their charm and character for many generations to come. And guess what? It will only increase the real estate values!

As far as adding second stories, well one can say there was a first HOUSE on any block in Burlingame when it was first sub-divided. Going from one to two stories in a consistent way with architectural vernaculars that were part of California's development is far less worse than keeping a neighborhood to one story, but allow a mishmash of architectural styles.

The home pictured above, I'm sure the new owners are proud of, and they got only what the City allows. Let's just say the words character, history, consistency, preservation seem to be foreign vocabulary to city and elected officials. You get a council that has no ties to local business, real estate, or the financing of either, and you will get VERY different decisions! City staff also love to build, build, build as more tax dollars = more revenue = more secure jobs, healthcare benefits, and pensions.

I think it's time to jettison the current council regime and elect those who have zero need to derive wealth and power from controlling real estate development!

**My name is Bruce Dickinson and I approve this message**


Dang kids! Get off my lawn!
Well, I won't let this happen. Not in my back yard.


Wow....this is a definite design departure. I thought several years ago, there was talk from PC about going back to look at "realized" plans to assess neighborhood consistency, and tweak, if necessary. I'm not sure that ever happened, but probably the time has come.


In ten years it will be a teardown.


Thank you Russ for your thoughtful & insightful post. We need you back with a seat at the table.


Oh my goodness! A modern dwelling! Right by the freeway, soundwall and sidewalk garbage dump! Pitchforks and torches! Rabble! Rabble!


This is the new McDonald's on Trenton.
Opening soon.


With y'all's impeccable tastes in architecture and design I'm sure you wouldn't be afraid to share photos of your houses to be critiqued here in this fine forum.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen little fella, it's not like the Belmont rental market has any architectural wonders, if ya know what I mean?

Pot, meet kettle!

Joe, time for another IP address sweep to ferret out the multiple user names!


So weird.

Who's going to stop the gravy train?

Bruce, wrong again. I made no comments in this string whatsoever.

The Russians did it!

Bruce Dickinson

How's this house coming along? Something came across the desk of Dickinson that reminded me of this post:


Actually, maybe I shouldn't be giving our city ideas!

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