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February 12, 2017



The new law prohibits smoking weed in public place . Just looked it up. Course that doesn't stop anybody.


Yes Joe I walk that area most days and for a time after the election I smelled it every single day. So offensive to walk our kids on the city streets and have to explain to them what the terrible smell is. So disappointing.

local motion

The distracted driving has gotten way out of control. The Chronicle has an article about the insane increases in traffic fatalities in CA the last two years. This is a real problem not like the ones Sacramento talks about all the time. I hope the Burlingame Police go after phone abusers with everything they got.

p.s. I like the spell check on the comments. When will "Burlingame" not appear to be a misspelling?


High School kids like to light up in their cars at the parking lot between the tennis courts and the Lions Hall. I have seen this twice and smelled it a couple more times. I am with you, Joe, I left the city council meeting about the Peninsula Overpass with my mother in law and we almost got run over by a distracted driver. Lastly, getting really tired of hyper aggressive drivers in the left lane on El Camino cranking into the right lane with very little room. I have seen one accident and have my hand on the horn to prevent others.

High times.

Guido, the folks that smoke pot by Washington Park don't look like high school students. It's more like 20s folks that perhaps work at local restaurants or auto shops. Maybe they live in Burlingame, but my thought over the 8 years I lived in BGame was out of towners, because residents would be more respectful to the many young children like mine and their families that play right there.

Pot won't be legal to sell recreationally until 2018. Now, it's legal to possess small amounts and to grow up to 6 adult plants at the state level. Of course, it's still illegal at the Federal and many local levels.

It impedes learning abilities greatly, so I hope the legalizing Proposition Vote doesn't encourage more teen pot smokers, but Gavin Newsom has been a big supporter of legalization despite this hazard. Gavin loves to spend and dole out your tax money!


I have either seen Burlingame Public Works employees, confronting "Free Sprits," or partaking in the sharing of Community Service.
Without a doubt, I have played on the courts with people who have smoked pot prior to match.
Either way,not a big deal.
I believe it is imperative the City of Burlingame get out to the edge of the Legalized Marijuana and create a template for "Top of the Line," shopping experience.
Store Fronts, Hotel/Motel Stays, transportation access to San Francisco, Santa Clara, SFO/East Bay via BART, Cal Train, Uber.
The time for being Burlingame/Hillsborough "FUDDY DUDDIES" is way over.
Otherwise, another community will welcome this WINDFALL.

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