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February 23, 2017



Great news. The city is in bed on a real estate deal and the land is horribly polluted. So all of the units prices just went down down down if they sell at all. Great news.

Occasional Contributor

Technically according to the current zoning- any children in that complex would be zoned for Washington.


They want us to be San Mateo and Millbrae. Pack them in with no regard for infrastructure or quality of life. The town we once knew is slowly disappearing.


What pollutants, exactly? Never heard this before. Why not an Ohlone Burial Ground to give the eveloper a reason to take the easy way to build and add unwanted height to our downtown?


I was actually at that meeting, and the exact chemistry was not named, but whatever it is, they cannot dig as deep as they once thought. There is not yet a defined design, except for the information stated in the paper, but it's clearly a 55 ft. high stack 'n' pack concept, the type seen all over the place, with many of the worst examples right here on the Peninsula. That's the only way to get all the units in.

I'm fundamentally opposed to this arrangement with public land anyhow, particularly on prime real estate. But the train appears to have gone way down the tracks on this one.

Why not wait for the General Plan revisions to be completed within the next year or so, sell this prime real estate at market value and use the proceeds to develop in the areas on the north end, close to BART, that (in draft form) have been identified as a new residential neighborhood where there can be more creativity, perhaps, on the (larger) parcels. Or, purchase an older multi-unit structure (or two) somewhere in the city and work with a developer to rehabilitate and adapt the units, perhaps in a shorter period of time.

From comments made at nearly every Council meeting for at least the past year, it seems to me that the rental lobby will not be satisfied with the pace or breadth of this project, no matter what it is. Still, I think it is a huge mistake to engage in lower quality projects in a futile attempt to quell the constant criticism.

A half-baked project done in haste will be something that will blemish this city, for decades.


Brilliant idea to build near BART. Who gives a damn about the rental lobby. They got their little buttski's kicked in the last election.

I passed chemistry with flying colors so I would be happy to decipher whatever bad stuff is down there.


Is this the lot where Bob's English Garage once resided? if so, it may be petroleum contamination.

Bruce Dickinson

A few observations by your concerned neighbor, Bruce Dickinson:

* Looks like City's desire to build, build, build has finally bit it in the &ss.

* The name of the game is density and by producing non-market clearing price housing, it requires more density and therefore more crowding, less parking, and a reduction in quality of life.

* The city council dropped the ball big time on this one in making all the wrong decisions, to quote one of the earlier DJ articles: "The council is encouraged to approve the exclusive negotiating agreement with Pacific West Companies to streamline the process toward reaching a final agreement on a project in a more efficient fashion, according to the report"...."Ultimately, the council was persuaded to selected Pacific West Communities, as the builder was willing to build a separate, distinct parking garage rather than spread some of the public parking into the affordable housing development, which MidPen Housing had suggested"

* The council seems to be out of touch with the majority of the electorate, given as mentioned above, the rent-control ordinance was decisively defeated (as yours truly predicted very early on). Per the same article "The decision to select an affordable housing developer comes just days after residents frustrated with the escalating cost of living in Burlingame took steps toward filing a ballot initiative aiming to repeal the city’s anti rent control ordinance"

* Despite a reduction in units and a non-market clearing pricing, the developer is still making a killing, as it is proceeding with a smaller project and seems to think the profits made could offset any potential future litigation on the 'pollution concerns.'

* What are the "pollution concerns"? Is this a bigger problem than just this local area? Surprised that full public disclosure seems to be such a big hurdle, which to me is a big red flag!

Bottom line: Bruce Dickinson is revising his City Council grade from D+ to F.

Burlingame deserves a LOT better (no pun intended)! Made even worse considering the council INCREASED their terms by one year to five years (in contrast to the school district board, run by those with no business interests, decreased their terms to three years). Should be a fun election this year.......for non incumbents!

**My name is Bruce Dickinson and I approve this message**


Hi Becca, no, the empty lot where Bob's Gas used to be is slated for an office building, but it sure seems to be taking awhile without any activity. There are big banners on the fence advertising a leasing company, so maybe they are on the lookout for a major tenant, before breaking ground...

The lot(s) referenced above are just south of Howard, city owned parking lots that run roughly from the eastside of Primrose to the westside of Lorton. I think they are known currently as parking lots "F" and "N", you can probably find them on the city website.

Since we're on this topic, there is another 4 story project (also a stack 'n' pack rental apts.) just starting to percolate nearby, just east of the tracks, on most of Myrtle, and part of the 900 block of Bayswater. 140 units., but it is just in beginning phases of staff review.


I'm really not impressed with the council at all.

From the meetings I've attended, whether it be the Peninsula overpass or HSR / Caltrain Electrification discussions, they seem to me to me to so bent on 'pro build' despite consistent feedback from residents to consider alternative options since it'll impact the quality of our lives.

To me, it seems like the council doesn't seem accountable to the residents at all for large and important matter.


Call this a NIMBY comment, because that is exactly what this is, but I did not buy a home in Burlingame to be overrun by Condos that are underparked in my neighborhood (Lyon Hoag). I for one (or many) do not want Burlingame to turn into San Francisco or San Mateo or Millbrae. Keep the projects reasonable and have parking for them. Don't give developers an out by having them chip in a few million for athletic fields that will never get built. Even if we had grade separations in our neighborhood, the amount of new people and cars circulating would be ridiculous.


I recently realized I have not done the post-election campaign financing round-up that I usually do. Remembering that, reminds me of this:


If anyone declined to vote for Russ Cohen in 2013, they do not have a leg to complain on right now. Just sayin'

Bruce Dickinson

Ah Joe, that old thread brings back fond memories, and I would be remiss if I didn't say that I'm quite smitten of the Dickinson prose and ability to cut through the crap!!!

Also, the whole John Root temporary appointment thing to the council was so rigged, to use today's parlance; obviously the right thing to do would have been for the council to follow the will of the people and pick the guy that lost by less than 10 votes. But no, Russ would have probably not played into the unanimous decision/group think mentality of the current council, so he wasn't selected. Another dumb decision by people who don't seem to understand the spirit of democracy nor understand that such decisions have ramifications that will reverberate for years. We don't forget such things.

If I were the incumbents in re-running in 2017, I would be very worried, as Burlingamers are getting really tired of the the same pro big capital project, pro development echo chamber.

Challengers with skill and common sense probably have the best chance of beating one or more incumbents this year! We need another Russ or Madame Baylock!

**My name is Bruce Dickinson and I approve this message.**

New Housing Mandates from Sac.

Folks the pro housing development is mandated by Jerry Brown and The Democrats on the notion of greater overall housing demand with a 15-25% below market/affordable housing in each project.

Whereever there's a Caltrain or Bart station - even more push from Sacramento.

Want healthier debate of issues in Sac - vote for some diversity of Perspective!

Tried and true Burlingamer

And not to mention the ties that some of the council have to development. They are no better, if not worse than their predecessors whom everyone seemed to want ousted. Bad all the way around. Where's Russ? And sadly, the incumbents have already latched into lifetime healthcare benefits.

Affordable Housing Is The Socialist Pay-off To Enrich...

Best Interview Ever...

Affordable housing is The Socialist pay-off to enrich politician connected and union connected builders. Become a politician - then start a construction company to get your pay-offs like Diane Feinstein's Husband on the HSR...yee-haw!

Sean Keighran bragging about collusion within the San Francisco Builders' Association which he's president of.

What are the basics? "Information learned is information shared...You will not see competing builders..."

"We will create the environment in which information is passed back and forth and that will empower us."


"Uploaded on May 1, 2011
(Taped, 2006) Sean Keighran has assumed the leadership of the powerful San Francisco Residential Builders Association. This group is on the cutting edge in building market and affordable housing in the difficult regulatory environment for builders. He demonstrates skills and passion in this interview why the group will continue to be potent and pro-active under his leadership."

Tried and true Burlingamer


Bruce Dickinson

Meh, that interview is a yawn-fest (Bruce Dickinson could only take about 3 minutes of it!) Don't really see much of a point other than builders collude and look out for each other, but then again isn't common knowledge of how they've been operating since the beginning of time?

Now if he were doing business in Burlingame, would be a more interesting story.


Price Fixing

I heard that Mr. Keighran was trying to get the construction contract for the new Post Office development. True? Untrue?

Price Fixing

In California, some people get so used to politicians and the rich getting to pick and choose which laws they follow, they criminal actions are a yawn fest.


Tried and true Burlingamer

Yawn, sigh Mr. Dickinson. Daddy is also involved in Burlingame construction.
Conflict of interest to say the least.
Yawn all you like.

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