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January 04, 2017



Non sequitur?!? Those trains cause noise every day that is heard close by and up the hills and we all know the meth-head (guessing that) Southern Pacific engineer who'll lay on the horn for ten miles at three in the morning. Elevated tracks would prevent those horns and save a bunch of lives. But let's complain about five or ten days of airplanes taking off. Crikey...


You are smart enough and well informed enough to know they are required by the Federal bullies to do just what they are doing, Fred. Oh, and I'll bet you know that the 3 am train is a Union Pacific freighter, too.

How about we complain about something that could actually be fixed??


Thanks Joe, and it is possible to establish a federal quiet zone. The trains have to be moved from grade but in the northeast Chicago suburbs (which is basically Chicago's version of our area) they have a short berm that traffic can drive over and pedestrians can cross and the horns are not used.


Noise To Meet You...

Fred, it's called "The North Shore" like Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Glencoe, all the way to Lake Forest...that's where I'm from.

There are no Northeast suburbs, as that would be The Lake.

Burlingame's largest auto dealer is also from Wilmette, IL. Kinda like Burlingame, but no extreme Left Wing slanderors.


You must have spent a lot of time at Wrigley Park.


I believe it is time to stop posts of the "OBVIOUS" problems facing any people who live near an Airport anywhere in the world.
Why not discuss weather, pot holes, taxes, etc.
How is the new City of Burlingame Mayor doing?
Why has the City Manager fired the entire City of Burlingame HR Dept?
Is the City Manager doing a "Good Job?"
How have these winter storms effected the Trees of Burlingame?
Are Public Work Assets adequate in response to Winter Storm events?
Who is "The Real Bruce Dickenson, and how can we confirm?
Happy New Year..
Seriously, enough with SFO.

Handle Bard

Late night flights that wake up tons of people on the ground are essentially a public health hazard. It is well established that disrupted sleep can cause poor driving the following day. Just look at the effect of when we turn the clocks ahead an hour in the spring for a small example.

Waking up that many people for the convenience of a hundred or so per flight is a public health hazard.

Namlo Tundo

I am all for a curfew. Plane after plane. It is endless.


2-4 am last night... Wow.


Without any good reason weather-wise. Somebody has to do sumtin'.

Horatio Alvarez Goldstein

Because, Joe flights are already badly delayed when there is a storm. To further back up flights which is precisely what your proposal would do, not only affects flights out of SFO, it affects flights nationwide. My original statement was simple and clear. Delaying flights because a few people don't like late night noise during a storm is utterly ridiculous.

Handle Bard

Your comment was ridiculous the first time and it is ridiculous now. We are not talking about "not liking late night noise". We are talking about a public health hazard to those people. And it is not a "few people" it is tens of thousands of people between Millbrae and Palo Alto or even Santa Clara. The "few people" are the few people on these flights.

handle bard

Here is the county missing the big ugly forest for the little tiny trees As efforts to mitigate San Carlos Airport noise ramp up with county officials considering flight restrictions and an evening curfew for certain aircraft, resident are left wondering when they will find relief to disruptive noise from crowded Peninsula skies.

San Mateo County officials announced Monday they are considering the new policies for the county-managed San Carlos Airport with consideration by the Board of Supervisors in July.

The proposed changes include calling for fewer flights and even 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. restrictions for certain aircraft.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2017-03-08/county-aiming-to-stem-flight-noise-affected-san-carlos-residents-await-answers-after-studies-and-analysis/1776425176980.html#sthash.OzC2aixv.dpuf

What about SFO that keeps more than just Sna Carlos awake at night????????????????????


Last evening and last night were pretty bad for SFO airplane noise. The major blast at 4:30 am was the worst. It cost me easily an hour's sleep. This is really getting to be a public nuisance and it wasn't even due to bad weather!


The noise tonight is ridiculous riiiidiickullous. We are eating out in the yard and we can barely hold a conversation. What is up with these people??????????????

Peter Garrison

They were back doing engine run-ups again a couple weeks ago at night. How they can't figure out to point the engine blast east across the water I don't know. But with the inversion layers we can still get some weird echoes bouncing back our way.

As noted before – I received a response from the airport about a take off late at night and they said that the pilots are able to choose which runway to use. The tower can suggest noise abatement but what happens, is to save money on gas, the airlines taxi the shortest distance to the usable runway- which blasts us to the west.


SFO is a terrible neighbor and needs to be reined in by imposing a curfew no later than midnight. It was so bad this morning that no one could sleep. It started at 12:12 am and continued constantly until 2:10 am, every minute a flight buzzed the house. It is ridiculous and SFO couldn't care less..


For SFO to impose a curfew, it would have to prove to the FAA that the action would: (1) be reasonable, nonarbitrary, and nondiscriminatory; (2) not create an undue burden on interstate or foreign commerce; (3) maintain safe and efficient use of airspace; (4) not conflict with any existing federal statute or regulation; (5) provide adequate opportunity for public comment; and (6) create no undue burden on the national aviation system. There are some pretty high hurdles there...which is why no US airport has imposed a curfew in over 25 years.


It's out of control loud right now. 1 thru 6 except for maybe 4 are all being met and if 4 is a problem then statutes are made to be changed. Time to do SOMETHING

Pete Garrison

4:29 AM


2 and 6 are tough ones to prove, especially since "undue" is a subjective term.

State Run

They will move you idiots out before they implement a curfew.
I am all for expanding the airport up to the railroad tracks near California Street. It makes more money for the State.

Trains as well. Build a lightning fast bullet train and bridge riders over to airport at Burlingame Street.

Mostly tear down houses east of the tracks anyway don't you think?


No "streets" in Burlingame...

Cathy Baylock

Thank you Cassandra! There are not "streets" in Burlingame and here is why: https://burlingamehistory.org/history-of-burlingame/origin-of-street-names-and-other-tidbits-burlingame-and-hillsborough-compiled-2012/

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