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January 24, 2017



Just ate there. It was very smokey when I arrived, hope they get the extractor fans working.


Was the food good, though?


I did take out last night and thought it was good for what it is--street food. They identify the farm sources of the main ingredients for the locavores. The prices are right ($13.75 is the priciest box!) so it should give Mediterranean Kabob and CrepeVine some competition. Staff was working hard to give the place an upbeat vibe.

I didn't notice the smoke Becca mentions, but I did take out (it was busy, about a 10 minute wait for the food). Good addition to the Ave. We'll never replace Towle's Seafood but it beats The Melt by a mile.


I wonder why someone does not realize the value of a place like Towle's.
Since they closed, nothing has survived.
You have to admit, "The Melt" was a very poor business concept.


I'm not so sure about this place. I tried to call three times to place an order and no one answered the phone. Please leave a message. Then I went on their website and typed in 94010 to find the right restaurant. Guess what? You get Palo Alto, San Franciso and Mountain View!!!!!!!!! It took them months to open the place and they still have no updated the website which is their main ordering thing????? Sounds like they are in over their head against some pretty great restaurants in Burlingame.

Farmer John

I just walked by the place and it was less than half full.


Went there late last week, and it was really good. The owner told a customer near me that they were not taking set up to take phone orders, yet, so it seemed a little chaotic. Lots of young kids being trained, but I think if they get over the training hump, what sauces go on which boxes, and who does what, etc., it will be a good and reasonably priced go-to place.

I had the Garden box (tofu and veggies) it was very good, enough for two, definitely. I think around $10. There aren't many places in Burlingame in that price range. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one sticks around. As an aside, the decor is the best iteration that place has seen in a long time.


Hi Jennifer.
You seem to be the Go to person regarding trees in Burlingame.
How come we have not seen any talk about the three Eucalyptus trees that fell over near the Recreation Center?


Perhaps they don't want to discuss the dangers of the aging Eucalyptus. One falling used to garner some news stories. Three in one fell swoop is unheard of, never happened to my recollection.

Bruce Dickinson

So first, for the past few years it's been hyperventilation: we're running out of water due to below normal precipitation. Now the problem basically solved itself in five months, now that it's one of the wettest years on record, all of a sudden the issue is du jour is OMG the Eucalyptus are hazards! Guys, seriously, if Bruce Dickinson went throughout life worrying about temporary phenomena, it would have sapped so much energy and emotion from what made me into the resounding success story that I am!

The term "below normal precipitation" by definition implies there will be some reversion to the mean over time. 4-5 years hardly qualifies as a large enough sample size to draw any statistical conclusions especially when looking at long term data! (statistics 101 folks) Turns out the drought was met with one of the wettest years on record and over time, on average we will most likely have some mean level of precipitation, with some years being very dry and some being very wet.

Let's get some perspective, folks! Don't go through life running like chickens with heads cut off!


Ah, there's the measured and well thought out response I was expecting.


Holly and Fred, only two fell over near the rec center. One a few weeks ago by the tennis courts and one this week near Atria. They took two others out on either side of the one at the Atria as a precaution. I personally witnessed the one at the Atria fall.


dear Ms. Laura,
Do you believe that you should have been warned of the danger the large trees present?
Unfortunately, "Common Sense" seems to be in short supply.
However, the Public Works Dept. should notify us of the dangers of tree accidents.
Trees always win/damage Cars, Homes, and people.


Oh we should absolutely be warned. While the city is at it they should warn us about uneven sidewalks, high curbs, sharp edges on city fences, slippery grass in the parks, gas and diesel fumes from passing traffic, overly bright street lights setting off seizures, mold from fallen leaves, fire truck sirens causing hearing damage, and maybe even the danger of reading too much email from the city e-news. Did I leave anything out, Holy?


Thank you Laura for an informative response.


Holly, no need to be warned of the presence of large trees as I have eyes and can see them. Burlingame has many large trees species throughout and I for one enjoy them. We've had unprecedented storms over the past few weeks and have lost quite a few trees all over Burlingame. Stony Pines, Oaks, Liquid Ambers as well as Eucalyptus trees have fallen throughout the City. It's the price we pay of living in The City of Trees. Whenever it is windy, I am on alert when I walk the streets as I take personal responsibility for myself. I do not depend on the government to tell me that a large tree is in my presence.

pat giorni

If a tree falls on the Asian box...will any one care that, again, a thread has been hi-jacked?


I believe threads get hijacked because more important events present themselves.
The fast way to bring it to concerned City of Burlingame citizens is to "hijack" the latest thread.
Good for you Laura.
How do you feel about large trees hindering your ability to walk from place to place?
What about the sidewalk damage caused by trees?
Would you "depend" on Government to alleviate this problem, or ignore it?


Now that we know you are doing it intentionally instead of just being clueless, we will just delete your hijacking comments. Thanks for admitting it.


Wow Joe,
Holly Cow!
I obviously hit a SORE SPOT-PERSONAL? ;with you Joe.
What is that all about Joe?
Have no fear Mr.Joe..
We take care of ours.
Happy VD Day.


You have upset Pat Giorni (among others) and we cannot have that! I don't understand what is so difficult about finding a better post to comment on trees. The Trees category is listed on the right side. All you needed to do is click on it and pick a tree post. The Laguna Ave. post would have been good. There are others. In the meantime, other commenters will likely be confused and reluctant to get back to the topic of Asian Box or downtown dining. Is that really so difficult?

Wei Verp

Asian Box sucks. Give it several months. Nobody is in this place and I pass it five times per day. Perplexed on why they picked a name like Asian Box.

What building is the new Microsoft Store going into? J.Crew or Plant?

old guy

Its definitely not as busy as it was when it was new. But its better than Panda Express. Not even close to Mediterranean Kabob.

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