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December 22, 2016



There's a vintage Ampex video machine on display at Stanford's Green Library -- mighty impressive!
KQED did an interesting piece this fall on how Ampex and Bing Crosby revolutionized radio and TV entertainment:

Pete Garrison

Dad and Mom used Ampex audio tape at Garrison Recording in Long Beach during the 60's-70's. On a few occasions they would work all night in the editing room piecing together the confetti resulting from a high-speed rewind snap of the tape.

Pete Garrison

PS- You can see some of the tape boxes and more Ampex equipment at the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City.

Brian A. Berg

So, who maintains the sign? Some of the lights need replacement. Also, the comment above implies that the 75-year period started in 2012 - is that accurate?


I'm pretty sure the historic date is always established when the structure was first built. If it was moved, the period of the move starts another cycle (often in a new context). But in this case, the sign was not moved, or?


I had an Uncle that was/is a founding owner since the 1950's.
He was there at AMPEX when AMPEX encouraged engineers the use of LSD.
Prior to that, he drove Generals/Politian's throughout New Mexico/NV to photograph events.
My Uncle declared that "There was no benefit to be gained by AMPEX Volunteers" regarding the LSD test.

who are you?

Zach aka Hollyroller, I always imagined you as an elderly woman, but it turns out that you're a 27 year old man, correct?

You live in Richland, WA, but what's your connection to Burlingame? You grew up here, perhaps?


You caught me...


27 going on 87?

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