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October 02, 2016



Saw some construction work going on inside last week. Not much info other than that, but thought I would add it here.


I took this photo on Nov 26th of last year! I was going to take another one last night when I walked by but thought, "No need, I already have one that looks exactly the same."

Vineyard Vines is moving right along though. They were working late last night!


I also saw three women chatting in the unconstructed store two weeks, and curiosity got the best of me, so I asked what was happening with the bakery...The answer was- Yes, they are on schedule to open, but that everything had taken much longer than anticipated...


Someone(s) should look good and hard at our Burlingame Building Department. So much is confidentially whispered but no one dares speak out for fear of retribution. Who oversees these people?

They are rude at the absolute very least....and go all the way up to unethical. Egos run rampant and no one dares even question them, lest your plans go to the bottom of the pile, or they will make sure it's months and months before you get a permit or get signed off.

The most tossed around phrase among contractors regarding inspectors is : "well, it depends who you get and it depends what mood they're in." Seriously? Aren't these people supposed to work for us?? You know, "us", the people who pay a ridiculous amount of property tax?


Contact the City Manager.


Ugh, Vineyard Vines? Who wears that preppy crap?


When will the ''Asian Box"? restaurant open where the Melt used to do business? I wonder if it is being held up by city red tape too?


Just got off the phone with La Panotiq. There were some issues with utility upgrades, but they are now moving full speed ahead. They poured concrete this week and hope to be open in December.


Rise Pizzeria is opening up late Oct/early Nov. Waiting on an answer from Asian Box.


Where is "The Love" for the Donut Place near the RR Tracks?
Apple Fritters are awesome!


We ALL love that place, and the coffee is great (and hot!!) Buttermilk old fashioned, yum.

Peter Garrison

Donut place is the best. Calls me "Darling."


The only thing they are missing are those Cronuts from the Plaza, and the "stuffed" donut holes. Then I wouldn't have to drive across town to get them :)


Is Limon going to make it? Is it any quieter?


Horrible! 'Just went with my family and the noise was 5 bombs worth of unbearable. I take back what I said, Lemonade is hectic, but not nearly this noisy--

I suggested to the hostess that they purchase some beautiful peruvian rugs to throw all over the concrete. Kabul was never anywhere close to this noisy, and I think it has to do with all the exposed concrete. What a shame, because it is a distraction from the interesting food. Also very, very hectic. Whoever is the manager there needs to tell the servers, and particularly the bus-boys to slow way, way down. They practically snatch the food right from under you, trying to move things along. In fact, this is getting to be a problem at many of our restaurants, at least on Burlingame Avenue. What happened to the slow food movement?! It is bypassing our city. I think people go out, in part to relax., and this is precisely the opposite.


That's what I thought but I wasn't sure it was just me.


When will there be a Seafood restaurant?
I love Seafood, but do not like the smell that lingers in the kitchen.
Anyway, it seems like Burlingame has all the restaurants it needs-sans Seafood.


'Agree with you, Holly...San Mateo has Pacific Catch-- do you know that one? I think it is delicious. We don't seem to have anything like it, at least not in the Burlingame Avenue area--


This just in. According to Yelp, La Panotiq is now closed. That didn't last long.


Since the "White Table Cloth" Restaurant closed at the corner of Burlingame/California about 20 years ago, there has not been a Comforting/ Relaxing Food Environment anywhere in Burlingame.
In my opinion, those days are gone, and are never coming back.
I really miss that atmosphere.
The last time I experienced that environment, I was at Alfred's on Broadway, SF. and Julius Castle.
Come on Burlingame...
Every restaurant does not have to be a "Chucky Cheese."
More or less that is what we have.


They had nothing unique that you couldn't get in 5 other places on the Avenue. At least David's has teas.


Which Restaurants to you speak of?

Cathy Baylock

I am stunned they are already closed. Seems like very few survive for long. Holy Roller...you are right. I miss Nathan's, too!

Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle

Recipe for Disaster:

First problem. It all started with a love relationship. Mikhail and Natalya fell in love as they say on their website.

Second problem: Pick a name which has zero relatedness to the ordinary shopper.

Third problem: Build multiple stores before you test your concept.

Fourth problem: Occupy real estate way beyond your budget.

Fifth problem: Hire mostly non-english speaking employees.

Sixth problem: Fail to deliver the product as elegantly described on your website.

You could have saved you guys millions if you you have just taken a Business 101 class at Stanford rather than spending your time holding hands in Paris.

You oversold your lovey dovey business when all it really was is a glorified coffee shop.


A few others attempts at a "bakery" have not been successful when they do not open their doors at an early hour. It's surprising that a few places in town serving breakfast don't open until 8am, also...

I had asked the Panotiq management about the curious hours and they said they were getting a feel for the neighborhood and would adjust accordingly.
Now they've adjusted the hours to "Closed 24/7."

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