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October 30, 2016


Gerald Weisl

Although I live close to the Safeway store in town, I shop at Lunardi's. The quality of their produce and meats, etc. is superior to Safeway and the checkers are usually sensitive to people waiting to check out, calling immediately for help so the number of shoppers in line is minimal.


Safeway in Millbrae has these ridiculously long lines too. Safeway on Gellert in SSF is also crazy -- they have plenty of checkstands but not enough checkers. I try to avoid as much as possible but sometimes you can't. Makes me want to start ordering groceries online, especially since I get produce through a CSA.


I haven't bought any meat at any Safeway in about 10 years.


After evaluating the lines I put my items down and headed to Lunardis. A check walking slowly back from her break looked at the lines and said "Oh my" and then did nothing. There were no calls to more help. The manager was outside smoking a cigarette as I left to get in my car. Last week two checkers carried on a conversation "over" me while I bagged my food. When I got to my car and looked at my receipt, I saw that he had been having so much fun in his banter that he had failed to scan a quarter of the few items I purchased. I guess this is a good way to save money.

Does Safeway pick and choose which laws it will follow in it's employment practices?

Last night, I got a $3 discount and another person got a $5 discount at Safeway just because there was 1-2 people in front of me.

I wish the DMV worked this way.

I went into the DMV the same day that all illegal immigrants were granted a Driver's License.

The illegal immigrants sure did have their tail between their legs, admitting to misdemeanor crimes (and felonies if they are departed and come back and it's illegal for employers to hire them).

Meanwhile, our local politicians and schools and government workers are picking and choosing which laws they follow or break, and thus they are aiding and abetting and breaking the law themselves.

But hey, Leland Yee felt so arrogant and comfortable in his government culture of corruption that he had no problem committing racketeering and arranging the sale of rocket-launchers and consorting with convicted felons like Shrimp Boy.

Perhaps citizens should get to pick and choose which laws we follow or not if our politicians and community leaders and government employers can do it.

I'd pick not paying any taxes to support a government that's consistently proven to be corrupt and abusive of individual rights.



Does Safeway pick and choose which laws it will follow in it's employment practices?

Are you OK with that?

Which law would you choose to ignore, if you were given that equal privilege?


I do not want to ignore any laws.

Anyone who stood in those lines at Safeway-Burlingame, CA. is a very stupid person.


I can't figure this one out, either. One of the claims Safeway made during all those years of conflict over the large store size, was that there would be more checkers to fill all the check-out stands. But that really doesn't seem to be the case, in particular, lately. The Delaware store in S.M seems to be better equipped to handle crowds, even in a far smaller space, but then the taxable items benefit San Mateo, instead. Mollies, of course, always has checkers available--'very accommodating.

Pete Garrison

Same at Lunardi's; they call for checkers and baggers right away. Nice folks who recognize locals and chat away.


I agree, Lunardi's is great, at least both ends of the city still have nice markets!


Safeway was sold to private equity not too long ago. Seems as though the business model may have changed as well.


It's pretty bad today. Lots of lanes open but the credit card readers still don't work right and the lane I went to had a broken scale. Its guess the weight of your produce day.


The other Safeway (on Delaware) has gotten worse now, too. Lines are going down the frozen food aisle. Is Safeway actually Albertsons, now?


Out of crab in the middle of crab season. Oh well!


Still out of crab because of the crabber strike. But why did they bother to build 8 checkstands if they never and I mean NEVER open more than 4 of them?

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