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October 18, 2016



The fact that the 1%'s get any free advertising is just disgusting.
How about "Profit Sharing" with the poorest schools in South San Mateo County and Northern Santa Clara County?
The development of unnecessary "toys" for the 1% only distract these DB's from creating a just and fair world.
F Apple.


The problem with the "Apple" architecture is that there is nothing enduring about it, unless perhaps the company can be convinced (or forced) to reuse a nice structure or at least the bones of a structure, such as in New York, or Pasadena. Here, they flat out had no interest, nor were rules in place to get a better outcome back then. Now we've got the cube, just the same as everyone, and we're told its "dated". Are we surprised?

I seem to recall the Planning Commission in that period was told by Apple how unique and special the building would be--just in Burlingame-- something nobody had seen before. In fact, the same model would soon pop up all over the Bay Area, the variant being the stone or metal finish on the outside. Only one commissioner- Commissioner Boujé voted against the design, if I'm not mistaken.

Ironically, here we are in 2016-17, and during the most recent presentation, the Apple architect and rep told the commission that our "version" is two or three prototypes ago. It's ephemeral architecture, just the same as the computers and gadgets they sell.

What the PC was saying, was that this may be great for Apple, and for their current and immediate future marketing goals and products, but it is simply not good enough for us, in particular, for a prominent location that has three highly visible sides. They usually only have one side to design, typically in a mall--somehow the two additional sides is a challenge for them. Good for our city to demand a better fit, when everyone else downtown is expected to do so.

As a somewhat related aside, one of the most wonderful aspects of the new streetscape has been that almost everyone who is improving their storefront, has notched it up a level or two-- keeping up with the Joneses, in a sense. I don't think it is only a result of having to adhere to the design guidelines, either, since these have existed longer than the street upgrades have. The businesses and owners of the buildings want to be as high class as their surroundings, and this is a big, positive change.


My view on "Polishing The Apple" is a bit different.
As well as an important topic.
Though there are a lot of Males-15 through 40 years old in Burlingame, what percentage of that "group" are able to change a flat tire, check the oil- dipstick?
In my opinion men need to get back to Polishing their Knob, and leave the Apple polishing to the lazy children of Parents who still are supported by their parents.
Ask any and every City Elder how they purchased their current homes..
I am sure most of us who worked for our home, and got F'd by Proposition 13 BS, would be angry by the Burlingame 1%-City of Burlingame Elders, telling the 99% of Burlingame Property Owners what is wrong with our lifestyle, as well as how to repair it..


I was in the Apple store the other day and could hardly push open the door it was so heavy.

Definitely needs a redesign on the door but me thinks it may be that way to deter shop lifting unfortunatley...


....Or even, (dare I say), DRIVE?! It is worthwhile to listen to the granicus of October 11th, just to hear the random fellow who coincidentally showed up during the comment period, claiming to be an expert on all sorts of things, proclaiming that any "interest" added to the blank sides of the building would be so distracting to pedestrians and drivers, as to cause accidents--I kid you not. That one will go down in my book as the most hilariously contrived excuse ever used to disregard Burlingame's architectural design guidelines, ever conceived.


Decision made:

Apple is set to launch a new retail design in Burlingame under approval granted by city officials paving the way for the technology company to rework its downtown store.

The Burlingame Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposal to renovate the Apple Store at the corner of Burlingame Avenue and Park Road, according to video of the meeting Monday, Nov. 28.

The decision comes roughly six weeks after the commission tabled a decision on the proposal, as most of its members felt the company had not done enough to blend its new design with the adjacent buildings amidst the thriving shopping district.

But during the most recent discussion commissioners expressed an appreciation for a willingness of the Cupertino-based technology company to think differently.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-11-30/officials-ok-redesigned-apple-store-burlingame-planning-commission-approves-new-look/1776425172104.html#sthash.utfDizgU.dpuf

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