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October 10, 2016



Another great reason why citizens need to purchase and get training for a firearm and keep it safely locked perhaps in a fingerprint opened safe.

You have a fire extinquisher for a reason. You should have a fire arm for the same reason.

However, be careful with how you vote regarding the recreational use and your own medical or recreational use of marijuana...it will take away your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

kooky hillsider


Dem Dream - Legalize Pot, Get New Tax Money, Take Away Your Guns!

Just Say No to Bad Public Policy on Prop 64!

Lieutenant Gangster, I mean Governor Gavin Newsom is a big supporter of legalizing Pot, as I've observed for several months on his Facebook pages.

But, don't inhale too hard on his gas. This is very bad public policy. The masses don't understand what it's like to have very easy access to Pot. Many children and teens will gain easier access, which impedes learning greatly, and Pot causes severe health problems with regular use for people of any age.

The current medical legalization in CA is just the right amount of access for our communities.

But legalizing Pot is The Dem Dream - Legalize Pot, Get New Tax Money, Take Away Your Guns!

A Teamster attorney recently told me that the Teamsters (god bless their souls) want to have the exclusive rights to distribute Pot, and they're licking their chops over such a new monopoly.

Please vote NO for Prop 64, and relinquish that Medical Marijuana license to preserve your 2nd Amendment Rights to Bear Arms.


At least U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) is against Prop 64, along with the Libertarian Party and The Republican Party and many other politicians and organizations.

If you haven't checked it out yet, state and local politicians approved a new gun store in Burlingame. For you first gun buyers, you might consider something simple like a revolver (less likely to get confiscated in the future by CA Dems campaign against semi-auto guns). Or get a 9 MM small Sig Sauer, Kimber, etc pistol. A nice over-under shotgun is great to discovery skeet/trap as well as a realistic home defense gun.

After all, Boy Scouts learn to both be aware, prepared, and also how to shoot and store firearms properly.

Burlingame's Recently Approved Gun Store:


I've updated the post with a photo and some comments from our meeting this morning. It was well worth the time and got to see some people I hadn't seen in quite awhile. If you don't have a good amount of drinking water and a gas turn-off wrench already, this is your reminder.


It is really disappointing that any BV people deny the ownership of firearms.
Unless anyone purchased a firearm pre 1970, under the FOIA anyone can get a neighbors purchase, and registration of "Firearm" by applying for that information.
Where will the "Hungry Families" 3-6 children with two parents find their water and food?
Be Prepared.. Not Complacent.

Dem Dream - Legalize Pot, Get New Tax Money, Take Away Your Guns!

Holly, perhaps I should let some of the deer from my front yard into my fenced back yard just in case.

I'm totally capturing rainwater in barrels off my roof this winter!

For those readers that would like to check out how a very wide array of firearms are properly shot and handled, you might like YouTube/Facebook's "Hickok45". He has 2,193,179 subscribers, and 594,819,643 views on YouTube.


I'm looking forward to the new Coyote Point Firing Range, complements of massively successful capitalists and philanthropists, John Arrillaga and Tom Siebel.

I did suggest the donation opportunity to Tom over dinner during our conversation about planes, boats, hunting, and our hometown of Wilmette, IL.

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