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October 26, 2016



It's 'homicide', not 'homocide'.


Thanks, J. Not sure how I missed it as did the spellchecker. Appreciate it.


I am the father of the victim---I feel Burlingame police dept. is not exspearced enough -with young detectives-need to offer cash reward --turn over to federal level

The Overlords

With airports bring hotels bring wealthy business travelers bring prostitutes and drugs and fierce competition between dealers and The Overlords that manage the process and take their cut.

If you operate without paying the Overlords, then they will get mad.

Perhaps this is what happened.

Burlingame has a lot of hotels.


I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, sir. But I would not worry about the Burlingame PD. They are no more or less experienced than any other PD and you will get no love from the feds on this. Better to work with them than antagonize them here.


Is there any street improvement plan from the City for the Broadway street? That is similar to the Burlingame Ave.


The Overlords...... NO. That's not what happened. I'm a friend of the deceased and he was killed by someone he knew. He wasn't in a ring of any sort. Please have some respect. Thank you


When will the "Landlords" comment on this sad event?
I am sure this has something to do with Rent Control.
"The Landlords"; don't fool with them.


It's been 7 1/2 months since my son was killed in the parking lot of the Hyatt Regency. My son moved on from the "street gangs", his involvement with the police in the 7 years was behind "girls" they wanted a young good looking, home owner who enjoyed traveling and the nicer things in life and he enjoyed surrounding himself with beautiful women. When he broke off relationship the X girlfriends very vindictive "i cant have you No one can" Jail was where they put him. He was a daddy to a cute 6 year old which he just met two years ago and he was a very responsible father. However, the mother of the baby was never a girlfriend she was the neighbors girlfriend he died with her wanting him in jail and restraining orders. Now that he's dead she only thinks of trying to steal "Our Family Home" the one I gave him, my mother gave it to me. This goes for his astranged father who was abusive and absent and had no contact with my son. He was known for being an informant for the FBI in the mid 90's. Embarrassed/Ashamed of this act and the danger he put us in I didn't speak to him for 20 years, two days after his burial he stole all my son's belonging claiming to have and life insurance policy. This could be what someone who Thought cared, instead his father, baby's mother, friends and his fling all have PROFITED...While My Son's LAST WISHES ARE IGNORED. BURLINGAME CORNEL ORLOFF HASNT DONE ANYTHING TO FIND MY SON'S MURDERER DOESN'T FOLLOW UP ON LEADS OR EVEN INTERVIEWED ANYONE LIKE THESE EX-IRLFRIENDS WHO HAVE A WEALTH OF INFORMATION. SUCH A RICH $$ WHITE COMMUNITY, yet they can't solve ONE MURDER...THATS A DISGRACE AND SPEAKS OF WHO THEY ARE WOULD OF MY SON BEEN WHITE NOT HAVE A INCCIDENTS WITH POLICE LIVE IN SAN MATEO COUNTY SOME ONE WOULD BE IN JAIL. PLEASE PUT THE PRESSURE ON THE POLICE....MY SON IS LOVED AND MISSED THE MONSTER (S) THAT KILLED MY BABY NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON.




Who is Cornel Orloff and how do you know what he/she is or isn't doing?


I think she meant Corporal Jason Orloff of the Burlingame PD. I don't show his name on the staff directory anymore, so perhaps a call to the PD would be a good idea.


I do not believe these posts are real.
I do believe that the "People" behind this post have any "Goodness" in their hearts and are taking advantage of the "White Guilt" that is so pervasive in the Upper Middle Class.
Making White people feel wrong for being successful; paying for Private Education, Donating Money to the Public School District, are the results of hard work, and planning for a personal future.
As much as Black political action groups want to blame White people for their problems, it is the lack of Personal Responsibility that keeps these people sorry.
Do not be afraid to post this Joe.


I'm going to leave it up, hollyroller, just so I can make the point that you have no idea if the victim or the commenter are black. You are as bad as the commenter claiming that B'game is a "rich $$ white" town and thus doesn't care. Last I checked "rich $$ white" towns are fond of CATCHING criminals--not ignoring them. So I think you are both full of it.


mrs. cordova, your description of your sons life make him seem anything but "very responsible". gangs, girlfriends, :nicer things in life", "baby daddy" of child he MET after 2 years, etc. his life seemed very chaotic and always on the edge, a life that can create a minefield of dangers. maybe you loved him and in your world he was an angel, but he lived on the fringes of society. dont blame others for his decisions and his situation, if you think he was so "very responsible", then maybe you should accept he was responsible for his predicaments. the Burlingame PD and the "white" residents of the city are NOT responsible for your sin's situations. by the way, MOST burlingame residents are not wealthy, they are average middle class people. you would have done yourself a favor by not exposing your son's lifestyle to the public, since it does not seem like one, the vast majority of, people would see as admirable, not just in burlingame, but anywhere in the bay area. we all wish murder would not exist, but we have to accept the fact that they do. there is a good chance your sons killer will be found, because it does seem like he KNEW the killer.

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