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September 17, 2016



I read this and it's all so enlightening: TENANTS TOGETHER in SF is the socialist group that has given BARP the tools, support, and organizing kit to promote their agenda. Spend some time looking at their web site and you'll readily see where the controlling force is. The attorneys from Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto are part of their legal network. It is quite enlightening if you take the time. www.tenantstogether.org. They want to roll rent control, just cause eviction, and independent commissions to as many cities as they can in CA. Don't think Cindy Cornell has the wherewithal to be originating all of this. She is just their front person. Diane Reddy is another of the militants from Faith in Action that props Cindy and the likes of Saundra Ardito up and emboldens them. These folks are most likely looking for bigger jobs if they succeed. More to come. Please Research Tenants Together yourself. Vote No on R and Q. Stop them or they will damage Burlingame and San Mateo and turn them away from why we came here to live.🚫


Very interesting interpretation Joe.
However, the topic you are sharing turns out to be Sociological.
-US Horrible Health Care System.
-Lack of family support for Elders.

Relying on US/State/County, welfare benefits is not enough to fill the vacuum that is left for the people who have no family/friends.
Somehow this turns into another for Rent Control.
How sad that so many people at Burlingame Voice endorse Corporations evicting elders, and your Friend Joe.
FYI Joe.
Most/All landlords are Incorporated-Inc. to limit any personal liability that may occur.
Just another "loophole."


Hollyroller that is plain not true about apartment ownership. Well over 50% are owned by individuals. Granted corporations may have the large complexes though the "garden style" apartments are individuals.


Oh my... The problem here has nothing to do with Measure R. In fact, Measure R would give the City authority to address the housing affordability problem for seniors by removing the barrier of Measure T that prevents the council from passing any affordable housing ordinances. Imagine what a difference it would make if the city actually had power to get some affordable housing units set aside for seniors. Remember, as long as Measure T is on the books, the City can't do anything to ensure affordable housing for seniors (or anybody else, for that matter).

And to those of you planning ahead for retirement, don't assume you're in the clear just because you own a home that's paid off. If you can't live at home, you will likely end up in a senior living facility and these facilities are THE MOST EXPENSIVE type of housing on the market. (Have you seen how much assisted living costs??!! It's another example of putting corporate profits above people. Base rents for a studio at $4000/month plus additional fees if you need any kind of supportive/non-medical assistance. And to make matters worse, Medicare does not cover any of it.)

So here's the advice I would give to the senior you talked to: She should consider moving back into her home, investing in whatever modifications may be needed (wheelchair ramps, etc.) and hiring a private caregiver. This is often cheaper and less disruptive than moving into a senior facility.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are no protections for seniors who are renting apartments in assisted living or other senior facilities. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to unpredictable rent increases that could come at any time whenever the landlord wants.


Another poster who clearly hasn't thought through the facts, but likes to spout an opinion. You neither understand the economics of the local senior living options nor do you understand what it takes to keep a senior in his or her home.

You are fact-free and carelessly giving people bad advice which I hope you are mostly keeping to yourself except on this blog.


How many new units will be built with rent control? Do these Commies know that increasing supply over demand will cause prices to come down?


The problem is actually a bit more complicated than that given how the ordinance is written. Go here for the background:


So plenty of new units will get built, but none of them will be rentals--just condos. We will lose much of the character of the town and lose the very same people the rent controllers think they are helping. Very sad how confused they are.

J. Mir

I thought the Rent Control didn't apply to single family homes anyway. That's the housing stock that most seniors are moving out of.


Mir - that's what the supporters would have you believe, but if you actually look at the Measure, you'll see two main sets of provisions:
- Rent Stabilization (which regulates prices)
- Just Cause Eviction (which regulates pretty much every other aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship)

In San Mateo's Measure Q, single-family homes and condos are exempt from both sections. However, in Burlingame's Measure R, the supporters quietly removed the exemption from the Just Cause Eviction. If you ask them the question you pose above, the response you'll get is "Yes - all single-family homes are fully exempt from Rent Stabilization." While this may be technically true, it hides the much more consequential fact that in Burlingame there is no protection for homeowners from the broad scope of the Just Cause Eviction section.

A few other threads on this blog outline the ways in which this is a very clear danger to every Burlingame homeowner, so I won't repeat them here. I would just urge anyone who is now or ever hopes to be a homeowner in this community to vote No on measure R for your own protection.


Oh, it applies J. Mir. It will be applied from behind, just below waist level.

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