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August 15, 2016


$ea Level Executives

I overheard an elected official at a big drinking party at a private club (not Burlingame) reminding her husband that they have to stay intensely focused on Sea Level Rise, because without that, they have nothing to keep political control.


When I hear members of that club talk about sea level rise, some of them are downright scared. I agree, the earth is changing and always has been.

One day, perhaps 500 years from now the Bay Shore will be underwater. And, also most buildings are not built to last much more than 50 years without major overhauls.

I think that the Earthquake risk will destroy our communities long before the Sea Level rise risk will.

Meanwhile, Sea Level Rise is a Red Herring among massive government incurred public debt and out of control, on going spending deficits and widespread corruption.

Sounds like the reality of High Speed Rail spending.

Ultimately, this hype redirects resources away from more pressing community issues, and often into the pocket of construction companies and consultants, often owned by former elected officials and other cronies.

$ea Level Executives...

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