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July 21, 2016


Account Deleted

And let's hope this doesn't spur any new, creative notions here in Burlingame about how to replace and fund a new rec center. :) Thank goodness no one was harmed.


I had the same thought.


Me too.


The Burlingame Rec Center must be a health hazard for anyone working there. My son took piano lessons there for years. The smell of gas from the kitchen was always very strong in the lobby. And in the winter, when it's damp and too cold to open the windows, the smell of mold and mildew can be strong enough to nearly gag you. I'd hate to think what is growing inside the walls.


Innoculates the young from being wimpy. Less allergies, stronger immune systems. Dirt!


Both the Daily Journal and the Times--sorry Mercury News--are reporting on suspicions of arson:

Law enforcement now question whether a serial arsonist may be involved, noting incidents last summer in which an unknown suspect sparked multiple fires at Taylor Middle School. Those crimes occurred in the early mornings of June 29, July 1 and July 30, 2015, and ranged from a cluster of six small fires in the quad to a bench being torched, each causing relatively minor damage.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-07-22/suspicious-blaze-destroys-millbrae-community-center-officials-believe-arson-may-have-sparked-fire-claiming-community-facility/1776425165462.html#sthash.pR4H3qG2.dpuf


Losing every building, as well as "Concept" of Recreation Centers is long over due. The term Recreation Center came into being at the end of WW2.
The term "Recreation Center" made it easier for injured vets to attend Physical Therapy, without the Stigma-
YES, back in the day, these "people" did everything they could to return to society.
Full of PTSS.


Thank you, HR for this bit of history. In fact, the current "Recreation Center" was originally called a "Community Center"; the completed "project" was dedicated to WWII veterans. The brass plaque that was mounted on the bricks near the entrance reads as follows: "The Burlingame Community Center reverently dedicated to the men and woman of Burlingame who patriotically gave their lives in World War II that we might live and enjoy the American freedom typified in this living memorial".


Thank you Jennifer.
By the way is there any "update" regarding the Burlingame Historical Societies 'work space in Washington Park?


We're always on the lookout...


Explain your comments about Burlingame Historical Society, Holyroller, you must have some inside info (city worker?).


No, I just think it is great that Washington Park has a solid reminder of what the Park used to contain.
People used to live there and that is the reason for all the beautiful trees.
It would be nice to rebuild the old structure.


Looks like they caught the culprits, but perhaps not arsonists:

The Millbrae City Council will host a meeting Monday, Aug. 8, at City Hall focused on addressing alternatives for building a new, modern facility to replace the center formerly located at 477 Lincoln Circle.

The discussion will be the first of its kind since two teens unidentified by law enforcement were arrested and charged for allegedly accidentally starting the four-alarm blaze around 4 a.m. Thursday, July 21. There is no known tie between the community center blaze and the smaller arson fires which were started recently at nearby Taylor Middle School, law enforcement officials said.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-08-06/millbrae-plans-community-center-rebuild-city-officials-and-residents-meeting-takes-aim-at-collecting-feedback-for-vision-of-new-facility/1776425166269.html#sthash.pmGr7LHv.dpuf


More from Councilman Wayne Lee:

A variety of hurdles are ahead in the effort to rebuild the Millbrae Community Center, according to a city official who said it is unlikely the insurance reimbursement will be sufficient to construct a new, modern facility.

Councilman Wayne Lee, who is on the subcommittee focusing on replacing the building ravaged by arson fire, said he believes a bond or alternative tax measure may be necessary to raise the money needed to construct a desirable center.

“The money we recover won’t give us enough to install or design and build all the things the community wants,” said Lee, citing the wishes of some residents who have asked for the rebuilt center to offer a swimming pool, bowling alley, ice rink and other modern amenities.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-11-28/community-center-rebuild-taking-shape/1776425171956.html#sthash.J0g3jCqD.dpuf


The wheels of government turn slowly:

The movement to rebuild a new Millbrae Community Center is forming as officials are collecting feedback on potential designs to replace the recreation facility ruined by an arson fire last year.

Officials launched an online survey intended to collect residents’ preference on the size of the new building, amenities to be offered there and layout of the reconstructed center adjacent to Central Park.



Here is the answer to my question in the original post about whether the insurance policy was up to date ;-(

Officials announced in July the Association of Bay Area Governments, which insured the previous facility, will pay $6.2 million to replace the building that was built nearly 50 years ago.

Following the settlement, officials acknowledged the insurance payout was insufficient to cover the cost of constructing a new, modern facility, fueling discussions over the need for additional tax revenue.

...always thinking ahead.


The Ridiculous concept of Removing and Replacing the Burlingame Wreck Building, in Burlingame, may help Millbrae consider providing land at the Bayfront that will benefit both Communities.
"If They build it, they will come."


From the DJ yesterday--long wait (6 years in total if construction stays on schedule):

Nearly four years after the Millbrae Community Center was destroyed in an arson fire, city officials took a pivotal step toward building a new hub for gathering and recreation.

The Millbrae City Council unanimously agreed to award a $28.4 million contract to Blach Construction, which will lead the process of rebuilding a new community center at the site of its predecessor.

The decision Tuesday, Aug. 25, sets the stage for a groundbreaking ceremony in a couple weeks — kicking off nearly two years of construction and leading to a projected grand opening in 2022.



As the DJ article describes, almost half the required financing is not yet secured.
Millbrae was fiscally challenged prior to the pandemic. State, County and most City finances are not in a good position currently. This project is likley to face further significant delays, at a minimum.

More importnatly, still no accountability by Millbrae's "leadership" for not having the old Recreation Center properly insured.

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