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July 05, 2016



What a mess!

Mario Andretti

Gentlemen, start your sprinklers.


The children of the Terror will eat themselves...

Wait until fall with the Land Rovers racing to Hoover and Mercy Center with construction scheduled on upper Adeline Drive.


What a joke!! We're supposed to cut back on water usage but almost every city on the Peninsula is building building away.

My sprinklers are on!!


Real Estate Agents make wayyy too much $$$. Houses sell like hotcakes around here. Yes, yes, I know you work hard but in this market homes disappear quickly.
Commissions are too high.

I hope we get to the day when we can sell our homes FSBO. I know some clever tech company will figure this out. The thought of forking over thousands of dollars for this transaction makes me crazy!

Just like the travel industry, I hope so goes the real estate agents. OUCH!

Sir Paul

Candy man,A good real estate agent can create so much wealth for you.Their real estate commission will look insignificant compared to the capital gains you can make while holding on to your home or property.Just ask any property owner in Burlingame who invested wisely let's say 20yrs ago.Way better than stocks .Real property is to have an hold.


With all the turmoil going on all around "Our Fair City," it is very weird that not a single comment has anything to do with The World.
Burlingame is one single Earthquake away from chaos, and mayhem.

However, people going without water, sewage, gasoline, power, Fire and Law Enforcement that surround Burlingame, are aware where those basic staples are.
What happened in Dallas is the equivalent of "The Boston Tea Party."
One "large earthquake" could be the end of all "Hotbed of Development."
What are people doing in our community doing to "fortify" their "quality of life."
Toilet Paper, Gluten Free Food, Soccer Balls, Yoga, Lawnmowers and Blowers, firearms?
I bet Mr. D has a "Safe Room," and all the above.


Are you using Earthquake metaphorically ? It's had to tell.


The SFO Airport will be closed.
Roads, and basic services will be non existent.
No food or water in or out of the Bay Area, other than by the SF Bay, or Ocean.
There will be multiple "Bottlenecks" getting food and water to the Peninsula.
People might really have to defend their home, and food, alone.
Just like Katrina.
No amount of money, or Real Estate Investments will be able to provide that.
Sad but true.
The value of a case of "Safeway Water" may be the difference between life and death if a family member becomes ill.
If your child was critically ill, you needed water to save her, would you use force to take water from your neighbor?


Can't we just store water and batteries, canned goods, an extra jacket etc at our house? You sound a little crazed. Just be a Boy Scout and go to Safeway with your list


Your response is exactly what could be the downfall of our community, and your neighbors.
I have a very strong feeling Hillsider that you are over 70 years old, and really do not give a hoot whether you live or die tomorrow.
This is not an insult. Only an observation.
I want the best for you and your's.


I want to make this perfectly clear..
I hope you have a beautiful life and live as long as possible..
In the mean time, it would be great to preface all your comments with:
I could care less, but__________________.
I am OLD and do not really care what happens to anyone.
Now that would be helpful.

Claustrophobic already

Mills Peninsula won't be cutting down those last few REDWOODS on Trousdale to expand their most efficient hospital, right?

Of course! Why not? The trees didn't mind when we irradicated all their ancient ancestors to build our cities... We don't need oxygen...
Keep digging, polluting and paving over everything to "save people"?

I'd rather have the trees stay, they have proven for centuries to assist our survival...
If anyone has dates I'll truly go chain myself to one.... There's 5-7 more that need your help.


Hotbed of residential development = hotbed of students:

Enrollment in the San Mateo Union High School District is expected to increase so much officials should consider increasing the available capacity at certain campuses, according to a district report.

The district Board of Trustees examined the potential challenges associated with an estimated 210 more students enrolling next year during a meeting Thursday, March 9.

The expected jump to 9,027 students next year is apart from trends stretching across the rest of the Peninsula where school systems are experiencing declining enrollment attributed to the affordability crisis.

Aragon, Burlingame and Hillsdale high schools are expected to receive the most growth

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2017-03-10/high-school-district-expects-enrollment-bump-by-next-year-officials-grapple-with-challenges-brought-by-student-body-growth/1776425177096.html#sthash.oLptwlJP.dpuf

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